The Body Shop Honeymania
 Most recently, the brand The Body Shop released a new series of funds for skin care Honeymania of honey from Ethiopia. Means turned unusually fragrant and "delicious" - difficult to resist them not to eat right in the bathroom! They are very relevant now, when the autumn came, and for a while I want to plunge into the warm and warming flavors.

The aroma of all funds was not only honey, it includes all the shades of wildflowers and summer meadows of wild Africa. Textures have the same tools at height. But first things first.

Body Butter

Probably not have left a single person who has not tasted oil by The Body Shop. It is their signature product, a good 100%. Nutritious, thick oil is excellent for dry skin care body, and is ideal for use in the cold season. It is quite a long time absorbed, so it is best to use at night, but it is perfectly moisturizes the skin (especially dry areas). In conjunction with the aroma - a heavenly delight.

 The Body Shop Honeymania

It contains wild honey, oil, Brazil nuts, shea and cocoa.

Body scrub

This scrub is made on basis of salt and oil. He was very sensitive - fine particles excellent exfoliate dead skin cells, but does not injure the skin. Salt when massaging virtually dissolved and oils nourish the skin. After that, you can not use the cream for the body - the skin is very soft and velvety.

Bath foam

This brand new product from The Body Shop. Foam bath in the form of jelly. The main thing is not to confuse it with real honey to which it is very similar. Because it turns out a lot of air foam with the aroma of warm and cozy, which is so necessary after a hard day, especially during the cold season.

Lip balm

I really love lip balms in jars! They are so cute and cuddly. According to its characteristics balm get excellent - it instantly softens and nourishes the lips, prevents dryness and cracks. Slightly sweet on the palate, they are incredibly nice to use.

 The Body Shop Honeymania

Eau de Toilette

For fans of the flavor Honeymania. Sweet, floral and honey, very "tasty" and warm. Suitable just for fall and winter. Sufficiently resistant.

Soap and shower gel

Soap with a charming bee and honeycomb, unusually soft and gentle. It does not dry the skin, giving it a sweet flavor that is retained on the skin for a long time.

Shower gel is also very soft, does not dry the skin. Excellent foam and cleans. And too crazy smells.

 The Body Shop Honeymania

In general, a series of Honeymania - excellent family replenishment The Body Shop.
Author: Catherine K.