Trends in eye makeup, autumn 2012
 Have you noticed how many new products for the eyes appeared recently? Liners liquid, gel and cream, metallic and neon shadows, pencils, matte and glitter ... And that means we have something to try to make-up the eyes of the new season.

Trend 1. The new cat's eye

Inspiration take images from the 50s and 60s of the last century (Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren), and new products - such as modern liquid liner and gel pens - to help create a special plastic and a flat liner.

How to make:

1) Outline of the upper eyelid lash line. In the closed-century can achieve sexual and perky "arrows."

2) The length of the liner, choose yourself. Just keep the growth curve of the eyelashes, no special skills, and it does not require marking.

3) Now do the extended line. To do this, first determine the thickness of the line by placing a dot or bar at a certain distance from the already drawn line.

4) Spend the next second line to begin and end where already drawn line.

5) Fill the space between the two lines (if formed).
The longer and thicker the bar, the more dramatic look.

 Trends in eye makeup, autumn 2012

  Makeup by Lanvin, season Fall-2012

Trend 2. Bright blue eyelashes

To complete the image looked, apply a colored mascara on the upper and the lower lashes. It is better in two layers, while the shade of mascara will be bright. If in the case of black ink, so-called "spider legs" are not allowed, a little matted cilia with colored mascara should not be frustrating. The most fashionable color - cobalt, ultramarine blue.

 Trends in eye makeup, autumn 2012

Makeup by Stella McCartney, the season Fall-2012 recommended new items: mascara Covergirl Lashblast fusion mascara, Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Le 2 Mascara

Trend 3. Emerald smoky

Choose a shade of green metallic, they are easier to apply and shade, plating luster diverts attention from the imperfections. In addition, any suitable metallic skin color from pale to dark olive. Green tint put on all the upper eyelid and on the outer edge add gray or bronze. Shade, to get a smoky effect.

 Trends in eye makeup, autumn 2012

  Makeup by Jason Wu, the season Fall-2012

Trend 4. Butterfly Wings

Thus the term makeup artists named the style of eye makeup, when the lid (entirely from the lash line to brow vertically and from the nose to the temple horizontal) is painted in bright colors (sometimes with a rainbow effect). This style has been vividly demonstrated in shows Roberto Cavalli and Chanel. The main feature - a large working surface, up to the eyebrows, and strong shading.

 Trends in eye makeup, autumn 2012

  Makeup by Roberto Cavalli, the season Fall-2012

Painting over the shadows of the eyelid from lash to brow, we get a silhouette, resembling a "butterfly wings".

 Trends in eye makeup, autumn 2012

Trend 5. Double or triple liner

Cosmetic brands have already responded to the trend. Proposed an unusual triple or double liquid gel liners, which draw just two or three lines in parallel. Such a triple or double liner can be used and less avant-garde, it is good to paint the space between the eyelashes, when you «smoky» or "cat's eye".

 Trends in eye makeup, autumn 2012

  New - triple liner from Too Fased

1) From the inner corner of the eye to the external (as far as possible to the idea of ​​working) spend liner of the upper eyelid, emphasizing the lash line.

2) Then draw a second parallel to the first, the tail can be taken away from the first line a little more.

3) You can stay at a double-liner, and can do, and the third line, similar to the second.

Shadows with this liner is not applied.

 Trends in eye makeup, autumn 2012

  Makeup by Altuzurra, season Fall-2012

6. Trend Liner Electricians

Try this trend, it is not so avant-garde. Of course, this is more an evening option. And by the way, is quite simple and fast way to turn your daily make-up in the evening - just swipe colored liner electrical single line along the century. Tip: in order to have more open eyes, move the white liner lower lashes from the inside. Lips - nude.

 Trends in eye makeup, autumn 2012

  Makeup by Anna Sui, Lamb, season Fall-2012

Trend 7. Dazzling eyebrows

Makeup by Chanel with diamond eyebrows may be quite acceptable. Remember, with the nail-art, too long to come to terms, and now nails without design look old-fashioned. A bold eyebrows by Chanel can do yourself, using glitter and glue for false eyelashes. Even pasted only a couple of crystals, you have become a woman in trendy eyebrows.

 Trends in eye makeup, autumn 2012

  Makeup by Chanel, Fall-Season 2012
Author: Vasilisa Cousin