What color is selected "Flowers 2013"?
 Institute of colors Pantone, a recognized world standards keeper color palette, each year announces the color of the year. Typically, this is the trend color that can be called the discovery of the year. The color of the year inspires designers, stylists, makeup artists. In 2012, this was a bright shade of tangerine. And 2013th, according to experts Pantone, will be marked by the Emerald.

Bright green emerald enhances our sense of well-being, promotes inspiration, feelings of balance and harmony. Most often, when we talk about an emerald, among associations having the concept of luxury, grandeur. Since ancient times, the emerald is the color of beauty and new life, such ideas entrenched in many cultures and religions. In addition, green - it is always the color of renewal and prosperity, healing and unity. Symbolically, the green - the color of rejuvenation, this trend is now most in demand throughout the world.

 What color is selected "Flowers 2013"?

If you think that the choice of color of the year - a random or spontaneous, you're wrong. Among PANTONE argue that this is a very thoughtful process. Before you make the right choice, experts analyze not only the world's catwalks. On the appearance of a new color of the year affect new movies, pictures of modern artists, celebrities, popular tourist destinations and the socio-economic situation in the world in general. His imprint is left of new technologies, the emergence of innovative materials and effects, and even sports events of global significance.

 What color is selected "Flowers 2013"?

For more than ten years, Pantone Color chooses a new year, does so in the last days of December (previous year). That is, it is, in fact, the forecast. On it are oriented in the future industry, fashion, industrial design, graphic design, packaging design.

 What color is selected "Flowers 2013"?

Remember tendencies and trends of previous years, and compare with the forecast of Pantone. Surely, you make sure that the color of the year - this is not just a random selection of shades.

Last year, the color of the year was a mandarin in 2011 - honeysuckle, Turquoise in 2010, Mimosa in 2009, Iris - the color of the year 2008, chili pepper - in 2007.

 What color is selected "Flowers 2013"?

What does this PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald for us?
Is everything going to be green as frogs? No, we hasten to reassure. Emerald - this is just an inspiration. And what shade of emerald is right for you - it's up to you. Top designers of the world, invited by Pantone for cooperation identified a palette of shades of spring (spring 2013), which must be surrounded by an emerald.

 What color is selected "Flowers 2013"?

Emerald makeup
Green shadows, lipsticks, liners - it all finds of 2013. But how to choose? There are some simple guidelines:

- Choose the green to match the color of the skin. Saturated shades can overwhelm lighter skin tones. If you have fair skin, then stick with light shades of green. If the skin is dark or dark, on the contrary, look at the darker and bright emerald color.

- Texture matters. Refrain from matt and satin finishes, more suitable and shimmering metallics.

 What color is selected "Flowers 2013"?
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- Combine with other shades of emerald. Typically, greens makeup rarely look good alone. They need shade and combine. For a smoky eye makeup in shades of emerald gold or brown suit. Particularly the combination of bold shades - purple emerald +.

- Emerald on the nails - it is very luxury. And for the occasion - Emerald nail art with red and gold lacquer.

- The good news: the emerald shade suitable for all shades of the eye. But the most successful and spectacular application - for brown and light brown eyes.

 What color is selected "Flowers 2013"?
In Sephora stores in the US and Sephora.com sale specialty products created in collaboration with Pantone, the project "Color of the Year".

Emerald clothing
Pantone writes in its release that the emerald green is suitable for almost any occasion, it appears on the runways for several seasons in a row, in the collections of clothing and even on the red carpet. One of the characteristics of green this year - he entered the men's fashion. Now men are also wearing colored jeans (emerald) and costumes. Most luxurious mix - is the emerald to dark blue. Emerald shoes and accessories - another innovation of the 2013th.

 What color is selected "Flowers 2013"?

Bring emerald hues in your life!
Author: Julia Gnedina