Fashion experiment: clean the liver
 Very often, when it comes to cleaning the body, particularly the liver, at the man in the street there is a certain skepticism and resistance. Like, why do mock them, to take some effort if I feel so good?

Persuade one will not. To give just one example. We all know that the car - it is a complex mechanism, consisting of many units and parts. While he barely came off the assembly line and new, problems with him there, he regularly travels. But even in this period of "youth" cars we try to regularly pass inspection in time to change the oil and filters, to our iron horse longer serve us. After all, we all learned that we have not changed in time filters and clogged it threatens serious damage to the motor - details costly.

The liver is in our human body - this is the same filter. After all, the most important function of, among other things, the most massive body in the body (up to 1.5 kg in an adult!) - Detoxification. We do not say nothing, "the liver took the brunt of the" after party, rich in alcohol and fatty food. The liver filters and cleans really our blood from all harmful substances. Therefore, over the years, our good "filter" accumulates in itself as "garbage" that samoochistitsya no longer able to.

But the liver to talk to us, unfortunately, have not yet learned. Our silent friend is able to endure a very long time, our abuse of power salty, spicy, fatty foods, drinking alcoholic beverages, snacks, stuffed with preservatives, flavors and other harmful chemistry, anabolic steroids, antibiotics, etc. etc.

Liver disease is often asymptomatic, rarely giving itself felt unpleasant painful symptoms in his right side. And, if a long time do not pay attention to these signals, the disease permanently spill over into the chronic form. Unfortunately, change the filter, like a car, we can not, and our main motor can not always be even expensive treatment. So one way out - to try not to clog the liver and carefully and regularly cleaned.

How to minimize clogging our liver?   Here the rules are simple, and they are closely linked to the tenets of healthy eating:

1. To minimize the consumption of alcohol, smoked delicacies, drinks, chocolate, ready meals questionable, products containing preservatives, nitrates and flavorings.

2. Refuse to anabolic steroids and antibiotics. A viral and bacterial diseases, drink plenty of fluids and bring down the body temperature when it has risen above 38 degrees.

3. Prior to the forthcoming abundant use of alcohol (if it still can not be avoided) may take two tablets a multivitamin or eat a sandwich with butter and caviar, and the bite is best cooked chicken or veal. Such correct "companions" Alcohol can help the liver to quickly deal with toxins.

4. During the festive table to choose instead of smoked fish and potatoes - and spawn steam veal.

5. Instead of butter - use vegetable oil (preferably olive oil).

6. Include in the diet is high in fiber, as It promotes the excretion of cholesterol from the body.

7. Instead of fresh - eat wheat bread or crackers yesterday's baking.

8. To split up the meals. Liver easier if we eat more often but smaller portions.

Now on to the actual the procedure for cleaning the liver . Especially it is shown to those who are the first notes of the bells defeat the main filter of the organism. These include yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes, heaviness and pain in his right side, dark urine, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, visual liver bulging from under the ribs, feeling poured liquid, red palms, itchy skin, fever.

But before such a state of your liver, you know, it is better not to bring. Astroyogi advised to clean the body in the spring, when the Sun is in Taurus (20.04-21.05), and in the autumn, when the sun is in the sign of Scorpio (23.10-22.11). Recipes Cleaning much. But they are all united in the fact that the procedure is necessary to prepare a few days.

As in any business, there is a very important emotional. 3-4 days to clean the liver must go to food and plant food once a day to do a cleansing enema. Also contribute to the preparations for the purification of drinking plenty of fresh juice from beet and 4-5 sour apples. The very same day, the same cleaning astroyogi advise timed to 2 or 4 deg phase of the moon.

 Fashion experiment: clean the liver
 Option 1.   Official, Medical. In the morning to do a cleansing enema. It is easy to eat breakfast and drink Fresh. After 1-2 hours after a light lunch and into the evening must be held with a heater attached to the liver.

Approximately 19-20 hours, prepare two cups. One of them, fill the heated oil (ideally - olive, but you and any sunflower oil), the second - a solution of citric acid (ideally freshly squeezed lemon juice, but fit and crystalline citric acid or cranberry, sea buckthorn, gooseberries). The temperature of both the drinks should be 30-35 degrees. 1-2 sips of oil wash down with a few sips of juice.

 Fashion experiment: clean the liver
 Every 15-20 minutes, repeat the procedure. And so, until the glass is not emptied. If creeping nausea and vomiting, the procedure can be stopped, and it will have the effect of cleaning.

At about 23 o'clock to start the eruption of "filth" that has accumulated in your liver. In the morning, it could happen again. The effect of cleanup efforts carrot-beet-apple juice for breakfast.

Option 2 . Tyubazh. In the morning we drink a glass of mineral water, which had previously been released from the excess gas. Water should be at room temperature. Enhance the effect, if in water, add 5 g magnesium sulfate, sorbitol or broth choleretic herbs. After 15-20 minutes, the procedure is repeated. Then another 15-20 minutes in a horizontal position with a hot-water bottle in the liver area.

Option 3.   Weekly diet. It will help cleanse the liver and weekly diet for a salad from the following ingredients: cabbage (1-1, 5 kg), 1 orange or grapefruit, 2 kiwis, cranberries (cranberries, currants). To fill salad with 2-6 tablespoons of salad vinegar, 6 tablespoons of vegetable oil, the juice of one lemon, spices to taste.

 Fashion experiment: clean the liver
 Option 4.   Gentle. One-day diet for beet broth will also help your liver ochitstitsya. Preparing a decoction of crude beet medium size. First beets pour a liter of water and bring to a boil. Then topped up with a further 2 liters of water and boil until the water evaporates topped up. Then shred the beets with the skin and boil for another 20 minutes. Strain the broth. Divide into four equal parts and take throughout the day. After each meal you need to lie down with a heater on the right side.

Whatever method of cleaning you choose, remember that the most important rule of any diet: it is necessary to leave the same number of days, how much you spend on it. In other words, your diet should be gentle in the next few days after cleaning.

Additional bonuses as liver cleansing will not only be working the main filter of your body, but also amenities such as a mirror whites of the eyes, a good metabolism, smooth skin, disappearance of rashes on her good mood and increased efficiency. And all this is a fashionable and healthy experiment titled "Cleaning the liver!"
Author: Natalia Hryshko