Ingrown nail
 Unfortunately, this painful disease as ingrown nails - not uncommon. Nail plate big toe nail grows into the roll with one or two sides. Nail fold becomes inflamed, there is redness and swelling.

If you join an infection of the nail plate under the pus with blood. And it is dangerous, especially for poor circulation in the legs, diabetes.

Even in the initial stage of ingrown nail hampered wearing shoes, there is a constant pain when walking.

Most often, ingrowing nail occurs in young people and adolescents, less common in children and the elderly.

The cause of the disease   may be heredity, flat feet, injury, fungal nail disease, improper pedicure, wearing shoes with a narrow toe.

What to do?

- At the first stage of ingrown nails need to go on wearing comfortable shoes to avoid pressure on the big toe. Experts advise even seem like a while barefoot, if you can not leave the house, if this is not possible, then vilified shoes with open toes.

- Of course, it is wiser to consult a doctor, but in our hospitals usually just remove the nail under anesthesia, then make dressings and injections.

Perhaps that is why so popular folk remedies Treatment That help most.

 Ingrown nail
   1. Mix the glycerol and vinegar essence in a ratio of 1: 1, stir and pipetted into wells bury thumb daily for a month. The skin at the corners of the finger is dry, the pain gradually stop.

2. Article 4. spoons of chamomile flowers to fill in 1, 5 liters of boiling water in a thermos, press 1 hour, drain and warm infusion omit a sore thumb for 15 minutes. Wipe leg and gently separate the ingrown part of the nail from the soft tissue under the raised edges to enclose a small cotton swab dipped in tincture of iodine. This method helps when the nail is not yet too deeply rooted in the flesh.

3. Buy the pharmacy yoduksun and lubricate them side wells thumb several times a day. It softens the edge of the ingrown nail and antibacterial ointment sold in pharmacies without a prescription. But you need to be lubricated daily.

4. chew two walnut kernel, put on nail wrap in foil, put on a sock. Do it every day for the night to a complete cure.

5. Lightly steam nail and before going to bed to put on the thumb fingertip full of good butter, put on cotton socks. The course of treatment for 3 weeks. When the pain subsides, you need to carefully lift the edge of the ingrown nail and put a piece of gauze.

6. ingrown nails gently with a file to make the hole in the middle of the nail, as far as possible, of a width of about 2 cm. The nail will throw all the forces on the groove, and in about a week stop inflammation. Then the nails should be trimmed so as not to cut corners.

But it's best not to lead to ingrown nail, and take preventive .

- During the nail clippers are not round off the ends and cut the nails too short. On the thumb nail must protect the edge fingers by friction with shoes.

- Do not wear tight shoes.

- Apply only to an experienced pedicurist.

- It is useful to rub a cream containing vitamin A.

- Two or three times a week to make a bath of sea water or common salt. Dissolve 1 tbsp. a spoonful of salt per 1 liter of warm water and soak feet in water for 15-20 minutes. Good dry towel.

- And, of course, necessary to observe hygiene feet, wash them every day with warm water, preferably at night to rub vegetable oil, flexing his fingers and feet in an upward direction. It improves blood circulation.

- Sledkov, socks, stockings should always be clean.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva