It destroys our teeth
 We know that coffee, red wine, black tea - not the best companions snow-white smile. But not until after these things should brush your teeth or chew gum. Some hazard, we do not even suspect!

Pool water side
Chlorine, which is contained in the water of the pool increases the abrasion, making teeth brittle, prone to rot. The best solution - to choose swimming pools with salt water rather than chlorinated. Salt water, in fact, be useful even for the teeth, it is easy antibacterial agent for oral cavity. If you go to the pool, where the water with chlorine, when you exit out of the water required to brush your teeth or chew gum, having a part of stabilizing the pH balance in the mouth the ingredients. It counteracts the acidity in the mouth, resulting in tooth decay.

Acidic drinks
Still, nutritionists are right: it is best to drink plain water. And dentists confirm this. Lemonade, iced tea, citrus drinks lead to a weakening of the tooth enamel. Teeth - a porous body, any liquid seeps into microscopic channels available in the tooth enamel. As a result, even healthy teeth darken. What to do? Drink water. And if you drink other beverages, then drink the water even though between them finish drinking plain water. There is also a suggestion - diluted with water, juices and soda, it will reduce the concentration of the acid.

 It destroys our teeth
 White wine
It turns out, not only harms the red wine snow-white smile. High acidity white wine destroys the enamel, leading to a thinning of the enamel and the formation of microscopic pits in it. And after that the teeth become very susceptible to any color, drinks and meals. Especially dangerous are sweet white wines. They have very high acidity, they specifically put sugar to acid balance. The output is: drink plain water and eat bread in between sips of white wine. This will reduce the acidity in the mouth and protects the enamel. Either eat cheese, it contains calcium, is a kind of buffer for the acid, it helps balance the acidity of the wine.

Sexy red lips can do a disservice to your teeth. They do not damage the enamel, but trendy bold colors orange, coral and peach have the ability to pick out everything that surrounds them, in a yellowish tone. With these shades of lipstick all white teeth do not look perfect. Take on arming Council Gwen Stefani, the true fans of red lipstick. She recommends choosing red lipstick with a slightly bluish sheen or midtone. Then the teeth will look like pearls.

The berries are very healthy, but their main drawback - the danger to the teeth. Berry juice, mashed berries or live stained tooth enamel, they are very strong pigments. Even the presence of high concentrations of antioxidants is not so pleased when you know how much berries stained teeth. The solution proposed is: First, do not eat berries front teeth. And secondly, after the berry dessert to use chewing gum or improvised useful products. For example, celery, apples and carrots - food opposing discoloration of tooth enamel. They seem to exfoliate teeth, and it is a natural product. Another tip - buy toothpaste, which is composed of silicon dioxide - an ingredient that exfoliates spots. This usually whitening toothpaste.

 It destroys our teeth
Many articles on the Internet devoted to the white teeth, talk about home bleaching process using lemon or strawberry. Never do this! Acid contained therein thins enamel. As a result, you get the opposite effect. The enamel becomes more porous, to be receptive to any dyes, and very soon you'll be unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the teeth have darkened considerably. But even if you're not going to whiten your teeth with lemon, lemon consumption itself also leads to thinning of the enamel. But exclude the lemons from the diet is not the answer, because they have a lot of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C. One solution - to neutralize the acidic environment in the mouth after consuming lemons and other sour fruits. Mouthwashes, gum, or at least a glass of plain water should be ready.

If citric acid erodes tooth enamel, the cold and ice make it literally chipping and cracking. There is little mechanical damage to the enamel, and will help to improve the situation only veneers. Do not take chances, do not break the enamel rapid changes in temperature.

A sufficient amount of saliva in the mouth - a good support in the prevention of tooth decay and bacterial growth. But there are some medications that have the side effect of drying out the mouth, lack of the right amount of saliva. This primarily relates to the tablets from depression and high blood pressure. One solution - keep a supply of water, if you feel dry mouth, lack of moisture in the mouth leads to not very good consequences, even such as the remineralization of teeth.

Toxemia of pregnancy is often accompanied by nausea, which is why many people say that during pregnancy, their teeth have deteriorated significantly. Gastric juices, falling into the oral cavity, eating away the enamel as well as any acid. But not only in pregnant women such risks. There are people who often experience belching, heartburn, nausea, all of this also shows release the acidic environment in the mouth. Naturally, this gastrointestinal disease, and it is not necessary to run it, you need as soon as possible to see a specialist. If you constantly feel the sour taste in his mouth, then drink plenty of water, rinse your teeth, buy a good oplaskivatel of herbal extracts, make it a rule as often as possible to rinse your mouth. And, of course, consult your doctor, illness should be treated.
Author: Julia Shestakova