Want to be healthy? Be better
 The concepts of good and evil exist since the creation of the world. Now we are very often faced with the evil in our lives, we see there is not enough people to kindness, humility, mercy and patience. We can not say for sure, that all men are evil or good. While living on this earth, each has a negative and a positive side of the soul. Still, some good, and some angrier.

In modern society, notably the fall of human morality, and the reason for this - the lack of kindness. In the daily pursuit of life - work, money, career, family life (this list could go on endlessly), we become angry, not realizing that such demeanor harming only themselves.

Science is still more interested in the question: what is the kindness and how it affects our lives?

The science of goodness

British scientist Andrew Steptoe, his team proved that optimists have lowered levels of the stress hormone - cortisol. Last reduces immunity, the development of hypertension, cholesterol deposition. It conducted a study among 3,000 men and women aged 50 to 74 years. In a positive-minded people cortisol level was much lower than that of pessimists.

Depressed, cruel, people are more dissatisfied with life fall into the category of patients. It turns out that any illness talk about specific look at the life of each person. And sometimes it is necessary to treat not only drugs, but first and foremost - be kind to yourself and others.

  Experts say that the gloomy thoughts, flashes of anger contribute to the release of the hormone in the blood responsible for aggression - testosterone. When it is in excess of impaired hormonal balance of the body, and that affects the damage to the internal organs.

 Want to be healthy? Be better

Good people are by nature easier to experience negative moments in life, and they have a 9% percent reduced risk of heart disease. Optimists enjoy physical activities and sports that better supports their health. Pessimists, on the contrary are engaged only in murmurs of life and too lazy to be tightened form.

Unfortunately, the number of illnesses every year grows more and more, and the world of this not getting any better. The saying "laugh health" actually invented for a reason. That smile makes a person more attractive, much less a woman. Laughter prolongs life by reducing the level of cortisol, and increases the production of hormones joy - endorphins. Joyful people see life in bright colors, it is their rich and interesting. One man said: "You can be happy, even when the whole life within four walls." That is the way people are healed from paralysis, spinal injuries, and getting to his feet again.

American doctors with Dutch experts have observed for 100 thousand men and women and found that optimists live longer than pessimists much. Boston University also found another not unimportant fact - a person's character is inherited. Do not unimportant role played by the education of the person, and if from an early age the child grows in a friendly family, and in the future it will be the same.

 Want to be healthy? Be better

  Psychologists from the UK and Finland in the course of the experiments found that the friendly people brain contains more nerve cells than that of evil. The more of such cells in the body, people calmly. This finding will help treat diseases such as schizophrenia and autism. That is, patients with these problems can not communicate normally. Experts are working to find out how to eliminate the causes of disorders of the brain.

  It is also proved that good people are not only healthier evil, and smarter! They have well developed memory and desire intelligently to show. They become successful in almost all spheres of life. Only believe in good and try to forget all the bad things.

  The nature and disease

  Psychologists say that people change their character can be up to 30 years. After a certain age, habits and beliefs rooted forever. But if he wants to change and in 40 and 50 years, to make it possible, the main thing - desire. After all the negative traits can bring with it not only the disease but also broken families, problems on the robot, not the ability to communicate with others. So, perhaps, is to change ourselves.

Classification of traits associated with human disease:

Aggression   - Hypertension, peptic ulcers;
Greed   - Oncology, bulimia;
Despair   - Drug addiction, alcoholism, coughing, decreased immunity;
Recklessness   - Injuries, epilepsy, schizophrenia;
Worry   - Heart disease, insomnia;
Aimlessness   - Chronic cardio - vascular, nerve disease;
Anger   - Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, migraine, insomnia;
Rudeness   - Infection, heart pain, migraines, bronchitis, hemorrhoids;
Depression   - Tuberculosis, pneumonia;
Cruelty   - Amenorrhea, anemia, asthma, bronchitis, gastritis;
Envy   - Mental illness, insomnia, heart disease;
Rancor   - Acidity, diseases of the throat and larynx;
Conflictness   - Diseases of the liver, stomach, increased thyroid function;
Laziness   - Fatigue, loss of appetite, anemia, constipation;
Mendacity   - Hepatitis, alcoholism, fungal diseases;
Tensions   - Hemorrhoids, asthma, glomerulonephritis, hypertension;
Disbelief   - Diseases of the internal organs;
Negativism   - Autoimmune diseases, infections;
Touchiness   - Chronic diseases, cancer, bronchitis, diabetes;
Depression   - Ovarian dysfunction, decreased immunity;
Irritability   - Reduced immunity, nervous diseases, bronchitis, gastritis, colitis;
Fear   - Asthma, insomnia, bulimia, hepatitis, skin diseases;
Stubbornness   - Epilepsy, sinusitis, male infertility;
Sensitivity   - Allergy, asthma, skin diseases, inflammation of the female genital organs;
Selfishness   - Susceptibility to colds;
Emotionality   - cardiovascular diseases.

It is just a short list of human vices, which lead to various diseases. Hence the conclusion: maybe it is better to be kind and to be healthy? Someone will think: Is it possible today to be kind, because everyone thinks only of himself?

 Want to be healthy? Be better

However, thinking only of ourselves, we can not really be happy. Is not it nice when we thanks to someone smiles? Especially doing something good, we ourselves become such surrounding begin to love us and extend to us. So let us always and everywhere to do good, and the only way the world and we are in it will become more beautiful, healthier and nicer, dear women.
Author: Svetlana Doskoch