How to maintain a good appearance during pregnancy? Secrets to Wishlist
 From the first trimester of pregnancy, expectant mothers immediately notice that their skin began to change. Changes to the skin during pregnancy - is a normal phenomenon, caused by hormonal changes in the body. To adapt to these changes, you must strictly follow a specific plan for skin care during pregnancy.

Skin needs extra care

Be sure to rest and relax. Sleep plenty and choose relaxation techniques that you like.

Several times a day, clean the face and neck with a mild soap and water to prevent clogging of the pores. The best choice - soft-cleaning agents, such as milk and tonic, or foam and tonic. After cleansing - cream, which both moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Use a suitable moisturizer. Generously spray on inflamed skin. During pregnancy there is an accelerated exfoliation of epidermal cells, so the skin needs high humidity. It is best to choose the means, based on the action of plant extracts. For example, a good anti-bacterial and regulatory action the purslane, cinnamon bark, Altai cedar.

It is necessary to use the fat and the daily moisturizer (even fit a normal baby cream), it will prevent the appearance of stretch marks on your skin. It is important that you use in all cosmetics was marked "for sensitive skin." It is best to choose the means of well-known companies, have long available on the market.

Avoid potentially allergenic foods: citrus fruits, chocolate, red berries, seafood, fish. And do not forget about vitamin and mineral complex, optimally when you pick it with your doctor.

Do face massage, which is best suited for your skin - a good massage rejuvenates.

Many women find that during pregnancy is harmful to paint. In fact, it all depends on individual tolerance. If you do not there is discomfort, you should not deny yourself the pleasure to be a little nicer. Drink plenty of fluids, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do not forget to include the care of the skin in a list of your daily tasks, and pretty soon you will feel better.

Walk, walk and walk again

 How to maintain a good appearance during pregnancy? Secrets to Wishlist
   The normal development of the fetus is very help full for long walks in the fresh air. Walk in the beautiful parks, admire the scenic beauty. Natural scents of trees and plants create a good mood, positive effect on your nervous system, and thus on the nervous system of the child. Did you know that the smell of various plants are to us in his own way:

1. The smell of birch improve heart and lung function;

2. smells of spruce, poplar normalize the gastrointestinal tract;

3. The smell of oak reduces the pressure. Use this if you have morning sickness begins and pressure increases;

4. raspberry, cowberry, bilberry, juniper, and nettle clean the air of germs, viruses. You can make a bunch of these plants (they clean the air even in dried form), you can use incense.

Caring for nails

It's no secret that if during pregnancy the female body will receive less certain minerals, particularly calcium and potassium can cause problems with nails. They will become thinner and fragile. The most effective measure in this case - is welcome minerals in their diet and increasing the proportion of foods containing calcium (cheese, eggs, etc.) Drink tea from plants, strengthens nails.

I offer this recipe herbal tea: Chamomile flowers, roots couch grass, gray alder stems - 1 part black elderberry flowers - 3 parts. Grind, mix, store in a glass jar in a dark place. 1 teaspoon of mixture to make a 200 ml of boiling water. Infuse in a thermos for 6-8 hours, filter and take 1/4 cup 3 to 4 times in 10 days.

Physical Education? Without it anywhere!

 How to maintain a good appearance during pregnancy? Secrets to Wishlist
   Experts believe that if you start to exercise before conception reduces the risk of such unpleasant events such as morning sickness, high blood pressure, overweight. In addition, exercise will help to better move discomfort associated with pregnancy (backache, varicose veins), will facilitate the delivery, support in the form of muscles. But we must remember that the motion should be deleted, in which you need to click on the abdomen, as well as those who have influence on the abdominal muscles. No abdominal pain should not occur. If they do appear, it means you abuse classes.

A little about hygiene

Your hygiene procedures should be more frequent than usual. This can be a bath or shower is not too intense, but at the same time you should know the following: the water temperature should be moderate (warm but not hot). Hot water expansion vessels, redistribution of blood flow, which can lead to dizziness and even fainting. In addition, overheating can adversely affect the livelihoods of the fetus. For the same reason you should temporarily abandon the twin and sauna, if you are used to them.

Soap may exacerbate dry skin, but not all. It is better to use soft means with natural extracts, with reduced ability to cause an allergic reaction.

Beauty Hair during pregnancy

With regard to the various means (shampoos, shower gels, balms, conditioners, etc.), you can follow their previous preferences if your reaction to them has not changed. But perhaps something that you never need, because during pregnancy your hair becomes thicker and thicker, and their natural shine is much more pronounced than before. When hair care, consider the following: perming and coloring hair are contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy due to the potential hazard to the fetus. And before you do them at a later date, think about it - but is it necessary? Enjoy the natural beauty of hair.

 How to maintain a good appearance during pregnancy? Secrets to Wishlist
   Remember that the most important factor affecting the condition of the hair, is the food. Make it a rule to eat foods rich in vitamins, especially B (legumes, yeast, meat), silicon (oatmeal, toast), sulfur (eggs, milk). Avoid various spices, sweets, canned food.

Useful recipes for hair:

1. steamed rye bread, apply to wet hair, gently rub into the skin and warm wrap head. Half an hour later, massaging head skin and wiping hair, wash and rinse the grain one of the herbal concoctions, the following, for example, nettle or rosemary.

2. Rub egg yolk in moistened hair, massaging the scalp, then wrap your head warm, and after 30 minutes wash your hair the same way as you wash them with shampoo.

3. In the German folk medicine, tincture of the leaves of nasturtium and nettle use for rubbing into the scalp with hair loss during pregnancy.

4. The most common and at the same time are effective hair mask of kefir or yogurt, which are more suitable dry and normal hair. Generously causing composition should be gentle movements rub it into your hair and scalp, then cover the head wrap and tie a towel on top. Keep the mask for 10-15 minutes, then washed with water.

So you want the sun!

 How to maintain a good appearance during pregnancy? Secrets to Wishlist
   And in the winter, and summer women want to be beautiful, attractive and tanned .  And pregnant women are no exception .  But for pregnant women long-term exposure to the sun is harmful .  This can lead to an increase in temperature of the internal organs of a pregnant woman, which in turn raises the temperature of the fruit .  If the fetus is in a "superheated" state for a long time, it can cause damage to his brain .  Some researchers see a link between ultraviolet radiation and malformations of the nervous system of the child .  They are based on the fact that under the influence of radiation decreases levels of folic acid .  If this happens shortly before conception or in early pregnancy increases the risk of having a child with spina bifida (split spinous processes of the vertebrae) and other defects of the neural tube .  If so, you definitely decided to sunbathe during pregnancy, use protective creams, in order to minimize the damaging effects of the sun on the skin, but better, of course, the choice of means to seek expert advice .
Author: Valentina Syrenkova