Invigorating purity - testing of cosmetics for the face Clean & Clear
 In the December cold I tried to imagine makeup "to chill" from Clean & Clear. An effective skin care - cleansing of pores and prevention of blackheads - this was my request to these funds.

Pimples on my skin - rare visitors, but the black spots appear periodically. Previously, I worked mainly cleansing and moisturizing the face, without resorting to special funds for prevention. Of course, except for services beautician :)

Remember the quote from "the Caucasian captive": "Alcoholics - it is our profile?" As a means for problem skin - Profile Clean & Clear, I chose this brand to provide effective skin care.

The morning will be cheerful!

New products of the brand - gel for washing and moisturizing emulsion "Morning Energy"   packaging design reminiscent of sunblock, is not it? Just remember about the summer, but also they are very easy to find on the shelf in the bathroom.

 Invigorating purity - testing of cosmetics for the face Clean & Clear

Translucent gel   there are small gold and orange beads with a barely noticeable effect scrub. Manufacturers call them Bursting Beads, they really look like beads. Very fun to watch, that they, especially early in the morning when you wake up for more than you get up. But the awakening effect means is not only that: in-line ginseng and vitamin C. In addition to cleansing the skin, it really well invigorates: when washing your face once you start to feel a slight cold, especially in the summer is the way.

The facility unusual citrus smell for me is not the favorite. But the positive effect on the skin: velvety began immediately after washing, there was no feeling of tightness. The effect held all day.

Moisturizing Foam-emulsion   very light in texture and quickly absorbed by the skin in perfect condition. However, looking more closely, I saw that his face after emulsion in tiny particles of gold, like sequins. I'm sure many will be happy with the effect of flicker. But I have since the time of discharge is not very much, but the young girls, certainly, very much.


The skin began to look cleaner, more fresh and radiant, though not without "special effects."

The decisive impact

Next was cosmetics line "Profound effect" : Cream-gel and refreshing gel for cleansing the face.

 Invigorating purity - testing of cosmetics for the face Clean & Clear

Words "Cream-gel"   Much has been said. Means excellent foaming and has the form of a cream, but the consistency of a gel.

As write manufacturers cool feeling after use indicating that the skin became clean and fresh. Causing him the first time, I felt discomfort: burning felt cool. I tried a few more times - the same effect. The skin really become clean and fresh, but over-dry as in a cream-gel has alcohol. It helped a combination of a moisturizer.

The manual says that the cream-gel should be used on a daily basis. For two weeks, I applied it literally a couple of times. For my combination and sensitive skin means it was too powerful. Everything is very individual, but I think it is probably right for those who need active protection, for example, girls with skin problems.

The second in this series - Refreshing Gel   - I used the evening to cleanse the skin.

I do not use creams, otherwise the impact of funds would have been much more impressive. The gel is easier than the previous cream-gel, it foams well, but the advertised effect of "chill" on the skin felt like coolness. After using left feeling clean and smooth skin.

Especially this will be the way for the hot days of summer, so it'll take note.


Cream-Gel did not come to my skin. With regard to the refreshing gel, it is perfectly clean, in their impact is especially good as a summer product.

Active prevention

 Invigorating purity - testing of cosmetics for the face Clean & Clear

Moisturizing Emulsion   Double action designed to moisturize the skin and prevent acne. According to the description, it is suitable even for owners of hypersensitivity. However, my skin reacted to the emulsion tangible burning. After trying a means for the second time and get the same effect, I decided not to risk it, especially because on my shelf in the bathroom already have the tools that suit me more because they do not contain alcohol.

Lotion   Deep Cleansing Face smells of eucalyptus oil.
First the smell of all the tested tools, which I liked.

Periodically, he used it as an antiseptic on the skin. He also helped me to dry a pimple appeared. I use it infrequently, because the skin after it requires additional moisture.

 Invigorating purity - testing of cosmetics for the face Clean & Clear

Not all products Clean & Clear to me came from the two of them, I felt a burning sensation on the skin. Smell like the only lotion - as the most natural.

However, the use of these funds has become more my skin clean and smooth. Nascent pimple quickly dried up and disappeared. New black dots until appear.

I decided to leave the most sparing of resources as a priority good cleaning and conservation of the water balance of the skin.

Author: Maria Stepanik