Testing body lotion NIVEA SOS for very dry skin
 2 weeks ago, the brand NIVEA invited me to participate in the testing of one of their body lotions. I opted for the SOS Body balm for very dry skin. The inscription on the bottle promised "intense hydration for a long time", the composition is pleased by the presence of panthenol and intriguing Hydra IQ.

In winter, my skin feels great stress due to the abrupt change of temperature modes: thou merznesh outside temperature -15 - 20, then suddenly find yourself in a stuffy overheated subway. A home heating system is so strong that even my dog ​​drinks water more than usual, despite the half-open window. As a result, the skin dries and covered much urticaria (allergic to cold). In short, I have decided that now, more than ever, I need a maximum hydration and therefore chose it on Body balm NIVEA SOS for very dry skin .

I have to say that the brand NIVEA   I treat with a lot of love from school days. I know it's sturdy quality tools at a reasonable and, in a sense, even a modest price. I do not remember the case that some of the product I was disappointed.

The first thing I noticed as soon as the courier handed me the way - is a large circular cap that is very easy to open. And closes the bottle sealed with a click. Moreover, open and close you can literally with one hand (holding the bottle in his hand and opening the lid with your thumb). Conveniently!

On the back of the bottle a little instruction, from which I learned what is Hydra IQ "The technology Hydra IQ stimulates aquaporins - natural conductors of moisture in the skin, improving the moisture levels of the skin." Well, check ...

For best results, use a recommended remedy without interruption at least 2 weeks. The balm is applied to dry and clean skin of the body, in short - after a shower, when the body is wiped dry with a towel.

 Testing body lotion NIVEA SOS for very dry skin

We balm was very nice, gentle and totally unobtrusive floral fragrance. I love to use perfume and I'm important that the smell of the cream for the body did not interrupt perfume. In this aspect, it means NIVEA appeared simply ideal option - the aroma is felt only if you bring your nose close to the skin. Well, even a bathrobe, which I used to be wrapped up after a shower, smelled nice :-)

As it turned out, the balm is quickly absorbed into the skin, instantly giving it a feeling of moisture. And it's not just a slogan - it's true. Every day, after the application, there is a feeling, as if I was wearing the thinnest moisturizing protective underwear. Thus, on the one hand, you can feel on the skin of some protective coating, but, on the other hand, it has no tackiness and does not irritate.

And the most important thing! As a result of the regular 2-week use balm NIVEA SOS   skin rash totally gone - I even forgot that she had once bothered me.

In short, the brand NIVEA me once again pleased. Efficient, high-quality and pleasant product for little money.
Author: Anna Shustrova