Vitamins that may harm health
 Are vitamins can be harmful? - You ask. It turns out, yes. Find out whether you should start to worry about it. This is especially true of those who love vitamin complexes and additives.

The American habit of taking vitamins did not seem worth it to learn from it mindlessly. Recently, in the United States it is enough professionals who have criticized the vitamin supplements. This is devoted to materials in the press, on television are the doctors and discuss the issue.

David Agus, a physician and author of the best-selling book «The End of Illness» (the end of the disease) called the abuse of vitamins - one of the main problems of America. It is based in the judgments of 50 large-scale studies. "None of them does not prove that vitamins give some advantage in the fight against heart disease or cancer," - says the doctor.

Agus is not alone. Other experts compared the purchase vitamins from sinking money into a toilet. In some cases, it is possible to speak literally, because the body takes the excess vitamins in urine.

But people continue to spend huge amounts of money for the purchase of vitamin complexes, thereby supporting the entire industry. For example, Americans spend about 28 billion dollars a year on vitamin and herbal supplements.

A dietitian Dee Sandkuist from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics United States believes that the excess of some vitamins can be harmful to our health. He identified three popular vitamin that can hurt us if we consume them without control.

 Vitamins that may harm health
 Vitamin E
  Vitamin E is crucial to the functioning of the immune system and cellular connections. However, this vitamin is getting better with food. It is found in foods like wheat germ, sunflower seeds, broccoli, nuts. Like many vitamins, vitamin E loses its basic properties under positive reception.

 Vitamins that may harm health
 Vitamin A
It is important for bone health and reproduction, and the immune system. However, vitamin A deficiency is rare in healthy people. Because vitamin A can accumulate in the body. However, a large supply of vitamin A is harmful to toxic levels, it can cause problems with the liver, central nervous system, and in pregnant women - birth defects of the fetus.

Beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A) is only useful when it comes into contact with the food (it is contained in carrots). In this case, it even helps prevent cancer. But in the form of tablets, beta-carotene acts on the contrary, and this is said to study.

 Vitamins that may harm health
 Vitamin C
This orange vitamin (as it is called because of the high content of oranges and tangerines) is also supporting our immune system. But its natural form supports the immune system and fights colds. There is no evidence that vitamin C, we obtained tablets, able to completely get rid of colds.

 Vitamins that may harm health
 But vitamin C - the most harmless in terms of overdose, it is a fact. Unlike vitamin A, it is dissolved in water, and this means that the excess is simply displayed by the body with the urine. But complacency is not necessary. Because researchers suggest that an excess of vitamin C may cause side effects such as diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, and even kidney stones. Any amount of vitamin C greater than 500 milligrams a day can cause health problems (500 milligrams contained in the half-gram 1 sachet Emergen-C).

The main recommendations
So, how to take vitamins to prevent damage to health?

- Observe the permissible standards of consumption of vitamins.

- Do not rely on supplements and pills. The bulk of the vitamins must come from food. Vitamin supplements - a nutritional supplement.

- The risks of an overdose are large enough, remember this. But do not panic if a little touched. Recommended doses often less than the maximum allowable.

- Taking vitamins or vitamin drugs (eg, common cold), watch carefully for side effects. Headache, diarrhea, indigestion should not go unnoticed. Tell your doctor about these conditions.

- If the vitamins in your body come only with food, you will not ever face an overdose. So better to choose a way of getting vitamins.

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Author: Vasilisa Cousin