Female infertility
 Only the woman is given the happiness of being a mother. After all, the world is probably no finer feelings of love child. And to think seriously about how to hurt a woman who was unable to give your beloved tiny baby. Unfortunately, there are many couples faced with infertility, and almost 60% of people suffering from infertility - are women. In fact the problem lies not only in physiological failure organism but also psychologically.

Causes of female infertility

To start the treatment of female infertility definitely need to know what is the reason for its occurrence. Let's consider them:

1. Inflammation of the female genital organs.   This problem occurs quite often. Sometimes there are guilty woman, who failed to take care of yourself since adolescence. Because it is often not dressed warmly, wearing a mini skirt and stockings in the winter, the girls expose themselves to an inflammation of the ovaries. Hypothermia also provokes inflammation of female organs and infectious diseases. Such diseases are much easier to treat if they are not running.

2. Hormonal disorders.   Even our grandmothers knew how hormones can act negatively on the female body. The first indicator of such violations is the menstrual cycle. Every woman has a certain monthly schedule of arrival. If there is a delay or, on the contrary, they are becoming more common hormones that means something is wrong. The reason for such failures can be stressful, use of hormonal drugs (including contraceptives), heredity, or even a bad environment.

3. Defects of the genitals.   Congenital absence of the ovaries, fallopian tubes underdevelopment, defects as a consequence of trauma can affect a child is conceived.

4. Abortion, uterine injury.   Due to the injury of the uterus is not possible to have children. Making abortion during the first pregnancy, a woman forever deprives himself of the happiness of motherhood, to deal with such infertility is almost impossible. If she becomes pregnant and then the bear a child will be very difficult. The only hope for a miracle, but it is even better not to have an abortion. Since they always bear the consequences of uterine damage. But this body may be affected not only during the abortion, and as a result of operations, accidents, beatings.

5. uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.   Diseases such as uterine fibroids, polycystic, ovarian cysts also lead to infertility. Unfortunately, they suffer and young girls. The causes of these diseases is still not precisely known, so no doctor would not say why there was a cyst or fibroids. To avoid such problems, you need to visit a gynecologist.

6. Obstruction of the fallopian tubes   - The cause of infertility in 20% of cases. It arises as a result of inflammatory processes, in consequence of abortion and pelvic surgery.

7. Metabolic disorders.   According to statistics, 12% of it is poor absorption of substances is the cause of infertility. Women in the body harder to get pregnant than lean. After all, excess weight (fat) just complicates the work of the ovaries and uterus.

8. Stress.   Live never nervous almost impossible. A lot of problems, a lot of worries - this is always missing woman. Lack of rest, fatigue, lack of sleep, nervousness can easily affect not only the work of women's bodies, but also on the whole organism.

9. Age.   We were the fashion of the West: to marry later and have children later. First learn, and then make a career, live for themselves and only after all this thinking about the children. And the most appropriate age for childbirth 19-25 years. After 35 years the chances to conceive halved.

10. Psychological factors.   Fear to get pregnant, give birth, lose the baby, too, affect the possibility of conception. A pair of healthy and doctors do not know what is really a treat. In this case, the family of the need to understand what is stopping them? Maybe the absence of love, confusion, heartache, or something else?

 Female infertility

Treatment of female infertility

1. Careful planning pregnancy.   If not detected physical disorders, and birth does not occur, one reason may be incorrectly Calculated ovulation. Gynecologist to tell how to do it. You can resort to the help of a special test that will help determine ovulation. It looks like a pregnancy test, and also produces a diagnosis using urine. You can buy it at any pharmacy.

If this does not help, then you should turn to a psychologist. People are also turning to the church, and simply include their faith, and then a miracle happens.

2. Insemination.   This stimulation of the ovaries. The method is used in small hormonal failure in women. When the follicles are mature (verified by ultrasound), introduce the sperm of her husband. This procedure does not cause discomfort. Pregnancy occurs in 30% of cases.

3. Treatment of hormonal therapy.   It is used when a woman has a hormonal cause of infertility. These medications help to normalize the ovarian stimulation of eggs. Hormones are now widely used for treatment, but, alas, after their use increases the weight, felt a rush of heat, and as a result utrudnyaetsya work the entire body. But the expectation of the child, certainly worth the sacrifice.

4. IVF.   This method is used in the obstruction of the fallopian tubes. In Russia, every fifth couple doing IVF (in vitro children gestation). Under anesthesia, the woman take the egg, this so-called "operation" lasts 5 minutes. Then, in vitro fertilized with sperm of men. After 72 hours, the embryos were placed into the woman's uterus. Two weeks later, making ultrasound check whether the pregnancy has come or not.

For two decades, thanks to IVF, were born more than a million children. The method is costly and does not guarantee that when a woman becomes pregnant the first try. Some clinics return money if pregnancy occurs.

5. Surrogacy, donation.   As a surrogate mother for a certain amount, the woman bears the embryo couples. This method from a psychological point of view is no longer appropriate. The child develops in a foreign environment, not under the heart of his own mother, and at the same time taking information from someone else's body.

Better Conversely, if a woman is infertile, egg she had not worked out, then introduce her donor, and she bears his child.

 Female infertility

Dear women, all of the above causes of infertility are present in virtually every woman. Do not worry if you can not get pregnant. Faith and is now modern medicine can work wonders. And, probably, each of you will have heard of many miraculous cases, women gave birth, despite doctors' predictions, asserting that they could never have children. All in your hands!
Author: Svetlana Doskoch