Butterfly Effect
 Today we, as part of our big cosmetic travel, go in flight. Overcoming a given stretch of road through the air, we will significantly shorten the distance and can enjoy the beautiful view with a reasonable height. For example, like butterflies.

"The butterfly flap their wings in Iowa, can cause an avalanche of effects that can culminate in the rainy season in Indonesia┬╗
Edward Norton Lorenz American mathematician and meteorologist, one of the founders of "Chaos Theory", author and researcher "butterfly effect."

It is no secret, in general, that performing an action or making a choice in favor of something, we are not always with absolute certainty can assume what will be the consequences. Only the positioning coordinates, landmarks and trusting your own opinion, you can make a choice in favor of that would be useful to us later.

Of course, the scale of our cosmetic travel many millions of times greater than the distance from Des Moines to Jakarta, and buying a ticket to the next station, we need to make sure everything goes smoothly.

By the way, to the smoothness of the skin most women imposes strict requirements. And especially in the summer when chiffon flying, flowing dresses, waves in the gusts of hot wind, legs open; when, overcame the barrier of plus twenty-five degrees, the thermometer prompts to put the most open outfit - then you should consider carefully smoothness.

Your humble servant was able to get two magic tools designed to be faithful assistant and good companions in our cosmetic odyssey.

The first is called our ally "Shower gel and shaving 2 1 Double Effect" from NIVEA, with avocado oil and a fruity aroma .

 Butterfly Effect

By the way, why are these two, like, not quite related process, it was decided to merge into one? Under the influence of water temperature expands the pores and hairs - softened, which contributes to more thorough shave and prevents damage to the skin, well and saves you from other possible unpleasant consequences.

Means quite wonderful; in addition to the pleasure that you get at the time of the adoption of a slightly cool shower after a hard day, enjoying the gentle floral scent; gel, even in small amounts caused to the skin, excellent foaming, will greatly facilitate the process of shaving. It has a soft, silky texture, moisturizing and softening the skin. A stunning effect, in fact - have the opportunity to feel like a butterfly, vyporhnuvshey for shower curtains, there is, perhaps, Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam. The feeling hydrated not leave a long time after use, the skin becomes smoother, without experiencing any irritation. Great result!

The second means I was initially very cautious about. And I explain why: having a very poor experience with aerosol antiperspirants in the past, I'm wary of such funds. But my fears were not realized, but on the contrary, flew easily as moths. Having measured the distance indicated on the bottle, I'm squinting, he pressed the dispenser, and, to my delight, has experienced only pleasant sensations.

So, I represent your attention a new product - Deodorant "Rehabilitation and Care" from NIVEA .

 Butterfly Effect

It is specifically designed for skin experiencing discomfort after shaving - its member witch hazel extract (a component of vegetable origin) and panthenol, has wound-healing effect, moisturize delicate skin and contribute to its reconstruction. Spray does not contain alcohol, but provides around the clock protection from unpleasant odors, it has a light as butterfly wings touch, fragrance, and was approved by my black topom - does not leave white stains on clothes.

Our today's flight went over well, we do not go astray, and strictly follow a given direction - forward to the beauty!
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.