The new trend: white ink tattoo
 This new type of tattoo has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Should we do the white tattoo?

Tattoos white colors look best on tanned skin, as well as on the girls having the nature of dark or dark skin.

Outwardly, they can even be taken as a henna tattoo, because the colors are natural, as in henna tattoos. But it is only at first glance. In general, white ink tattoos often look more elegant and subtle, and sometimes made to the effect of luminescence under the action of ultraviolet rays.

It is important to:   White tattoo masters require special professional skills, why not trust this procedure is only good and experienced artists. After all defects are visible, and then the results are not at all happy.

 The new trend: white ink tattoo

To fit the white tattoo?

First of all, this kind of tattoos suit girls with dark skin, as mentioned above. Because this skin tones, they look particularly impressive. But the pale-skinned ladies can draw attention to the tattoo white ink. Especially this tattoo may be advisable to those whose way of life (career, strict dress code, communication with young children or the elderly, etc..) Does not allow to have a tattoo on the usual rules of etiquette, but I want to decorate my body. If a tattoo is small in size, its finest white lines will be almost invisible, and only upon closer inspection (for example, intimacy), your body finds so attractive now.

And, of course, white tattoo groupies are girls who like to try new things and are not afraid of changes in its image. For example, this can be attributed to the top model Kate Moss. And she tried innovation, her white headdress in the form of a few hearts. There is a tattoo in the form of white lettering "breath" (Breath) on the wrist of Lindsay Lohan.

 The new trend: white ink tattoo

Features white tattoo

Before you decide to go to the salon for a white tattoo, you should know a few things that distinguish this type of tattoo.

- White ink tends to be less persistent than the color and the more black. This means that the tattoo white ink, although made by the same technology that the conventional, but will not be "for life". But not a good consequence of this may be that over time, the white ink can change the color of the tattoo, and will be more like a scar.

- The second disadvantage white tattoos can be called individual intolerance of white ink that is not so rare. If this happens, the tattoo may look convex, swollen, and leave behind oozing wound or scar. Or do you have to give up the idea, because the skin will not absorb the white ink.

 The new trend: white ink tattoo

- In all shades of skin white ink look equally impressive. And to say in advance how it will look white tattoo on your skin, is rather difficult. Therefore, some come from the master tattoo artist tattoo with yellowish or even with the absence of any color.

It is because of these reasons, not all artists are taking up the white tattoo. And if you decide to get a tattoo with white ink, you may have to bypass more than one room, before you find a wizard that makes the white tattoos.

 The new trend: white ink tattoo

The use of white tattoo

Technique of white tattoo is about the same as in the black tattoos. That is, use a stencil or master makes a tattoo on hand. White tattoos can require several passes over the same area to white ink is completely plunged into the skin. This is due to the fact that the white ink is not easily absorbed by the skin, as color or black.

You should know, that white is not desirable to do a tattoo on the open areas of the body: arms, shoulders and ankles. That is, for those parts of the body, which are often exposed to the external environment and sunlight. Because these effects greatly disrupt white ink. The best thing to do white tattoos on places that are closed clothing: chest, back, or back of the hand.

The simpler the design, the easier it is to do the tattoo master. But when choosing the design is not the best guide. Still, this tattoo permanent, and to the choice of the figure should be taken responsibly.

 The new trend: white ink tattoo

Care white tattoo

Caring little different from usual care (color or black) tattoo. In the first few weeks to try not to wash and not to open the sun's rays. In the subsequent time also protect tattoo sunscreen, as well as all the skin, if you are on the beach.

Some strong chemicals may also destroy the tattoo, so do not do chemical peels and do not expose the tattoo household chemicals, protect the tattoo while cosmetic procedures using a laser or acids to the tattoo remains contrast and detail.

 The new trend: white ink tattoo

How much is

Usually, tattoo white ink is more expensive than regular tattoo. Otchsti this is connected with the quality of the ink, they must be very high quality, and requires more ink than black tattoos.

Given the fact that for such a tattoo taken only highly skilled artists and good salons, it is necessary to prepare for a considerable sum. But it is, to some extent, is a guarantee of a good quality process.

 The new trend: white ink tattoo

Author: Vasilisa Cousin