What is an allergy and how to fight it?
 In our world, so many negative factors affecting our bodies. And probably no man who at least once in his life did not have allergies. This disease is caused by the body's reaction to the allergen. The latter, in turn, is individual for each inhabitant of the earth. So what exactly is an allergy?

  Allergies and its species

Allergies - is the body's sensitivity, which leads to negative changes, and it occurs as a consequence of the action of foreign bodies (allergens). Allergens can be: wet or dry climate, dust, fungus, plant, animal dander, mites. From them there is a runny nose or asthma. It is also harmful to man and food allergens: fruit (citrus), vegetables, berries, nuts, milk, eggs, chocolate, fish. From them can be rash.

Let us consider in detail all kinds of allergies.

  Allergic rhinitis (runny nose)   - A local reaction to the allergen. Allergic rhinitis can be distinguished from the common cold. By removing an allergen, sneezing passes quickly, as usual runny nose lasts up to seven days.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis include: irritation of the mucous membrane of the nose, bouts of sneezing, watery eyes, headache. Also, there is swelling of the mucous membrane, nose become pale in color, which indicates the presence of allergic process, and the lack of mucosal inflammation.

 What is an allergy and how to fight it?

Bronchial asthma   - Infectious and allergic disease, which is accompanied by attacks of breathlessness. Due to the swelling of the bronchi accumulate a lot of mucus, which hinders breathing person. This is a chronic disease with a complicated course. People with asthma must be treated under medical supervision.

Nettle-rash   - An allergic disease, which manifests edematous skin. Bubbles form, there is an itch, turn red mucous membranes of the throat, a company, but it passes quickly, the end effect of allergen. Also available are more symptoms: fever and blood pressure, the occurrence of nausea, pain in the throat. Urticaria sick every third person on the ground. The most common such disease in older women.

Atopic dermatitis, eczema   - An allergic disease, which is accompanied by redness and swelling of the skin. Bubbles formed, and then they burst, there are erosions, their place in the form of a crust formed scales. All this is accompanied by itching. This disease can affect people who are sensitive to cold, or vice versa, to heat, sunlight, as well as medicines. Allergens such illness: food, chemicals, cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, and even soft toys.

 What is an allergy and how to fight it?

Allergy Treatment

Before just treat allergies need to eliminate all its causes, not only to get rid of an allergen, but also to find the main problem, which is hidden deeper.

It turns out that the first step to recovery - the correct operation of the internal organs. It is necessary to purify the pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, liver, adrenal glands. Doctors have found that almost all people who are allergic intestines and liver are working badly. The same applies to the pancreas, it also is the main body which shows the willingness of the body to fight the allergen. The Allergy gland produces a smaller number of necessary enzymes.

The result is the following picture: the body gets the food, the pancreas does not assimilate it, the protein is not cleaved (protein allergens are precisely the origin), then he goes to the sick intestine, where just standing and rot. The liver also needs to clean the blood from it all, but she can not cope, and if also the adrenal glands do not produce the right amount of anti-inflammatory hormones, the allergy will only be progress.

 What is an allergy and how to fight it?

1. Purification pancreas

To improve the work of the pancreas to the diet should be introduced greens better to make salads using dandelion leaves, plantain leaves, fennel, cumin and others. And from the products from the store: chips, mayonnaise and eating fast food, which has a different chemical additives, it is better to give . And do not eat early vegetables, because they can have a large amount of nitrates.

2. Colon Cleansing

But the intestines can help bran, rye malt, and all the food that has a lot of fiber. Fruits and vegetables also clean the intestines, but only those that grow on your home ground, while others can cause allergies. Also of great importance are dairy products, it is supported through the normal intestinal microflora. Therefore it is desirable every day before going to bed drink a glass of kefir.

 What is an allergy and how to fight it?

3. Cleansing the liver and adrenal glands work setting

The liver is also easy to treat using Bile medicinal plants: tansy, thyme sand, corn stigmas, sandy immortelle, angelica officinalis, peppermint, oat, radish seed, Scots pine and others.

Chimes is necessary to use 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

And the adrenal glands help regulate hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches), it will also have a positive influence on other organs. Useful abdominal massage and deep breathing (exhale relax the stomach and inspiratory pull the spine).

And to avoid allergies, it is necessary every day to do house cleaning, wipe all the shelves from dust, change linens, etc. Try to avoid contact with plants and chemicals.

Always adhering to the clean and simple rules, easy to cope with the disease, and then the allergy will not have any support for development.
Author: Svetlana Doskoch