Easy Breathing Beauty
 "Everyone hears how he breathes,
As he breathes, and writes .... "
(Bulat Okudzhava)

In the arsenal of tools that we use, trying to be healthier, look younger and more beautiful, very often we miss such an important instrument as breathing.

What could be more natural breathing, we are of him and do not even think to notice only when we do not have enough air to breathe, and it becomes difficult. But our body does not care how we breathe superficially or deeply, fast or slow - it depends on how much oxygen is supplied in blood.

If our blood is enriched with oxygen to fully - body effectively gets rid of toxins, strengthens the immune system, there is a faster healing process, strengthening the nerve fibers, the skin becomes supple and beautiful.

Of course, all this depends not only on proper breathing, there are other important factors, but also by breathing including, but pay attention to it, we are much smaller than, say, the choice of diet or levies cosmetics. And in vain! Breathing in a certain way, you can achieve a variety of purposes, to deal with a variety of illnesses and disorders of life.

There are a lot of systems and techniques of breathing exercises From universal restorative and the Chinese Qi Gong and Indian Pranoyamy to Buteyko breathing exercises, helps with asthma. Is there some more paradoxical breathing technique Strelnikova . It was designed to restore and expand the range of voices from professional singers, but the range of issues in which the technique was effective, then greatly expanded here asthma, chronic pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, chronic rhinitis and sinusitis, hypotension, heart failure, arrhythmia, stuttering, low back pain. According to people involved in this gym, it helps and vascular dystonia, angina, varicose veins, and some women's diseases.

 Easy Breathing Beauty
 The question is, with the help of some breathing exercises can be most efficiently lose weight, improve your skin, look younger? Maybe there are special systems of breathing exercises designed specifically for this purpose? Yes, such a technique is!

Eastern wisdom
About that, what miracles can be achieved by doing certain breathing exercises, known in the East for a long time. For example, in ancient Chinese medical books it is written that the strict observance of the rules of breathing can live up to 360 years. Well, maybe 360 ​​years, this is an exaggeration, but now spas in the Chinese breathing exercises are often the main treatment of many diseases and disorders in the body.

There are in China, and a special breathing exercises to lose weight - Gymnastics Tszyanfey , The name can be translated as "to lose fat." The complex is very simple and consists of only three exercises - "Wave", "frog" and "Lotus". But not surprisingly, the performance of their daily, preferably three times a day, it is possible for a very short period of time to lose weight and improve health in general.

• The first exercise in the complex - "Wave"   - False sensation of hunger and struggling with excessive appetite In the classic version perform his lying (although it can be sitting, standing, walking). So, lie down on the mat on his back, legs bent at the knees (between the femur and tibia 90 degree angle), feet on the floor, one hand on his chest, the other on his stomach. When the respiratory movements, they will help us a bit.

Inhalation straighten and fill the chest and pulls the stomach, exhale on the contrary - inflate the abdomen and chest omitted. It turns out "wave"! The rate of respiration - the usual for you, no need speed up or slow down. But if there was a slight dizziness, breathing slowly. To get started, simply complete 40 cycles (take a breath), then they can be brought up to 60 and to carry out only when he felt an attack of false hunger.

• The second exercise "Frog" . Running sitting on a chair. Knees apart at shoulder width, the angle between the thigh and shin 90-70 degrees. Left hand compressed in a fist and cover with the right hand (for men contrary), elbows kneeling and forehead rests on the fist. Now you can close your eyes and relax. Think about the good and smile.

When fully customize you can begin to exercise, eyes closed. Focus is now the most important thing! Make a free breath in through your nose and hold the air in the stomach, without loss of focus. Now light, slowly exhale through your mouth. The stomach has gradually become relaxed and soft.

Again, do a slow breath in through the nose, the lower part of the abdomen is filled with air and gradually swells, hold their breath for 2 seconds, then one additional short breath and begin to exhale slowly.

The sequence is as follows: inhale-exhale-inhale-delayed short-inhale-exhale. Why "frog"? It's simple - the abdomen is inflated with breathing and stretching like a frog, and chest while stationary. The exercise should be about 15 minutes, three times a day (except for the critical days).

Implementation of "The Frogs" improves metabolism (hence the weight loss), stimulates blood circulation, improves skin tone, moreover, a great massage the internal organs and improve skin condition.

 Easy Breathing Beauty
   • The third exercise complex - "Lotus" . Lotus knows all those little practiced yoga. So, we sit in the lotus position, you can simply on the buttocks, legs crosswise in front of the left leg over the right (for men the opposite). You can exercise and sitting on a chair in the "frog".

Put your hands on your feet in front of the abdomen (or knees), palms facing up. Loins slightly straightened, shoulders slumped, chin down, eyes closed, the tip of the tongue touches the upper palate, relax body and mind, think about the good.

The first stage of exercise, 5 minutes - we manage the process of respiration . Breathe deeply, it is easy, of course, without a sound, chest and abdomen movements imperceptible. The second step of 5 minutes - manage exhalation . Breathe naturally do not control it, and when you exhale try to relax, and breathe the air deeply, exactly how long. The third stage, 10 minutes - We do not control breathing Or inhalation or exhalation. We breathe naturally, but for all that keeps you feeling that your breath is, it is close, try not to be distracted by extraneous thoughts, if they occur, do not pay attention to them, just switch on the sensation of breathing. Exercise can be performed in conjunction with the "frog", but you can separate at any time (morning, afternoon, evening). This simple meditation is to calm and relaxation, improves metabolism, reduces fatigue, improves appearance.

The rationality of the West
The most popular technique for acquiring respiratory harmony, vitality and health, which today offers a rational and pragmatic West, is the technique of "Body flex."

 Easy Breathing Beauty
 The technique Bodyflex - is deep breathing exercises, plus the flexibility and strengthen muscles. A total of 26 complex exercise, of which the most frequently performed the first 12, each exercise is designed to strengthen specific muscle groups. For example, the activity "Lion" for the facial muscles - "an ugly grimace" for the neck muscles, and exercise "Seiko" is designed to strengthen the muscles to the outside of the thighs, etc.

At the heart of each exercise - abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing. It is more physiological and proper breathing, which we breathed in childhood, but with age as the forgotten this way of breathing and went on the breath-feeding. With deep diaphragmatic breathing blood is well oxygenated, self-cleaning, all cells of the body, the body becomes strong, increases immunity.

Breathing in Bodyflex done in 5 stages and starts with the exhalation:
- Exhale (draw the abdomen)
- A strong breath (stuck out his belly)
- A strong exhale
- hold breath
- Lower the head (if the exercises are done not lying), draw the belly and take the main position. Holding his breath, to remain in the adopted position for 8-10 seconds.

To achieve success and maximize the effect, there is a prerequisite: breathing exercises to deal with this every day for 15 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach!

Well, the case for small - to choose a set of breathing exercises that work best for you, and to spend some free time in the day to day execution of these exercises. A positive result will not wait - harmony, vitality, beautiful healthy skin and good mood every day!
Author: Olga Travleeva