Youthfulness does not affect the ability to get pregnant
 Julia Roberts, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Emma Thompson, Julianne Moore, Jane Seymour, Elena Dobrovol'skaya ... The list goes on. What unites these famous women? All of them have decided to give birth at the age of 40 years or more. And these examples inspire many age women that they will be able to get pregnant after 40. Doctors are not so optimistic.

It turns out, do not make the connection between the young and the young foreign internal organs. Even despite the fact that the woman in 40 feels like 30 years, it does not mean that its internal organs consistent 30-year-old. More and more doctors expressed that the biological clock a woman unrelated to the appearance, and can not be stopped as well as the growth of wrinkles.

Your body can look at the age of 35 and 45, but your organs and fertility match your real age .

Celebrities who give birth after 40, we do not really give a good reference point. Most often, women who want to imitate them, are shocked by how to deal with pregnancy after 40 situation really is. Doctors confirm the number of women who want to become pregnant after 40 celebrities after getting bigger but fewer and fewer of them are capable of it. Like it or not, but the egg grow older, they are anti-age cream is not valid.

Dermatologist and Dr. Karyn Grossman (NY) warned that most women have a certain gap between a realistic look at your body and the way she looks in the mirror. Many fall under the dangerous notion that their ability to get pregnant will last forever. "Somewhere between 30 and 40 years of our internal organs begin the aging process, but we do not feel it and it does not manifest itself externally," - says the doctor. This disorients many women.

 Youthfulness does not affect the ability to get pregnant
Salma Hayek gave birth to daughter Valentina at 41

Another doctor from New York Ingrid Rodi from the School of Medicine at the University of California spoke more harshly: "They all think that they are more fertile than it actually is." This she told the publication New York Times about his client. "I have patients who are over 40. And each of them to 48 years old said that she was still only 38. Perhaps they look at 38, but they are not able to conceive as a 38-year-old."

A recent survey of the portal also found that most women do not adequately assess themselves and their ability to conceive. According to the survey, 74% of women believe that conception is important that they look good and feel healthy, rather than biological age.

 Youthfulness does not affect the ability to get pregnant
Julianne Moore gave birth to a second daughter, 42, Jane Seymour gave birth to twins at age 44

But again, we have to repeat: how a woman feels, and how to feel her ovaries - are not the same . Most of us know that the number of eggs decreases rapidly with age. And this process has not yet learned to stop. If a woman is born with two million eggs, by 37 years of them is from 10 to 40 thousand.

Yes, there are interesting cases of women giving birth in the 49 and 54. However, it is rather an exception. They are not necessary to be guided. After all, the fact remains that no matter how much you practice yoga, as you did yourself Botox and even on how well you eat, your ability to conceive decreases with age only.

An important conclusion . Most doctors remind us that the 40-year-old chances of conception - only 5%! We do not want to scare you, chances are, of course, there is always a but to delay the birth of the heir to the question is not necessary. We would just again remind ourselves of this. Perhaps in the heat of their affairs you are a bit forgotten about it.
Author: Julia Shestakova