Candidiasis, or thrush, which is so often glimpsed in advertising, is most often associated with damage to yeast fungi imperfect, is an independent genus Candida skin, mucous membranes, internal organs, nail plates.

And suffer from thrush is not only women but also men, children and the elderly. Unfortunately, in our time, the number of cases of people of different age and sex is growing.

They are a type of yeast-like fungi Candida albicans   celled organisms oval, round or oval-elongated. They form elongated filaments of cells and kidney cells, sitting on banners pseudomycelium.

In general, these fungi are opportunistic, they are on the mucous membranes of each person for the time being, until the disturbed balance in the ratio of certain microorganisms do not cause harm to health and, consequently, do not bother. But if a long time to make antibacterial agents, killed most of the beneficial bacteria that provide barrier properties while fungi begin to multiply. And to have to treat candidiasis.

The causes and conditions of the disease
- Candidiasis is particularly susceptible people with chronic diseases and those who lead unhealthy lifestyles - the immune system begins to weaken, fungi only "at hand."

- In addition, Candida species have the ability to penetrate into the body with food - unwashed fruits and vegetables, not roasted meat, dairy products. They say that they like to breed especially on cheese curds.

- Fungi may also be on the dishes.

- Distributors of these fungi can be pets, birds.

- In the summer, when people sweat a lot, fungi enter the body more easily.

- Avitaminosis also facilitates the penetration of fungi into the body. Therefore, be sure to observe hygiene.

- Doctors called risk group of people working in the confectionery and food industries, with fruit juices, sugar, oxalic, malic, citric, lactic acids, alkalis, fruit essences.

- Most often suffer from candida moyschitsy canteens, staff baths, baths, pools and diligent housewives.

 Symptoms of candidiasis
Candidiasis is on the mucous membranes of the mouth, genitals. It looks like a whitish "cheesy" is easy to remove plaque.

Treatment and prevention
Women thrush - an infection caused by fungi of the genus Candida, and is treated as an infectious disease, that is, to the destruction of the pathogen. During treatment, it is recommended to give antibiotics and contraceptives.

For the treatment of thrush, doctors use tablets, suppositories, ointments, creams.

The bad news is that Candida is able to fairly rapidly develop resistance to any antifungal drugs due to insufficient duration of treatment is too small doses of medication or treatment interruptions.

Experts advise to pay more attention to the prevention of diseases, such as eating yogurt containing live lactic cultures, yogurt, hot red pepper, garlic, grapefruit juice, tea leaves cranberries.

Fungi are afraid as tea tree oil and decoction of the leaves of walnut.

Wear a medical advise underwear made of cotton and not tight.

Normalize weight, avoid casual relationships, not abuse syringing, to avoid leaching of healthy flora.

There is plenty folk remedies for the prevention and treatment of candidiasis .

1. During monthly take an infusion of herbs - mix of 1st. spoon grass ergot and shepherd's purse, mix well. Take 1 teaspoon of the mixture and boil 1 cup of boiled water, half an hour, drain. Take 3 times a day 1/3 cup before eating.

2.   To treat yeast mixed in equal proportions grass Elecampane and white dead-nettle. Take 1 tbsp. spoon mixture pour 1 cup boiling water, simmer 10 minutes, push half an hour, drain, take 2 tbsp. spoon 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals.

3.   A decoction of sage in the treatment of candidiasis.
2 tbsp. tablespoons chopped dried sage leaves pour 1 incomplete (to kaёmki) cup of boiling water, put on fire, bring to a boil, turn down and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes, half an hour to press, strain, pour 1 cup of boiled up water. Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

4.   Eucalyptus
40 c. eucalyptus leaves pour 1 cup of boiled water, in a thermos for 1 hour, drain, take ¼ cup 4 times a day. The same broth moistened swabs and inserted into the vagina. Procedures are carried out until no. This facility is considered to be very effective.

5. Garlic
2 cloves garlic, crushed and pour 1 liter of hot boiled water, but not boiling water, cool to a warm state. Douche in the morning and evening.

6. Calendula.
1 teaspoon crushed marigold flowers pour 1 cup boiling water and boil in water bath for 25 minutes. Cool, strain and douche in the night.

But wise to go to the doctor before prescribing treatment and get tested to know what kind of disease to treat and not to cause additional harm to himself.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva