Hairstyles. Trends in the fall: Nature's Goddess
 Wella once again presented the annual forecast of hairdressing trends. At Wella Trend Vision 2010 will be fashionable this winter four images: Techno Poetry, Nomad Couture, Nature's Goddess and Midnight Stage. As opposed to urban way of life or just nostalgia for a simpler time, the dream of a less complicated existence embodied in the trend Nature's Goddess.

"Sensuality and modernity meet at the new stage of natural beauty. Expensive, shiny, luxury, long hair, talking about confidence, freedom and closeness to nature" - Says Eugene Suleiman, creative director of Wella Professonal care and styling.

Style Nature's Goddess inspired confident, active women, and the power and beauty of nature, to throw out a luxury escapism. Nature's Goddess - sexy and sensual modern woman who is going through a new perception of yourself and your seductiveness.

The dominant seasonal palette of rich earth tones of natural - from beige to dark brown - designers consciously talking about the power of nature.

Hair groomed to a state of hyper-perfectivity   talk about the natural animalistic desire to radiate health through a well-groomed appearance.

 Hairstyles. Trends in the fall: Nature s Goddess

In terms of fashion, it's saturation mehopodobnyh textures, like Versace, Dior, Givenchy, Proenza Schouler, Halston, Cavalli, Stella McCartney, Gucci and Chanel, which symbolize the luxury wellbeing,

 Hairstyles. Trends in the fall: Nature s Goddess

as well as a luxurious leather and eternal material that simulates a second skin, like Halston, Balmain, Moschino, Haider Ackermann, Christopher Kane, Burberry, Prorsum and Philip Lim.

 Hairstyles. Trends in the fall: Nature s Goddess

Inspired by the power and charm of nature, Nature's Goddess hairstyles are a new femininity, the embodiment of temptation.

A less strict version of Nature's Goddess appeared on the show D & G, where winter sports were the subject collection of cozy and unusual mating. And what about the hairstyles? They were simple, direct, combed hair parted in the middle.

The trend suggests flying layers and stages that Eugene has developed further and showed a more strict interpretation of the image of a controlled long hair, giving the image a new shade.

 Hairstyles. Trends in the fall: Nature s Goddess

Narciso Rodriguez collection graphically sexual forms Eugene inspired the creation of a super super straight and shiny hair. "This image - a return to femininity and seductiveness with absolutely straight hair and pure silk finish,   - He explains. - It seems that this new, fresh direction in the hair, which looks like today is very important " .

 Hairstyles. Trends in the fall: Nature s Goddess

For Eugene theme of Nature's Goddess manifested in the fact that he called "Estremalnaya nature." "For Halston, I brought up the classic image of an extreme natural to pay attention to it. We have strengthened all the elements of hair styling, from the light to the length - to make sure, but nenarochito image" - He says.

The collection was based on the image of the Greek goddess of hunting Diana: loose draped dresses have become a perfect canvas for polished natural hair cascades.

 Hairstyles. Trends in the fall: Nature s Goddess

How to create an image of yourself Halston:
1. Comb washed-conditioned hair from root to end, causing pre-hydrating styling System Professional Start up.
2. Dry the hair dryer is smooth and straight with a large round brush.
3. To protect against overheating, apply separately to each strand of a protective spray for hot straightening hair Wella Professionals High Hair Flat Iron Spray, if
you use the iron is smoothing hair.
4. Apply hairspray Wella Professionals High Hair Finishing Spray a round brush with natural bristles and smooth hair for a polished mirror finish.

Board stylist:   Clean hair is difficult to style. Use as a base for laying moisturizing styling Startup, so that hair is not broke and held. "

 Hairstyles. Trends in the fall: Nature s Goddess

This season, Nature's Goddess fits only one color and that, according to Josh Wood, creative director of Wella Professional hair coloring, "one hundred percent gold, this yellow-orange - it's expensive and luxurious" .

"This trend, more than any other, demonstrates the wealth,   - He adds. - When the hair look so well groomed, is an indicator of a healthy lifestyle " . Palette charmingly feminine. Supernatural shine formula with Koleston Perfect Shine Guard makes the color of dyed hair shimmer reflecting, but natural luster.
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina