Preserve youth and health of our feet!
 Oh, heels, heels. Elegant shoes on the legs fluttering! Why do we begin to feel the early problems with his feet? In the evening, feet buzzing, poured weight. The calves 'chewing' pain, numbness, edema. This is the first bells very common disease - varicose veins.

Of course, we create problems to the feet, high heels, tight shoes, high loads. But the sooner we will begin to love your legs, the longer will be able to surprise a light, beautiful gait.

Shoes should be comfortable

Can not serve as high heels shoes walking shoes, no matter how it was beautiful. These shoes you need only a few hours and not every day. Leave studs under the elegant dress. Sustained elegant heel height of 6-8 centimeters, wedge with a small platform, beautiful shoes with low heels - will help you look presentable, but without too much stress on the vessel wall. You can look forward to ten years. Are you sure that if you have healthy feet will not be needed?

Simple tips on how to keep youth legs

In the evening, a very useful washing with cold water, do even better contrast perfusion. Pleasant to massage the feet, calves, knees, brush means for the feet and lie down or sit with your feet on the dais. This will help restore blood circulation, relieve upside pressure accumulated during the day.

 Preserve youth and health of our feet!
   Among the plants offered by traditional medicine are two that have been proven to extend the activity of young legs and the fight against varicose veins. This horse chestnut and kolonhoe pinnate. From both plants prepared medicinal tincture.

Tincture of horse chestnut . 200g chestnuts grind in a blender or grinder, pour a bottle of vodka and infuse for two weeks, shaking occasionally, in a dark place. Then drain the must. Tincture ready. This infusion can be used in, 20 drops, a course of 30 days with an interval of six months.

Very good effect on the external rubbing and compresses in a progressive form of the disease. If the tincture add menthol oil, you get the means not only to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, but also relieves the severity due to the cooling properties of menthol. This homemade lotion can serve as a daily prophylactic agent. It absorbs quickly, and within 20-30 minutes a noticeable relief.

If Chestnut get problematic, the rescue kolanhoe pinnate.   It is a plant whose leaves grow on the edge of a small plant kids. The plant is widespread as an indoor, known for its healing properties. For infusion process should take the adult plant, chop and pour in a half-liter of vodka. Infuse for two weeks in a dark place. In general, and cooking and eating is similar to a chestnut liqueur. It is also used as the interior (twenty drops month course of treatment) and externally. Similarly, the lotion can be done by adding menthol oil.

Both plants are recognized as official medicine and serve as raw material for pharmaceutical dosage forms. Infusions of both plants are so effective that not only relieve pain and heaviness, strengthen blood vessels, but also eliminates make less visible "blue veins and stars" under the skin.

Now on sale there were small massage foot bath with massage effect. Kind of "foot-operated hot tub." The device is quite affordable to any wallet. Water treatments using a massage bath stunningly pleasant. Relieve fatigue, massaged active points on the feet and improves blood circulation. If you lie down after a bath, lifting his feet on the platform, we can say that his feet got a decent rehabilitation of the load, which we are daily exposed to them. When using this device, you can add sea salt to the water and aromatic oils.

 Preserve youth and health of our feet!

There is a very simple exercise Which also helps the feet perfectly. This exercise can be performed as a preventive measure and to help those who are already suffering from the disease.

We need to stand barefoot (can be in pantyhose) on any floor, slightly raised on the toes and on the heels of the power drop. That is a sharp blow with his heels on the floor. Do this exercise should be 25-40 times, it can be several times a day. If you already have problems with veins, then there may come a slight deterioration in the first days, but after a few days you will notice that the "night of suffering" have ceased. Exercise is good to do courses for ten days and, if necessary, after a busy day, the increased load on the legs.

Pay attention to your feet, take care of their health, without waiting for the development of the disease. What can be said more eloquently about the age of a woman but her gait flying?
Author: Tamara Rozinsky