Liquid liner for the eyes - the trend of Autumn 2012
 In autumn 2012, and the upcoming Winter 2012 the role of liquid liner has a special eye. It's time to learn how to use it professionally and effectively.

1. Primer

The first step that will ensure a flawless eyeliner - is the base for makeup. Like the ground on the canvas of the artist, a good primer provide excellent sliding liquid liner, precision coating and durability. There are special primers century, and you can use cream eyeshadow, it will be a good basis for eyeliner.

2. Shadow

They are applied before making eyeliner. Although autumn 2012 liner combined with the naked ages, so shadow is not always necessary. But if you want to make a "smoky eye" or more artistic make-up, then place the liner before applying eyeshadow. Best of all, if it's creamy shade as a liner along the crumbly not so good slides.

3. Liner season

At the shows Fall 2012 collections predominated style eyeliner "cat's eye." A Beginner's good news this fall, it is worth remembering that the thicker and more dramatic line, the better. Do not hesitate to make a long "arrow" is trendy!

 Liquid liner for the eyes - the trend of Autumn 2012

4. Day Makeover

Previously it was thought that the liquid liner - it is an evening option. But now the piquant eyeliner quite appropriate and in the afternoon. The only advice: stick with the rest of the make-up ideas ┬źnude┬╗: nude lips, smooth porcelain skin and nails nude suit in order to balance the richness and graphic quality eye.

5. Add color

Color liquid liner - this is for those who are acutely aware of and understands the trends in style. Color Liner - this high fashion. Latest autumn shades (warm, terracotta, colors of autumn leaves), and for those who are not afraid to be daring - electric blue. Look for inspiration in the show Anna Sui Fall-2012.

6. Double Eyeliner
Brave girl this fall line liner enough. Spend the next (above) with another liner - it can be a simple parallel lines, no frills and thickening, can make a second line of shorter or longer than the first.

7. Practice!

Master the art of applying liquid liner can only be in the process of practice. Try on the back of his hand, as do the make-up artists, to "feel" the product. In the evening in a relaxed atmosphere practiced in the home. It is always better than deposited in a hurry "arrow". Stock up on cotton buds, they are best removed by irregularities and inaccuracies makeup.

 Liquid liner for the eyes - the trend of Autumn 2012

8. Beginners start with a pencil

The problem with many is a liquid liner to draw a straight line. Then we give simple advice: start with a pencil, it is easier to work with than a brush. Make a dotted line in pencil, and then follow the drawn line of liquid eyeliner. Another tip: if the difficulty in order to draw a long line throughout the century, start from the center and then paint with a brush in two directions. Put in the middle of the lash line point and draw eyeliner in two directions - left and right.

9. Do not rush

There is nothing worse than eyeliner, painted in a hurry. Then, too fast smear is often very thick. It is better to take your time and do everything right.

10. Secure the arm

It's hard to make a straight line when the arm is "suspended." Lean elbow on the table is not enough. It is better if it is a support for the hand or even at the wrist.

 Liquid liner for the eyes - the trend of Autumn 2012

11. Clean the brush

Take a little of the product on the brush, otherwise the line will not get a uniform and smooth. Better promakivat brush before going to work, removing from it the excess liner.

12. Ink after liner

Remember: the first primer, and then shade (if necessary) after the liner and only then - mascara. Never apply mascara to the liner, it hurt to do a good eyeliner and cilia are sticky, and the ink is partially osypletsya under eyes.

13. Allow to dry liner

A common mistake many women - not enough time to give the liner to dry. They immediately take the paint, ink, highlighter ... As a result, eyeliner smeared or the powdery particles stick to her means. Solutions may be two: buy a quick-ship, or sit and wait before the liner dries. Some fanned herself or her hands to quickly dry the liquid liner.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin