New products for hair TONY & GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe
 The British brand TONY & GUY has recently released a new series of tools called Hair Meet Wardrobe, which includes as a means of hair care and styling products.

Just a series of several lines: Casual, Glamour, Creative, Classic, Men and Cleanse & Nourish. All funds in this series have a stunning fragrance that was created specifically to emphasize the true origin of the British brand. It includes accords of pink pepper, ginger and Earl Grey tea.

I tried several means, and I want to share my impressions.

Sea Salt Texturizing Spray line of Casual

This salt texturizing spray to create a "beach" stacking, careless and natural waves. To get beautiful hair, enough to spray the spray on damp hair and blow dry, slightly twisting the strands on the finger. You can let them dry on their own, then received minor negligence, that does not look like order, but if you have just come back from the beach.

 New products for hair TONY & GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe

If your hair is very straight, the spray can be used to wrap hair curlers. It captures well the resulting curls for the day.

Short hair spray that gives additional volume and density. However, he did not dry and does not stick hair.

Extreme Hold Hairspray line from Creative

Hairspray extreme hold. Despite its strong hold, nail did not stick hair, but allows installation to maintain its original appearance until the end of the day. He also smells amazing, like all tools Series Hair Meet Wardrobe.

 New products for hair TONY & GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe

Dry Shampoo from line Cleanse & Nourish

Without this tool, I can not imagine living in those two weeks when turned off the hot water! It is very easy to use - just spray on your hair, paying special attention to the roots and all. It is not even necessary to comb, in contrast to similar shampoos. It also contains talc, absorbing sebum, but such small particles that are not completely visible in the hair.

 New products for hair TONY & GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe

Hair instantly transformed - are clean and tidy. But for regular use it will not work, because quite noticeably dry hair. After its application, they become harder to the touch.

This shampoo brand stylists recommend the use of styling products and how to create additional basal volume. To do this, spray the shampoo directly to the roots of the hair and beat her hands. This means as I liked it very much! Still never my hair does not look so bulky. This keeps it all day.
Author: Catherine K.