Caring for teeth in a modern way
 Dental care and oral - this is perhaps an area in which many things are changing almost every year. Invent new formulations of toothpaste, developed procedures in dental offices. So - update their knowledge in this field.

Which brush: hard or soft
It used to be that soft bristle toothbrush - it's just for kids, adult teeth recommended a careful tough cleaning, or a choice of rigidity according to the individual characteristics of the tooth enamel. Now introducing me.

The bulk of the bacteria accumulates around the gum, hard brush only seals the raid, turning it into tartar. Therefore, dentists are increasingly recommend a soft brush. Do not pinch when cleaning brush in his hand, so as not to put pressure on the plaque, and keep the brush like a pen. Then would not suffer tooth enamel and not before time "zamochalyatsya" bristles.

 Caring for teeth in a modern way
 One of the latest innovations: Sound Brush . For example, the Swiss Curaprox Hydrosonic. The sound wave significantly accelerates the movement of the bristles, so that the teeth can be cleaned, the edges of the gums and interdental spaces. Use a brush should be not less than 2 minutes in the morning and evening. Sonic toothbrush Curaprox Hydrosonic has three cleaning modes: intense, soft and massage mode.

Part of the net - to caries
It used to be that you need to brush your teeth after every meal. But now dentists contrary, talking about the dangers of brushing your teeth immediately after eating.

With diligent brushing teeth immediately after eating conditions are created when food acid is not removed from the teeth, but on the contrary, pushed deeper through the enamel in the internal structure of the tooth. Dentists recommend doing hygiene in about an hour after a meal, but not before. Brushing your teeth is enough 2 times a day - morning and evening. And immediately after meals to clean teeth well eat an apple and then thoroughly rinse your mouth.

One of the latest innovations: disposable mini-brush Wisps of Colgate.   Designed for dental hygiene and oral cavity, regardless of where you are. Could come in handy on the road (during long flights and transfers), on business trips, at work. Packing small, quietly fit in even the most modest in size purse. On one end is a toothpick, on the other - a refreshing brush. Toothpaste is not required as pre-soaked brush paste. Cleaning does not give a lot of foam and water is not required. The package 4 brush, it may be enough for a few days.

 Caring for teeth in a modern way

Teeth whitening at home - you can!
Almost decades dentists have argued that home whitening is not effective. Whether the market really was not worth assets, whether stuffed his worth. Now, however, many doctors do not mind home bleaching, and even beyond. And the choice of modern means available.

 Caring for teeth in a modern way
 - Whitening Strips
For example, Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips. They really work. For best results, dentists recommend the use of at least six hours after brushing the teeth, the teeth and dry (remove moisture cloth) before application. Professional whitening effect can be achieved using for 30 minutes a day in the course of 20 days. White is stored up to 12 months. The main ingredient strips - hydrogen peroxide. That is why it is logical to mention the following bleaching process, popular in recent times:

- Hydrogen peroxide
It's simple: soak a cloth in the peroxide and wipe the teeth. Hydrogen peroxide lightens stains and tooth enamel. Just make sure the concentration of peroxide - a safe, but effective for bleaching threshold - 10 percent.

- Whitening Toothpaste
These pastes are not strong enough to significantly whiten your teeth, but can help prevent new stains, cleaning them with a mild abrasive element - silica.

 Caring for teeth in a modern way
 Not only achieve whiteness, but to maintain its
So, it turned out! The teeth become whiter. Now the main thing - to keep the results as long as possible. And for this it is worth remembering a few simple rules.

  • Carefully dark drinks such as cola, coffee, tea, berry juice. Will ordinary water. We are all aware of the need eight glasses of water a day. And now a new opportunity not to forget about the water. Wash down colored drinks with plain water to prevent staining of enamel color pigments drinks. Another method - colored drink beverages through a straw. However, cosmetologists are not advised to say that it provokes the emergence of new facial wrinkles. If added to the coffee and milk tea, it can be neutralized staining.

  • Wine: red or white? Many people are mistaken in thinking that white wine is safer for teeth than red. But white can be much more destructive, because it has a more acidic environment, is the main enemy of teeth. Perhaps it is better to give up wine?

  • Recipe Miss USA. Amazing Council once flew from the lips of Miss USA, she advised to rub Vaseline into the teeth. It creates a barrier film on the teeth and new spots are formed. Perhaps the Council is too radical, and the taste of Vaseline at all difficult to imagine. But why not follow the principle found: before consuming too pigmented beverages and food, first eat some fatty foods.

  • Author: Vasilisa Cousin