Secrets tripping
 In any season, in any weather women of all ages and of all ages aspired to it - the beauty. Time is always dictated, and still sets the standards and standards of beauty, followed by modern women, emphasizing, emphasizing its merits, skillfully concealing defects and carefully preserving what nature has given us.

When she first appraising looks at herself in the mirror, wishing to adorn themselves with something else from my mother's cosmetic - at precisely the moment she goes to the big cosmetic journey endpoint that does not exist - this way is endless as far and fascinating. The woman in it - a researcher who experimentally, often consisting of trial and error, selects the best means to achieve their goal - the beauty. And, of course, the choice of cosmetics, which will faithfully serve the good of beauty and health - a matter of great importance, which should be no room for compromise and win at any cost. The choice must be reasonable, and the means - credible.

Remembering the fabulous Little Mermaid, doomed for the earth in the shape of the inhuman flour with every step, it would be desirable that the path to the desired goal was easy and enjoyable.

When spring comes, we are throwing off the load from the shoulders of winter garments, warming under the first rays of spring sunshine, enjoying the romance of the expectations of the summer and heat, go in flight to the sun and dream. It has been impatiently waiting for its release new shoes and sandals favorite calling out to explore the long summer evenings in the setting sun; or dance the night away; or just go ahead - to go with head held high, to our goal. It's time to take care of our feet - I think it is worth it to start our big cosmetic journey.

So, let me introduce a means to ease gait №1:
"Cream of calluses and corns" of cosmetic brand Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® (NORWEGIAN FORMULA)

 Secrets tripping

Unfortunately, almost every woman is familiar with the problem of corns, especially in spring and summer, when the change comes many closed shoe laces, zavyazochki and treacherous notches on shoes and sandals, especially those who are so eager to put on for the first time .  Coupled with the hot weather, high humidity and high heels are always deplorable consequences .  I started to use the cream after a very close interaction between my legs with lacquered sandals wedges, frankly putting it in the evening to clean, dry skin .  The cream has a long-term effect of moisture, softens the feet, making it smooth and soft; It has a peeling effect .  Aggravate the process of applying a cream with a relaxing baths for feet, the result did not take long - after five days of use skin became noticeably softer and "favorite" corn - much less .  The cream has an easy texture and subtle pleasant smell .  Almost instantly absorbed and leaves absolutely no hint of fat, moving film .

The effect of the application must be secured and regularly maintained, therefore, means to ease gait №2 -

 Secrets tripping

Foot Cream "Intensive restoration" for damaged and cracked skin of the feet Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® (NORWEGIAN FORMULA) Containing in its composition allantoin (biologically active substance that promotes cell regeneration) and vitamins nourish and moisturize the skin, as well as bisabolol - a component of the essential oil of chamomile, which has antiseptic and calming effect.

Cream is actually perfectly moisturizes, softens the skin of the feet, also has a weightless texture and is quickly absorbed, making the possibility of a just before leaving the house, as it should be applied at least twice a day.

If the application of the cream combined with foot massage, then this process will bring a sense of comfort and ease tired legs per day, well, a lot of pleasant experiences.

In fact, the effect I was very pleased, and I plan to continue to use the cream regularly. Because now I can say for sure - in a big cosmetic journey should be sent only on healthy legs and flying gait!
Author: Sincerely yours, Marina K.