Once again, the dream ...
 Recently I heard a very interesting facts about sleep. For example, while sleeping in the body begins to produce a hormone that is responsible for the rejuvenation of the body, our body cools down and is preparing for a new day, without sleep, we would have died from overeating and literally be burned. So - all bed ...

But the question is how to make sleep. Like and sleep 6-8 hours a day and a good pillow, and in the bedroom there is no equipment (except alarm), and is still not the same. All the same, every morning the same. And after dinner too dream of a pillow (Spanish lads!). This is especially true of young mothers.

Is there no way (or ways) to learn how to be charged with energy. And most interesting is that the more you sleep, the more you want, and still do not get enough sleep, and do not have time. Only kultiviruesh laziness.

Let's try to arm not only the pillow, and some observations of doctors and psychologists, to become more active and vigorous.

Prepare space
Omit the argument on the subject, in any color to decorate the bedroom. But there are several important points about which it is worth mentioning.

 Once again, the dream ...
 - Firstly, in the bedroom should be as little as possible of any technology, well, or at least it should not be very close to the bed.
- Second, the pillow, the bed and linens must be comfortable and pleasing to the eye (this point is difficult to perform, if you rent an apartment).
- Third, the bedroom should not be hot, stuffy and very cold. The optimum temperature for sleep and sleep - 17 degrees Celsius.
- Fourth, try to create a sleepy mood by means of soothing aromas.

Once read this thought: that small babies slept better, you must observe the regime and create a ritual that will be associated with relaxation, such as massage and bathing. Adults are no different from children (except that less and less sleep), so you need not only to choose the right bed, but to learn to switch from working day to rest.

 Once again, the dream ...
 1. Struggling with stress.   Stress, fear, anxiety - the main enemies of sleep. We are afraid to sleep, afraid not to have time to submit the report, we are afraid ... but you never know what we fear. And hardly anyone can disconnect from their fears. Trouble at home and at work make us think a lot about them (as if they are worth). At night we roll in the head situations and conversations. Is it time to say "stop"? Duma must think in the afternoon. And at night you should sleep. The most wonderful way to relieve stress - sport (well, and sex, of course). Active sports - 3 hours before bedtime. Yoga can be practiced for an hour. Breathing exercises can help relieve tension and stress.

2. No alcohol, junk food and cigarettes before bedtime.   Nicotine, as well as alcohol, excites the nervous system, causing you to go to bed, and the brain and heart continue to operate at high speeds.

3. No TV and computer for 1 hour before bedtime.   But the book, or sex - just what the doctor ordered. Sex helps to sleep at night and in the morning - all day to wake up and feel happier. Do not read in bed, but still does not work, do not watch TV and do not eat.

4. A relaxing shower or bath.   Just do not rush. Let the water will wash away stress, and the favorite means to care for a cheer up.

5. Too narrow pajamas.   Even the free model can be sexy. And sleepwear should be free, but not much. In the sense that you are not confused in it.

 Once again, the dream ...
 6. Everything has its time.   Each person needs a different time to recover. Of course, this depends on many factors. To understand how long it takes you, try to use the theory of the cycles of sleep. It is believed that 1 cycle is 90 minutes. Of these 65 minutes - normal sleep and deep sleep for 20 minutes, plus another 5 minutes shallow sleep before the next cycle. In these 5 minutes, any stimulus - the sound impulses to the toilet, etc. - May lead to a revival. Awakening in this particular period, it makes you more relaxed. Therefore, it is necessary to put the alarm clock on the basis of two factors: when you lie down, and no later than a time you have to get up. Then count the number of cycles for 90 minutes and set the alarm. You need to go to bed 15 minutes before they must begin the countdown to an alarm clock, or an alarm clock set to 15 minutes later than you thought.

It is believed that a person needs to sleep for 8 hours (it is a continuous sleep, so drink plenty of fluids before going to bed). However, there are people who have enough and 6 hours. All a matter of habit. But one time a week, let your body relax 8 hours.
Author: Vera Karabutova