Ecology and our beauty
 Most of us can not leave the big cities and towns in the protected areas with pristine nature, alas. But still something we can do. For example, do not live in an environmentally dirty apartment, or rather, not to turn it into such, yielding to passion-art materials.

This artificial carpet, plastic, all kinds of pressed board. Unfortunately, linoleum is also harmful to humans. It is desirable that such materials in the apartment was not, or at least in the bedroom and where often the whole family.

More ecology of the surrounding space spoil detergents, to which many of us are addicted. But if the health and beauty of the road, you should say advertising - no! And use soap, mustard, tea soda. Especially impressionable want to say that mustard oil washes well in hot water and thus makes hands softer, younger. A tea utensils, glasses suit tea soda and vinegar. Incidentally, our great-grandmothers still used pounded chalk and charcoal ...

Sometimes we 'd like it hot, "and we use for cooking hot water from the tap. Doing this is by no means impossible, as the hot water washes away from the hard pipe lead and other metals, which then fall into our body. By the way, it can not be stored long drinks in crystal decanters, as in a lot of lead crystal, and it goes into the drink.

Buying foods, avoid those where there is "E" any number, dyes, flavorings. Protects the body from environmentally harmful factors and products Vitamins A, E, C, iodine, selenium and other vitamins and minerals. Doctors are advised to be sure to enter in your diet: sea kale, all kinds of kale, herbs, seeds, nuts, asparagus, onions, garlic, tomatoes, eggs, seafood, red peppers, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, apricots, mangoes, papaya, citrus.

 Ecology and our beauty
   For youth and health, we need pure water . Tap water contains chlorine and salts of heavy metals. Doctors say that even boiling and defending a little help. Alas, mountain streams and springs near is observed. Therefore, most use various filters for water. You can buy bottled water, if there is confidence in it, for example, the well is in an area where you live. Unfortunately, often enterprising merchants sell bottled water from ordinary tap water, well, if cleared.

We are all useful to breathe fresh air, at the first opportunity to go to the country or just the nature of the city. If this is not possible, then at least for a walk in the park, public garden.

 Ecology and our beauty
 Make more environmentally friendly home help houseplants . There are plants that not only decorate our home, that too is not unimportant, but still clean the air, refresh it, and saturated with oxygen.

- For example, azalea absorbs ammonia, which is found in virtually every household chemical detergents. Experts recommend placing the plant in the kitchen, and if there is a window in the toilet.
- Chrysanthemums are advised to place in the home after repairs. These plants absorb trichlorethylene contained in paints and solvents.
- Ivy absorbs benzene - a solvent is often present in paints and detergents. His advice to place in the kitchen, in the lobby and hallways.
- Philodendron absorbs pentahporfenol contained in the waste wood production, and I'm afraid most of our furniture. A large leaves of this plant are well moisturize the dry air of our apartments.
- Grandma's Old ficus magically absorbs the formaldehyde, which is found in upholstery adhesives, insulating gaskets and almost all modern packaging materials.

And the salvation of the skin will use for washing plant concoctions. It is also useful in the morning rubbing ice cubes and washing mineral water without gas.

It turns out that if you try, it is possible in this world not only to survive, but also to maintain health and beauty.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva