How Not to pieces ...
 That's it! How not to pieces, when all around are sneezing, coughing or shaking with terror pending arrival of swine flu ... "How terrible to live! "- Exclaims Renata Litvinova. We're every year in terror waiting for the arrival of winter and the flu epidemic, and this year, not just words, all scared. And doctors, know yourself, promise a second wave of influenza.

Virus is transmitted solely by airborne droplets. Therefore, it is evaporated from the popular pharmacies dressing.

The word "flu" is translated from French into Russian as - "to grasp." At the beginning of the XX century it was called "Spanish", and before that - "Russian disease".

But if you want to preserve the health, can not be panic. There is a parable that when the plague was in Rome, she met on the way a philosopher. He asked the plague:
- Where are you going?
- In Rome.
- What for?
- I want to take 2000 lives.
But he died 5000, and on the way back to the philosopher encounters plague and tells her reproachfully, - You promised to take 2000 lives and destroyed 5.
- No, - it answers the plague - I picked up as promised 2000, and the rest died of fear.

In the last century it was customary to say, all diseases of the nerves ... So the most important thing - to keep calm and optimistic.

First and foremost, take care of his immunity. To establish a proper diet, preferring a simple healthy food. Get plenty of vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk products, less sweets and semi-finished products.

Perhaps we should give preference to domestic vitamins, remembering that, for example, the creator of all life Undevita took my baby and lived for almost 100 years, until the end of his life performing creative work. What is not proof of efficacy?

But buying in a drugstore advertised pills are not worth it. There is no guarantee that they will help, but all of them have side effects and contraindications.

It is better to do at home every day wet cleaning. Buy Aroma drip to a drop of essential oil of citrus or pine. Personally, I drip essential oil of thyme.

In the evening, take a nice bath with herbs.

Adopt finally the dog and start to walk it regularly. And if the dog did not want to, but very lazy to go, then ask her husband or friend to accompany you on walks, and assign it a prize for your walking the.

If you still feel unwell, it is best to drink fruit drinks of black currant and cranberry tea with honey and lemon, raspberry and black currant jam. Be sure to lie down. When the temperature rises, call a physician. As often as possible ventilate the room, but avoid drafts.

 How Not to pieces ...
   Antibiotics should not swallow, they do not act with the flu. If the temperature is unbearable to endure, will the old-fashioned paracetamol tablet. When temperatures soar feet and can not do inhalation.

And Russian folk remedy in the form of vodka with pepper or salt, can lead to the most disastrous results. All drinks containing alcohol weaken the immune system. It just seems to us that alcoholics prospirtovalis, and nothing does not take them in real life all the way around, drinkers suffer from SARS and influenza frequently and carry them heavier than non-drinking men. Among other things, alcohol distorts the effect of most drugs.

Maybe someone will calm that people often sick with colds, flu, according to the observations of doctors, are not subject to oncology. What is the reason - scientists are not yet able to answer, but suggests that the inability to protect themselves from viral infections, in some way in the form of compensation, the body develops protective properties against other diseases.

Of course, you do not want to hurt anything, ever. And the best assistant in without fear and apathy and optimism, belief in yourself, confidence in life and responsible attitude towards their health.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva