Strengthens the immune system
 That is the time when we all needed a good immune system is almost the same as air. Because to be ill, to sit on the hospital very few people want.

First, we shall understand, that such immunity . Most interesting is that the immunity know more ancient. Yes, and the word immunity comes from the Latin word - Immunitas - liberation. Or in the semantic meaning - finding a good defense.

Immunity is called the natural resistance of the body to all kinds of infections. A strong immune system of a healthy person is able to resist infections by blocking their development at the time of entry into the body.

Immunity is of two kinds - specific and nonspecific.

Specific immunity   It is different for each person and depends on the disease that suffered the people with whom he dealt. Specific immunity occurs just after vaccination, for example, immunity after vaccination against influenza. Although now under active debate, it protects the body from disease this vaccine or not.

Non-specific immunity   - Innate immunity is that each person receives at birth from mom and dad and the nature.

 Strengthens the immune system

Unfortunately, to date, few people can boast of a good immunity. Doctors say that a huge number of our contemporaries, a weak immune system. The reasons are called variety. This environment has deteriorated sharply and our wrong way of life, full of stress, bad habits as smoking, alcohol, physical inactivity and a tendency to malnutrition.

What can we do to strengthen your immune system?

To be honest, most of us are not capable of feats of fitness clubs, running and other sports. But talk yourself into simple morning exercises and hiking it is worth for the sake of their own health.

And, despite the fact that most of us grew up with the belief in antibiotics, addiction to fizzy aspirin and vitamins from the pharmacy, first of all it is worth remembering simple means my grandmother, about herbs, which act on the body is more delicate, gentle manner. They treated their patients without the boundless ocean of chemicals great physicians of the past: Hippocrates, Avicenna, obscure Russian healers and herbalists. And most importantly - cured. For plants, it can be said, "the one with the blood of us," they drink the juices of the earth and inhabit the planet with us for thousands of years.

 Strengthens the immune system

So you should try to improve the immune system is using them, and already announced by seasonal hvorob they will help heal.

1. Tasty preventive agent
1 cup cranberries mixed with 1 cup crushed walnuts, 2 sliced ​​green apples with peel, washed handful of dried apricots, put in an enamel pan, pour 2 fingers of water, bring to a boil, cook over low heat for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, add the hot broth ½ cup of honey, to shift into a glass jar, cool and store in refrigerator. Take 1st. spoon morning and evening, drinking tea.

2. The infusion of onions in milk
1 medium onion, pour a glass of boiling milk, cool, strain, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Take morning and evening ½ cup before eating.

3. Royal (royal) milk
½ teaspoon of the mother's milk mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey. Take 1 per day on an empty stomach.

4. The leaves of black currants and raspberries
Get on the 1st. spoon of dried crushed leaves of raspberry and black currant pour 2 cups boiling water, leave for half an hour, potsedit. Take ½ cup 4 times a day between meals.

5. Eleutherococcus
Buy at the pharmacy tincture of Siberian Ginseng and take the enclosed instructions or 20-40 drops 30 minutes before meals for a month. Break 15 days and repeated monthly rate. Siberian ginseng should not be taken in feverish conditions, fever, high blood pressure and after a heart attack.

6. Collection
Stir well for 2st tablespoons herb St. John's wort, marjoram, chamomile flowers, immortelle, mint and lemon balm leaves. Take 1st. spoon mixture and boil 2 cups boiling water, leave for half an hour in a thermos, drain. Take ½ cup in the morning on an empty stomach. Day ½ cup 2 times between meals. And ½ cup at night with 1 teaspoon of honey. The course of 1 month.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva