Nerves and disease: what is the connection?
 Who better than women, first of all, we know what it means to the concept of "nerves acting up." Sometimes you want to escape from reality, to be alone, and somewhere far away to send her husband, children, friends and work. But, in fact, home is nothing to blame, and the true cause of all the confusion are failures of the nervous system.


There is a whole science about the influence of the nerves in the body, which is called psychosomatic. The founder of it was the German scientist Johann Haynrot in the last century. His theory is based on the fact that the cause of many diseases is not natural or organic action and emotional state, depression, stress, anxiety.

It turns out that if it hurts the heart, does not necessarily need to treat it as follows to eliminate other causes of pain, which is hidden much deeper - in the subconscious mind of man. Sick people are almost always nervous, especially those who suffer from chronic diseases. And the result is that all health problems kroyatsya in our head. This teaches Psychosomatics.

Exposure to nerve on the body

Surely you are interested in the question: how nerves can affect your health?

Let us assume that you are somewhat depressed, rarely smiling. And it has lasted several weeks. As a result, your psyche reacts negatively to any relationship around you, there is no courage. As a result, the body ceases to function properly, it is also depressed. In consequence of direct voltage having muscular blocks, which leads to the appearance of disease. Even ordinary cough does not always have an infectious origin.

Basically, almost all chronic diseases of internal organs (as tumors) can be caused by the state of resentment toward someone, including himself. People involved samoedstvom, tend to rise to erosions and ulcers. Forgiveness important not only in religion, but in medicine. According to the theories of scientists under attack get those bodies, which are the weakest in humans.

Emotions and subconscious

Scientists have proved that the disease occurs subconsciously. Also, the condition of the body is directly related to the emotions of the patient. If the sore feet, so tired man always somewhere to run, and if you lose the hearing, he did not want to hear something, etc. In this way, as if to avoid some of the problems, it makes your life more comfortable, without even realizing it.

You agree that even an ordinary conflict entails headache or heartache. Feeling uncomfortable, the person does not want a big fight, but rather, just resting and did not communicate. He is hiding in its shell, hidden disease. Of course, this is not done on purpose, the patient himself can not even suspect anything. Just the problem itself is hidden in his soul. Sometimes people get rid of the disease, just a reprimand someone about their everyday concerns.

Often, finding no help from a conventional doctor, they turn to the church or to a psychologist. According to statistics, many people change their way of life and themselves, finding support and understanding. Diseases recede or go into a lighter form.

But, referring to the help of third-party rights, we must remember that it is not a fairy with a magic wand that easily removes all the problems. Hoping entirely on him, you can further aggravate the condition. The main cure is within you! And no one will be able to help tidy up your nervous system, if you do not want.

How to calm your nerves?

Here is a list of diseases that arise from nerves: asthma, allergies, heart disease, colitis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, diabetes, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, arthritis, migraine, thyroid tumors.

To improve your condition, should be avoided conflict. Of course, it's not always easy to do, because the problems in the relationship with the people always have, but keep quarrels and insults to a minimum - you can!

1. Change yourself!

It should consider the negative aspects of his character. Remove life that leads to its destruction. Think about what you do want a change? Maybe you are too emotional, something constantly need to be aggressive, or even something else?

Characterized themselves from other people, select all its positive and negative features. Last try to change over time, believe in themselves and their strength. If you are nervous, you repeat a hundred times: "I am calm, I am calm."

Think about what your illness, whatever it may be, does not bring really happy, and a lot better to get rid of it. But you can only do this through calm your nervous system. This is the first step to getting rid of depression.

2. Medical treatment and rest

Then you can resort to using medications, they are now set. In any pharmacy you find a cure for stress and depression. For the treatment of nerves can be used folk remedies. Among the plants a good calming effect are: chamomile, mint, peony, motherwort, borage, willow-herb, walnuts, cilantro, etc.

Positively affect recreation, music, movies, chat with people who understand you, as well as the occupation favorite thing. Only comprehensive therapy can give the desired result and soothe your nerves.

Remember that we are all people, all different, we have our thoughts, desires, fears, problems. But not always everything happens as we want, and then we begin to snap, nervous, not thinking that such behavior only harming their health. Of course, to fight for a better future. But if you go through life quietly, success will overtake you.

So, do not be nervous, and take care!

Author: Svetlana Doskoch