Royal to become or how to develop a good posture?
 "When you walk, keep your head straight, socks Put apart and always remember who you are! "- Said the White Queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass wonderful country. If all women in the world would follow her advice, most of them would have been higher had forgotten about back pain and many diseases.

Beautiful posture is unthinkable without a healthy spine. And for him in today's hectic lifestyle, "high heels" woman, unfortunately, is often recalled last. The reason for the change in attitude to health often serve as warning signs have already appeared.

Each vertebra is "responsible" for the normal functioning of a particular organ. Curvature of the spine can cause headaches, dizziness, cramps, pain in the heart and back, shortness of breath, the displacement bodies, pinched nerves, circulatory disorders, inflammatory diseases and gynecological pathologies. In addition, slouching can "pick up" a woman of 5-7 centimeters of growth.

Signs of an ideal posture

To learn how your posture is different from the "royal" pass a little test. Take the flat position opposite to the mirror and look carefully at his reflection. Are there any differences between your posture and described below?

1. The head and spine are in a straight position
2. The shoulder girdle and scapula symmetrical
3. Line collarbones practically horizontal
4. Position the buttocks symmetrical

When violations do occur, do not worry, if you prefer, you can fix it! First you need to understand that harm women's posture and, if possible, eliminate these factors.

Enemies 'royal' posture

Various diseases

The causes of posture can be congenital factors and past illnesses. Among them - the wrong fetal development, birth trauma, rickets, polio, spinal disorders (sciatica, herniated discs, low back pain).

Improper posture while sitting at the table

The well-known cause that is often not taken into account. If your work is "sedentary" and you have the habit to rely on the lower back his chair, and the upper part of the body (head, shoulders, chest) to tilt forward, incorrect posture - its consequence!

Poor eyesight

It turns out that myopia and strabismus also affect the formation of correct posture. A woman who sees the bad, will take the wrong position at the table to lean forward while working at the computer, or lower his head below the above securities. To avoid violations should be addressed vision problems as soon as they are identified. Furthermore, to control the position away from the eye to the market, which is about forty centimeters.

Wrong position during sleep

For the modern woman that combines excellent wife, mother and worker, sleep is often the only way to fully relax. The most suitable for this purpose seems to pose "up", that is, one in which we are in the womb. However, a long stay in that position is fraught with increasing tilt of the pelvis and lumbar curvature of the spine appearance. To avoid this, you sleep on your back or side.

Sedentary lifestyle

When conducting a passive way of life back and abdominal muscles become weak, may atrophy. In this way, keep "royal" posture becomes difficult. An excellent way out is to exercise. Thanks to sports activities or dance your muscles toned and become stronger, and thus be able to provide the correct body position.

Love for high heels

Changing the center of gravity at the time of going to "extreme hairpin" promotes leg edema and poor blood supply. The optimum height of the heel of medicine Aesculapius believe 2, 5-3 cm. If you, nevertheless, can not imagine being without additional "-nadtsat" centimeters, do not forget that the shoes must be of high quality, better made of natural materials and a stable block. In order not to become a "fashion victim" Heel height is necessary at all times to vary.

Pregnancy and childbirth

During gestation the baby on the musculoskeletal system of the future mommy significantly increases the load. After birth, failing to recover and get stronger, new mother every day wears on his hands steadily gain weight baby. Of course, this can not but affect the health of the spine. Help women carry lighter loads can massage.

 Royal to become or how to develop a good posture?

Tips for gaining "royal" posture

Take charge.   For the cervical spine will be useful head rotation and tilt in different directions. For thoracic - pull-ups on the bar. For lumbar - exercises in the vise on the wall bars: straight leg lifts, swinging from side to side and circular movements.

Move more.   Three times a week to devote yoga, pilates or dance. This will tone the muscles of the back, which is necessary for a stable position of the spine.

Take a swim.   He is one of the best sports to strengthen the spine. While active in water vertebrae fall into place and recovering their mobility with respect to each other. In addition, the warm water relaxes muscles, blocked or flattened intervertebral discs are released.

Change the diet.   Two weeks on a special diet help to forget about the discomfort in the spine. To do this, eliminate cold refined and fatty foods such as ice cream, fatty desserts, cheese and fried foods.

Give up corsets.   Contrary to popular belief, that the corset improves posture, wear them often is not recommended. When a woman wears a corset back muscles "give" him a part of its functions, the most "relaxing". In the future, lowering the tone can lead to muscle atrophy.

Spend massage courses.   Manual therapist knows exactly what muscles need to relax, and what in toning. Experienced hands of a professional not only get rid of back pain, but also help to restore the correct position of the spine.

Develop a "royal" posture is not too difficult. Take care of your spine, to preserve the health and beauty for years to come!
Author: Natalia Bartukova