Matt trend
 Matte lips and matte nails - a sign of the ceremonial evening or image. Try a new finish in their makeup: our advice on how to make a matte finish on their own - will help you with this.

Matte lips

The main feature of matte lips - this, of course, their incredible luxury. This makeup is suitable to a particular situation, usually the evening. Matte lips harder to do than glossy, but it is easier to "preserve", which means they are more resistant than the lips with gloss.

Makeup artists say matte lips make-up when they do not get any flaws such as "the effect of bleeding lips" and "floated makeup." The main thing - to follow a particular course of action for a perfectly matte lips.

We have summarized the make-up tips and their own experiences, and we hasten to share with you techniques for creating matte lips.

1.   You can never make a perfect matte lips, if you do not exfoliate lips. It should use a lip scrub regularly, while matte lips make-up - both before and after applying a matte lipstick.

2.   Moisturizing lip - another required ritual before a matte makeup. Apply lip balm immediately after you exfoliate. And then be sure to wait for a while until it is completely absorbed and absorbed dry cells. Do not put lipstick on just moistened her lips, make-up will not be persistent. An illustrative example of the adhesive. He sticks better when the air dries out a bit. So it is with lip balm. It would be better to keep the lipstick that was almost completely absorbed into the skin of the lips.

 Matt trend

3.   Matte lipstick is best applied in several layers. First - Lip Balm (see previous item, why layer should be dry), then a matte lipstick. Next - blot lips with a napkin. And another new layer of lipstick.

4.   If the matte lipstick falls unevenly, or even after exfoliation have dry skin cells, you can use this trick: Mix at the back of the hand (or palette), lip balm and lipstick, and apply the resulting mixture lip brush. Lipstick will form an even layer, without peeling lips. This will remain opaque.

5.   If there was a feeling of tightness in the day (sometimes matte lipstick can give these feelings), thin-thin cover lip balm for lips. While he is absorbed, his lips will have a small patch of light, but in general will not lose haze.

 Matt trend

6.   Get the lips soft matte effect can be another way. Start with the makeup lipstick nude. She will play the role of foundations, soil, and help create a soft matte effect, even if the red lipstick is not pure matte. Top Apply red lipstick. Now would be a matte lips make-up. Another advantage - the presence of soil make-up of super-resistant.

7.   Update matte lipstick during the day a little more complicated than usual. It is best to find the time to thoroughly erase the previous layer, and then repeat the fresh coating layer matte lipstick.

8.   Matte lipstick makes lips visually less. If your goal - to achieve more volume and plump lips, it will help only a very good moisturizing, perhaps even with the help of course of moisturizing masks lip.

 Matt trend

9.   If your lips are a lot of lines and wrinkles, the matte lipstick on the lips of these will not look good. On the contrary, it will show all the all the wrinkles. What to do? It is very good to prepare the surface of the lips. For this:
- Make a good exfoliating lips,
- Wrap it in a cloth cube of ice and hold it a few minutes, "wrap" on the lips,
- Take a few mint leaves, chop them and massage the lips and then leave on the lips for a while,
- Apply a lip balm, wait until it is absorbed.

Only after these steps can apply matte lipstick. All these steps will help crack down mouth, a little "inflate", to get rid of deep wrinkles and unattractive.

10.   One of the popular methods of how to turn an ordinary lipstick in matte - to use a translucent powder. The method is as follows:
- Apply the usual lipstick,
- Apply a generous layer of translucent powder
- Cover the lipstick again,
- Dab a napkin.

Instead of translucent powder (after all, this product is not so popular, not all stores are sold), you can use blush or eyeshadow. But these products should be without glittering particles and even without nacre.

 Matt trend

Matt nails

There are several ways to make regular nail matte. If you do not have a special coating matting, then we share with you a simple trick:

1.   Hold the freshly applied paint on the ferry - stop blikovat varnish and shine.

2.   Blot gently podsohnuvshy nail tissue. Luck should almost dry. If you start too early to get wet, you can grease the cover. In any case, it is better to err, and to do first a layer of lacquer, dry it, and then try to make a new layer with a cloth mat.

3.   Make your own matt varnish. If the bottle remains a little lacquer - experiment, change it to the mat. Either make a new matte paint on the palette or in separate a bowl. For operation you need only one additional ingredient - starch (corn or potato).

The panel can be used as wax paper, cellophane piece of plastic or glass. Mix the paint and starch. Starch needed in a ratio of 1: 1 or even more if the liquid varnish. Mix well and apply on your nails. Top no cover will be required. Dry nails - and get a nice matte finish.

 Matt trend

 Matt trend

Author: Vasilisa Cousin