Smoke cigarettes metol ... or how smoking destroys beauty
 Why do you smoke, girl, why?
Poisonous smoke, like a snake, stretching.
(A. Pugacheva - L. Derbenyov "Throw away the cigarette")

Strange we are still being - people, especially women! We are ready to look more attractive, buy expensive cosmetics, do painful procedures, go under the knife of the surgeon, swallow tablets doubtful, but to give up certain habits, detrimental effect on the skin, hair, often do not want to. Declare - Beauty requires sacrifice, and sacrifice literally everything, but these habits.

Of all the bad habits, which include - many hours sitting at a computer, sweets jam stress, abuse of coffee and strong tea (more than 3-5 cups a day), the most fatal to the health and appearance - smoking.

Yeah, the fatal mistake made Portuguese sailors when brought to Europe from South America, tobacco and marked the beginning of "nicotine pandemic." The name "nicotine" is derived from the name of one of the culprits in the spread of the scourge of nicotine Jean. Of nicotine was the French ambassador to Portugal, addicted to tobacco smoking, and tobacco is regarded as a panacea for all kinds of diseases. He strongly contributed to its spread, so the main ingredient that is revealed by scientists from tobacco leaves and named in his honor. Alas, much of nicotine Jean erred in attributing the healing properties of tobacco! In any case, the harm of it far exceeded some useful quality of this product.

 Smoke cigarettes metol ... or how smoking destroys beauty

On how influences smoking in appearance, I know firsthand, before the eyes of a child was an example of her grandmother. Passionate fan of nicotine from a young age, she was already forty years had the typical "person smoker" and looked 15 years older than his age. Fortunately, the deadly disease walked toward her, and lived it to a very old age, but, nevertheless, with youth and beauty goodbye, and, moreover, long before the normal period, and in fact, judging by the photos, a young man was very attractive person.

A number of unfortunate changes pretty face ...

Nicotine is dangerous is the fact that reduces the amount of vitamin A in the body. And it is this "beauty vitamin" is involved in the restoration and renovation of all body cells. Thus, nicotine directly affects the ability of skin to regenerate, destroys collagen and elastic layer of the skin, causes premature wrinkles worse heal wounds and scars on the skin.

Here you can add a decrease in oxygen delivery, metabolic disorders. Poisonous smoke is not only poisonous to the body inside - soot, resins, colorants deposited on the skin surface. Toxic substances contained in cigarettes causes the skin faces a number of changes that are visible to the naked eye, the structure and color of the skin. Under the action of toxins narrowed blood vessels, the capillaries are particularly affected are located in the upper layers of the skin. In the blood increases and the amount of carbon monoxide is reduced oxygen content. The sad result - premature wrinkles, dry skin, whites of the eyes a yellowish tinge.

 Smoke cigarettes metol ... or how smoking destroys beauty
   The term "person smoker" coined by Dr. Douglas model in his article published in the scientific journal British Medical Journal in 1985. He named the following typical symptoms of "smoker's face":

- Sagging, lost elasticity of the skin,
- Deep nasolabial folds,
- Net of wrinkles around the eyes ("crow's feet"),
- Sunken cheeks with sharp cheekbones and deep vertical wrinkles.

Changing the voice, he loses sonority acquires lowered voice, hoarseness. Suffer hair, nails and teeth. But that's not all - women who smoke decreases the formation of estrogen, which leads to premature aging, reduce sexual female attractiveness, menstrual irregularities.

Deceptive ease "light cigarettes"

Do not engage in self-deception and believe that if you smoke "light" (with a reduced amount of nicotine) cigarettes, the harm to the body is reduced significantly.

Research go to light cigarettes showed no benefits of such a transition to health, as smokers are deeply tightened to compensate for the decrease in revenues of nicotine. Even in 1979 a researcher Corporation BAT P.Li concluded that "the result of the transition to nizkosmolistye cigarettes may increase rather than reduce the risk of smoking."

Production of "light" cigarettes - it's a good marketing move by tobacco companies. Since the need for nicotine a smoker fixed to meet her, you have to smoke more of the cigarette lighter. So, advertising light cigarettes, tobacco companies do not remain in the loser, they simply sell more cigarettes, and this fact is very happy. The World Health Organization warns that the switch to cigarettes with lower tar a smoker does not give significant benefits in health issues.

Especially dangerous, scientists believe menthol cigarettes. It turns out that when smoking nicotine absorption into the blood and the tobacco tar is faster than smoking of conventional cigarettes. The reason for this is that the menthol cigarettes receptors irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth, thereby dilate the coronary vessels and bronchi.

What is that cigarette is concealed?

Well, everyone knows about the nicotine from school, more likely heard of the resin, and did you know that in the tobacco includes several thousand different substances, with one 200 are poisonous and 14 - all drugs .  Such components as butadiene, PA hydrocarbons, N-nitrosamines, aromatic amines and others, are strong carcinogens .  Nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide and many other substances contained in cigarettes, have a toxic effect .  The cigarette smoke and the mainstream person when smoking, by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry revealed sulfur, chlorine, potassium, calcium, bromine and almost the entire range of heavy metals .  Lead, cadmium, chromium, manganese, iron, copper, strontium, zinc, nickel - all of these metals are part of the Cigarettes and cigarette smoke .  Incidentally, the total amount of heavy metals in the smoke of both classical and light cigarettes is the same .  Therefore, smoking light cigarettes does not reduce the risk of ingestion of heavy metals .

 Smoke cigarettes metol ... or how smoking destroys beauty
   Another reason to think about a new discovery gives American biologists. Scientists have discovered that after a cigarette in the human body can get not only the tar, nicotine, heavy metals and harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Researchers selectively check the composition of several popular brands of cigarettes and concluded that bacteria infected almost everything. The most dangerous of the microorganisms found in tobacco products - and akinetobakterii klebsiely (infect the lungs and blood), rod-shaped bacteria (cause gastrointestinal disease, in Vol. H. Ulcer) and many other bacteria.

Is it easy to quit smoking?

It's hard, but it's possible! Everyone - your way to victory. Nikotinozameniteli, seeds, candy, hypnosis, psychoanalysis, shock therapy and, most importantly, personal motivation and firm intention.

There are products that reduce the craving to smoke. This milk, citrus fruits, roots and leaves of celery, beans, zucchini, eggplant, dishes of all kinds of cabbage, mint tea, camomile tea, tomato juice.

You can try the following drink herbal tea.

- 2 tbsp. tablespoons herb oregano and 2 tablespoons. tablespoons peppermint pour 2 cups boiling water and infuse it in a thermos for 2 hours. Strain and drink as tea 4-5 times, 1/2 cup a day before meals (you can with honey).

- 2 tbsp. tablespoons marshmallow and 1 tbsp. spoon of mother and stepmother, pour 2 cups of boiling water. Infuse in a thermos for 2-3 hours. Strain. Pour boiled water to drink 3 glasses and small portions throughout the day. Drink 30 minutes before eating or one hour after a meal, and nicotine dependence will decrease.

Not far off, when to get rid of addiction can be via injection. The company has developed an injectable vaccine Glaxosmithkline smoking NicVAX. After injection, the vaccine produces antibodies that bind nicotine molecule, preventing that they can be reached from the blood into the brain. The nicotine in the brain does not get the dependence does not arise and the process of quitting smoking does not cause difficulties.

Well, as long as the vaccine came on the market do not read the book Allen Carr's "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" is valid, many were able to say goodbye to this bad habit because of this book.

And do not fear that, quit smoking, you earn extra weight. Researchers in Italy conducted nine large-scale experiment, which was attended by 64 women of different ages. If you do not replace cigarettes pastries and sweets, the weight after quitting even declining. The study found that those study participants who before starting quit weighed an average of a few kilograms less than those who continued to smoke.

Also, according to experts, women's skin, quit smoking, younger by an average of 13 years old!
Author: Olga Travleeva