Brittle bones
 Often you can hear when the pampered woman say, "Do not porcelain vase without razobёshsya." As they are sometimes wrong ...

Women by nature, can be more patient, hardy, but is more fragile than men. And, sadly, women are many times more likely than men to suffer from reduced bone mass.

Causes of Osteoporosis

• Lack of calcium

Many calcium loss begins with 30-35 years, which subsequently leads to osteoporosis - a disease in which bones become brittle and toes. Sometimes it is enough to fall out of the blue, or tuck the leg, and the case of complex fracture of bone in osteoporosis bad fuse.

Especially dangerous hip fracture in which to make complex operations, and still have little chance to start walking as before. When running osteoporosis bent back, because the spine can no longer carry the normal load is not only hard to stand, no matter what, not leaning, but even to sit.

Calcium is consumed faster during pregnancy, frequent stress, diabetes, bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse. In addition, modern doctors say that if during pregnancy a woman's body has been a lack of calcium, its deficiency can be passed on to the child. And a little, especially if it's a girl, can be born with less bone mass than normal. That, of course in the future will affect her health. And decay of primary teeth in children, too, comes from a lack of calcium in the mother during pregnancy.

• Malnutrition
Human bone tissue is constantly updated. But if in the process failures occur, the bone begins to slowly decrease. It so happens that for various reasons the process of decreasing the tissue is accelerated. The blame for this can be not only the age and the onset of natural menopause, but also metabolic disorders that often cause draconian diet. Unfortunately, many women are on a diet all the time, without noticing the time damage health.

• Lack of vitamin B
No less important is vitamin D, which is responsible for the formation of the skeleton and nervous activity. It is known that for the synthesis of vitamin D need sun. And we so often neglect walking outdoors.

 Brittle bones
 How can I find out about the initial stage of osteoporosis?
- Usually, the first signals are received in the form of pain in the neck and back.
- The deficit of calcium in the body is said and leg cramps, brittle nails, stoop.
- Then, it becomes difficult to bend, straighten up.
- But just know the status of the bone is possible only with the help of densitometry - measuring bone density using a special ultrasound equipment.

Treatment of osteoporosis
In the treatment of osteoporosis is necessary to visit a gynecologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist and traumatologist. Treatment of osteoporosis prescribed by a doctor, but you must also change your diet to include in the diet of milk and milk products, sardines, sprats, herring, salmon, legumes, vegetables.

 Brittle bones
 Coffee prevents the absorption of calcium, salt, various additives contained in semi-finished products, sausages.

There folk remedies treatment of osteoporosis That can be combined with the treatment prescribed by the doctor.

A mixture of juices
You will need:
- Article 10. spoonfuls of carrot juice;
- Article 5. tablespoons juice lettuce;
- 3 tbsp. Spoon spinach juice
Method: Mix all the juices. Drink it all again in the morning on an empty stomach 1 for 20 minutes before eating.

Treatment of the bees
You will need:
- 100 gr. propolis;
- 50 g buckwheat honey;
- 100 gr. eggshell
Preparation: egg shell wash, drier, put in a pan and put on half an hour in a strongly heated oven. Cool, grind to a fine powder. Mix with honey and propolis until smooth. Take 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day for two months. A break of one month and repeat the course.

Prevention of osteoporosis
You will need:
- 1 onion bulb;
- vegetable oil.
Preparation: Onion wash well, cut off the bottom of a, but not clean, finely chop finely with the husks and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Transfer to a saucepan, pour 2 cups water and cook until the onion is completely seethe. Add vegetable broth, stir and eat. Include in the diet of this soup as often as possible.

And also not to forget about physical activity and walks in the morning and evening sun.
All this will significantly slow the leaching of calcium and meet the great age to confidently standing feet.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva