Take care of health from an early age
 "Take care of the honor of his youth." Health, too, should be protected from an early age, but if you did not work, never too late to take care of your health. Usually, we are reminded of it at the approach of autumn, especially when the heat suddenly gives way to cool, and we begin to sneeze, cough, sore throat with us.

Experts recommend in September to start taking tincture enhance immunity - Eleutherococcus, Rhaponticum, ginseng, lemongrass. Personally, I like Siberian ginseng tablets. Sometimes it happens with vitamins A and E. And then, most of us live in large cities with unfavorable environment, the water is not very good, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle - the only way to maintain health and live to old age.

With the onset of autumn, many of us no longer do Sunday outing on the environment and reduce the already low physical activity. You can walk and in cloudy weather, often walking in the drizzling rain, even uplifting.

 Take care of health from an early age
   In the middle of the day at work you can do simple exercises for the neck, arms, eyes. And good morning to start at least with a little warm-up. The most seemingly simple physical exercises cause intense circulating blood, thus penetrating into the smallest capillaries. The body is saturated with oxygen, it improves metabolism, the brain works productively.

 Take care of health from an early age
 In a healthy lifestyle is also giving up bad habits, especially, such as smoking and alcohol abuse. And then, and another breaks, and quickly, virtually all organs. Now in Russia relates to alcohol and beer. So sitting in front of the TV with a bottle of beer, relaxing after work, a healthy lifestyle will not name.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that we eat. Nutritionists say that the majority of urban dwellers do not have enough vitamins, micro and macro. For semi-finished products that we buy in supermarkets, is almost completely devoid of them.

Our body has not changed for all time the existence of mankind. Our ancestors ate mostly rough, unrefined foods rich in fiber. It cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Just these products allow the body to be cleaned of toxins and maintain their own health.

 Take care of health from an early age
 Until recently, the medicine was poorly developed, and people survived at the expense of power taken from nature and strong immunity. And this helped them food. Therefore, when the entire employment and laziness to cook the best of natural products.

For beauty and health it is also very important to peace of mind when a man lives in harmony with himself and the world. It is now recognized by official science and that feelings such as anger, envy, aggression, contempt for the people around him - destroy both physical health and old appearance, ruthlessly imposing wrinkles on the face.

Most often, lead a healthy lifestyle prevents us from laziness, habit to be led by their desires. For example, wants the cake and let them eat lentils ... the ancient Greeks ...

However, if you wish, we can change their habits. Transform your nature in the past month can be hard work. That is, the month we follow a strictly oversight physical activity, emotions, carefully composing the menu, and a month later it all becomes a habit - second nature, then there is no inconvenience, and health will improve.

You can often read in magazines testimony of those who just changed his lifestyle and now 50-60 years feels younger and healthier than the 30 and 40 years old. So it's never too late to develop the habit of a healthy lifestyle and have not for a long withering of beauty, youth, reliable health and longevity, disease and suffering, both physical and moral.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva