Food with the consequences
 With each passing day we are less likely to remember the ancient wisdom of "you - what you eat." And irresponsible consuming a variety of foods, we did not think about the consequences of such behavior. Incidentally, it is necessary to estimate what that means body - the list of unpleasant consequences is quite extensive.

Chronic gastritis.   It is a widespread disease that affects almost half the population is often the direct result of the wrong food habits. Prepare for a meeting with gastritis are those who tend to overeat, loves all hot and spicy, often indulge in smoked regularly eat on the run and eat cold food, and prefers to lead by a figure in the order of prolonged hunger strikes.

With increased gastric secretion disease is manifested by pain in the area of ​​the pancreas, acid regurgitation and heartburn after meals. At reduced secretion - decreased appetite, bad taste in mouth, nausea, vomiting.

For the treatment of gastritis often prescribed enveloping means (eg Almagell), if necessary apply antacids (Fosfagel, Maalox), antispasmodics and enzyme preparations, but the main thing - not to self-medicate, and hold it under the supervision of a specialist. During an exacerbation necessarily need to stick to a strict diet with fractional 5-6 one-time sparing diet, and stop smoking and drinking.

Intestinal dysbiosis . Although it suffers from almost the entire population of the country (90%), many do not even suspect. Because it is an imbalance of intestinal microflora, which is a common consequence of malnutrition and treatment with antibiotics, we often perceive just wrong. With diarrhea, flatulence and discomfort that manifest goiter, we are used to manage symptomatic drugs: drink the fixing, the activated carbon, the enzymes that facilitate digestion. Thus, at a time we remove the symptoms but can not cure the cause of ailments.

To cope with dysbiosis may beneficial bacteria, which need to re-colonize the intestine. They are kept in special formulations for the treatment of dysbiosis. For example, in the combined drug Linex includes a full range of beneficial bacteria for all parts of the intestine.

And because the name specific foods that can cause goiter, it is difficult, in order to illness did not come back, it is desirable to revise the whole system of the power supply and as often as possible to fill plate products that fall into the category of "healthy". With special enthusiastically welcomed the intestinal flora dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

Allergies.   Various kinds food allergy suffers to 20-40% of children and 10% of adults. And these figures are constantly increasing, which have been linked to environmental degradation, extensive use of all kinds of preservatives, dyes and emulsifiers.

However, honestly, the exact mechanisms of food allergy it is not yet clear. And because it can be shown sharply and very different symptoms, it is advisable to keep at hand antihistamines, for example, or Tavegil Claretians.

And, of course, very important to keep a food diary to identify the possible allergen and eliminate it from your diet. Among the products that are most often cause allergies, can be distinguished citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, chocolate, eggs, milk: they need to pay attention in the first place.

Headache.   Strange but true: Almost 20% of today's products contain substances that can cause an attack of headache. One of these insidious food provocateurs is tyramine. It is found in abundance in chocolate, cheeses, all canned foods, yogurt, sour cream, salt and pickled fish, sausages, smoked meat. May cause headaches and MSG - a popular ingredient of sauces and Chinese dishes. Included in this list, and sodium nitrite - a preservative that is present in almost all prepared meat and fish products.

These substances have become so widespread in our menu that drive them out of it is difficult, but it's still worth a try. So if you notice that the headache occurs after you eat, you should think, it is not the culprit attacks any product. And as to keep track of this is not always possible, just in case something should be in possession of modern analgesic, it can be, for example Nurofen. However, if the attacks are repeated on a regular basis, it is necessary to consult a doctor who can help clarify the diagnosis.
Author: Olga Larsen