Stress and Health: Learning to relax
 They say that all diseases of the nerves. So it is most likely is. And still suffers from nerves and our beauty. In today's world of rush and bustle reign, it seems that even the hands of a clock rotate several times faster than in previous times.

And we are always in a hurry, afraid not to have time, late, hurry to remake a lot of cases. We were nervous in transport, at work. Returned home tired, and shell are not washed dishes. And yet, and you need to cook dinner and something for breakfast for her husband and children to plan.

And not waiting for the washed clothes ... It seems to be just a machine run ... And still requires effort and time. Accumulated per day fatigue and irritation generate a new wave of dissatisfaction with oneself and others.

We break on the household and get back a portion of anger response from them. And again boomerang stress.

 Stress and Health: Learning to relax

Therefore it is necessary to generate a goodwill, not to answer rudeness to rudeness, and notice how in humans and in the environment is good.

Optimists not only rarely get sick, grow old and slow. An example of this in front of me for many years. That's my neighbor, she was 70, and it looks so that envy can not just fifty, a woman, even forty years. As long as I can remember, I never saw her become discouraged, although in life she had to go through a lot.

In fact, many of us are often sad, melancholy, depressed ... This happens for various reasons.

Unfortunately, it so happened that someone in childhood did not learn to "control himself" or "self-control". Therefore, learn to manage your mood accounted for most of us adults. If you do not, at first appear one after the other sores, and soon catch up with early retirement.

Stress and negative emotions quickly old woman, taking her beauty.
In fact there are a lot of things can relieve stress and get rid of its consequences.

For example, Bath is not only good for the skin, it still helps to relax, have fun . Water not only washes away dirt, sweat and fatigue, soothes.

 Stress and Health: Learning to relax

Foam bath with a low temperature of + 36-37 C helps to lose weight.

Baths with herbs and oils   have different therapeutic actions, soothe, tone.

For example,   1-2 times a week is useful to take a bath sage Which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity, improve circulation, reduce various pains.

Well soothes, relieves fatigue lime bath .
A handful of linden brew 1 liter of boiled water, 1 hour, drain and pour into the tub.
The water temperature should not be higher than + 37 ° C.

On the face, you can apply a compress of broth of lime, soak them gauze and apply on face while taking a bath or after it.
You do not need to wash up in the morning.

Naturally, in order to have strong nerves needed sleep well .

It is not forbidden to eat during the day 20-50 grams of dark chocolate   recommended use honey , It works particularly well to the skin and nerves, if dissolved in the glass warm milk   and drinking at night, sleep is like a baby.

 Stress and Health: Learning to relax

When insomnia helps infusion of herbs.
Take equal amounts of peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers, valerian root, mix well. 1 tbsp. spoon mixture brew 1 cup of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, strain and drink during the day between meals.

From nervousness and heart deliver an infusion of caraway.
1 teaspoon cumin seeds pour ½ cup of boiled water, 20 minutes, drain. Take ½ cup 3 times a day before meals.

And also remember, before our mothers and grandmothers sing! They sang for sewing, washing, cooking, singing, swimming in the bathtub. So, the researchers came to the conclusion that singing for the very useful, it would be like tones the body from the inside It ignites eyes, encouraging, and most surprisingly - does not allow the skin to age rapidly.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva