Fashion experiment: I use dry shampoo
 All salute! - Human Experiment. Ask, how is it? I love to experiment, ie, to suffer from various kinds of fashion trends. For the most part it comes to cosmetics, clothes, accessories, sometimes hygiene products, etc. Just recently, for example, I started to use dry shampoo.

I remember riding in the subway, and my eyes are currently leaflet announcing the wonderful sales agent that without water per minute is able to clean up dirty hair absorbed fat on them. I immediately realized that I such a remedy is necessary.

My hair look clean only during the day. The morning of the second day after washing the roots of hair is greasy, causing mainly looks messy bangs. If you wash your hair every day, by the evening of the first day I was sad to watch segments greasy at the roots. And, if in normal conditions once again wash head is not working, the extreme (travel, travel, love my life in the summer in tent cities, the unexpected invitation to a social event at the end of the day) - it becomes a real problem. Save the situation only hats: all kinds of hats, beret, scarves, bandanas, headbands, etc.

I think many women are familiar with this problem. Sometimes I even suspect the producers of conventional shampoos in collusion. I think they are specifically produced for daily use shampoos that make our hair clean for a short time. Thus, we wash hair frequently with a shampoo bottle is emptied quickly, and we once again go to the store for a new portion of the detergent hair. Manufacturers in the profits, and consumers in business - regularly wash your hair!

And suddenly dry shampoo ... without water! In just a couple of minutes, is able to "wash" the head. The dream! Well this morning, you can sleep late! And after a night on the train or in tourist tent not to worry about the cleanliness of hair! Yes, I am for such a tool is ready to pay any money! The case for small. Dry shampoo need somewhere to buy.

The first thing heading into specialized cosmetic retail chains. In "Prostor" shake their heads in the negative, saying that there is no such product. In "Eve" shrug their shoulders, they say, no, dry shampoos on the market has not yet been received. Not lazy to look into the largest pharmacy network of the city. Again by.

 Fashion experiment: I use dry shampoo
   It is not too much for something expecting more for show and conscience 'sake, look in the shop trading network «Watsons». And then my question about dry shampoo consultant leads me to the rack. Then from the shelf at me a miniature spray dry shampoo brand TONY & GUY.

Its price tends to be 100 Ukrainian hryvnia, which corresponds to about 12, 5 dollars. My enthusiasm immediately disappears. In front of me is akin to an aerosol lacquer for the hair, and I understand that it will not last long. Greed is strangling the spirit of the experimenter in me, but I did not throw the search.

 Fashion experiment: I use dry shampoo
 In the online store, I find this is such a dry shampoo on Naturia Rene Furterer. But its price and do bite. It costs about 33 USD! Robbery!

 Fashion experiment: I use dry shampoo
 Also, the price of about 15 US dollars on the Web I find dry shampoo range from French brand Kloran.

It's almost in desperation, I come back from lunch at the workplace, when suddenly ... On the street stalls of Oriflame my mind immediately grabs the coveted cartridge. I timidly, disbelief, appeal to the saleswoman:
- What is it?
- It's a dry shampoo.
- How much does it cost?
- 33 hryvnia.
33 hryvnia ... It's a little more than $ 4. Here it is the price I am willing to pay for a trendy experiment! A minute later I become the happy owner of a dry shampoo and curiously Virtue can in his hands.

 Fashion experiment: I use dry shampoo
 Try right tomorrow morning, when the potential of the pure radiance of my hair dry up, just like Cinderella at midnight outfit turns into rags.

So morning. The roots of the hair as usual greasy. Nothing new. Although there is. Something new is. My new dry shampoo! Follow these steps:
- Thoroughly shake the can;
- Sprayed shampoo greasy hair segments;
- Wait just a minute;
- Vspushivayuschimi soft movements distribute the dry shampoo for hair;
I comb hair.

I listen to your feelings. The room is saturated with the smell of both the hairspray. He is too concentrated. It's not very nice. I hope that the work on the road to erode. Otherwise fellow next to me would not be very comfortable.

So, smell the smell, look at that hair. Frankly, they look much worse than the classical way washed with water. But still much better than if I had simply left them unwashed. In short, with its main task shampoo he managed a weak chetverochku.

Here are two of my other fears were not confirmed. I was afraid that dry shampoo only visually will head in order, and the feeling will be like after plentifully watered lacquered hair. But this did not happen. On the contrary, after the application of dry shampoo hair feels really were fresh and clean. The second thing I was afraid that would be long from head to comb bright nuggets of funds. In any case, it warned the ladies experienced reviewers on the application of dry shampoo on various women's forums. But in my case, no grains of light in the hair, I do not notice, and the comb was actually nothing.

As this is a bonus from the use of dry shampoo, I received the volume of hair. For my heavy hair - it is truly a gift. For myself, I even decided that dry shampoo - not so much shampoo as styling products, because the roots of the hair after application really lifted, making styling looks more effectively.

Now a month has passed since I bought a dry shampoo. Every week I used it 1-2 times. As a result, the can is almost empty. No side effects from the use of dry dandruff shampoo in the form of over-dried and brittle hair, which again warned the new posts, I have not noticed. Will I have to buy a new spray dry shampoo? Most likely, yes, but the other firm. And, then, will be a new experiment!
Author: Natalia Hryshko