Make the air in the house is cleaner and more pleasant
 Freshness in the home - a great help for the good mood and confidence. People love to come to a well smelling home. Popular scents for the home premises are now the floral scents of fresh greens and a delicious smell of fresh bread rolls.

Let's try to do for your home trendy fragrance for yourself? Here are a few tips to make the house smell fresh and pleasant.

- Clean - the guarantee of health
Before we discuss the original home fragrances, it is worth recalling truism. Bad smell born dirt and dust in the house. Do not waste time imposed not washed dishes at once, do not wash clothes ... If the house pets, especially worth to try to them there was no odor. And by the way, this problem is quite doable. I once read a Cat Lady tips, which houses nine (!) Cats, she is engaged in cleanliness in the house all the time, and even the smell of so many animals there: hung sachets with lavender, always fresh sawdust in cat litter and so on.

- Particular attention - pickers odors
I mean the carpets. They collect all the smells in the house: tobacco smoke, dust and odors from the kitchen. Eliminate the smell out of the carpet, a simple recipe: Spread the powder baking soda on the carpet, let it sit for 15 minutes. Then vacuum clean the carpet. Together with a purity receive freshness.

 Make the air in the house is cleaner and more pleasant
 - Air filter
Do you use water filters? But then, why not use air filters? How it works, of course, somewhat different. But when the breath of fresh air from the air fills the room - feeling superior. If you can get hold of this unit, be sure to try. In addition to clean air, these devices support the desired level of humidity.

- Cinnamon
Cinnamon sticks smell magically agree! Here's eco-friendly fragrances. You can crush it and spread around the room. For example, in canvas bags or bowls. When the air starts to heat up in the house, usually in the summer it is in the evening, then cinnamon begins to exude a pleasant aroma.

- Coffee
Available as flavoring coffee beans. You can expand the grain in the room, but you can do something like scented candles. Overlaid candle with coffee beans. When the candle will start to heat up, the aroma of coffee fills the room.

- Potted flowers
Do not be afraid to spend money on a good color. This is the easiest (although not cheap), and a natural way to make the air in the apartment clean. About favor of living plants we know from school ("pick up carbon dioxide, produce oxygen"), but sometimes forget, believe that they will require a lot of attention ...

 Make the air in the house is cleaner and more pleasant
 - Citrus
Bad smelling the surface in the kitchen and bathroom (on the drain in the sink to glass and plastic doors and furniture tops) can be treated with a refreshing citrus scent. Boil in a saucepan one lemon, lime or orange (preferably cut into pieces). And this solution treated surface. And if the remains of the boiling solution poured into the sink, the tube stop to exude an unpleasant smell. Carpets also good get rid of the smell, if before cleaning process them using the citrus solution.

- Essential oils
They smell great, they have a lasting fragrance, but how to apply it at home? Add the essential oil in a bottle with water, cover with a sprayer. Use as usual with purchased cans of air freshener. Interior designers are advised to vary the smells. For the different parts of the apartment, use your scent, such as lavender for living room, bedroom sandalwood, peppermint bath.

- Vinegar
White vinegar is perfectly absorbs and neutralizes odors. Arrange the cups of vinegar in the corners of the room for cleaning. Do not forget to remove!

- Fabric conditioner
All home textiles (curtains, furniture covers, towels) wash-conditioned, they will exude a wonderful fragrance for a long time. If that's not enough, you can pour a cup of air-conditioning in the cup and put in a closet with clothes, as well as in the corner. But if you have small children or pets, even with the vinegar, and air-conditioned experiment carefully, put them in is not available for the space.

 Make the air in the house is cleaner and more pleasant
 - Aroma candles
Very simply and magically: buy and refreshing scent of the room. The safest candle - soy, they are more durable, better for the environment, is not carcinogenic. You can make your candles, and it may even become a hobby. Here is the recipe candles made with their own hands.

Citrus Candle
- Citrus fruits (lemon or orange)
- Small knife
- Spoon
- Thread for wick
- Beeswax
- Tin
- Essential Oil

Cooking method:   Cut the fruit in half and carefully remove all the pulp. Melt the wax in a water bath: put wax in a tin, and place in the water (in the pan). When the wax melts, it should be poured into a lemon or orange peel. But first put on the bottom of the thread to the wick. While holding the thread, pour the wax. On top, add a drop of essential oil. Candle ready!
Author: Julia Shestakova