Anti-aging for the fairer sex!
 One feature of our time is the cult of youth and health, besides dream of eternal youth is not only a narrow layer of the alchemists, magicians and "the powerful", but more and more the general population. Even so there was a trend in modern medicine - anti-aging, science does not get old. And, of course, we are most interested in the development of this trend of women, because each of us tends to be young, attractive, active as long as possible.

As a rule, the fight against the signs of aging, we begin to be interested in sometime after 40, when these signs are already on your face (and on the face), although it would be more appropriate to implement the principles of anti-aging in your life from a young age. These principles are simple: do not get sick, grow old, do not hurry "to bury myself." Let us examine them in detail.

Do not be sick
The principle of "not being sick" implies rejection of bad habits and all that can harm our health. Of course, not everything in this regard depends on us, there is a genetic predisposition, and environmental pollution, we do not always able to change the location to a more appropriate and more, but, nevertheless, still in their sores, especially those which is considered to be "age", there is a large proportion of our fault. Smoking, alcohol abuse, poor nutrition - all these factors that do not add our health and provoke the development of many diseases, steal youth and years of life.

Do not get old
Youth body - this movement. That physical activity prevents muscle atrophy, and in fact we know that already from 30 years for women begins the loss of muscle mass, and only exercise can slow down the process. Also, the motion is necessary and our joints, or 40 years, we can closely acquainted with arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, and other problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Sharp mind and good memory - also a sign of youth. Recent studies have shown that after 40 years between brain cells create new connection as it was in childhood and adolescence, when the brain is growing and developing. It is only necessary in the brain work a little help. To keep the young mind and intellect, mental activity is needed, a constant load and, of course, proper nutrition.

 Anti-aging for the fairer sex!
 No less important, especially for women, and the outer side of the coin. Elastic elastic skin, bright clear eyes, beautiful hair - to keep these external indicators of youth, need proper care, good cosmetics and again a balanced diet.

Do not rush to bury themselves
Psycho-emotional state is extremely important for the preservation of health, youth and prolonging human longevity. Moderate optimists live longer and look better than prone to panic and depression pessimists. Of course, from the stresses it is not perfect, but because often we show discontent, anger over trifles, to dwell on the circumstances that can not change. In our life many reasons to be nervous, angry, swear. We spend our mental and physical strength to the minor troubles are not worth it ... and get a result - depression, nervous tic, a heart attack or hypertensive crisis. Yes, the world is not perfect, but we have no others, the only way - to accept and love him for who he is. And if you want to change, start with yourself, but do it with love, without anguish and bitterness.

It is easy to make all three principles of the struggle for youth are interrelated and, somehow, brings us back to a balanced diet. Still, human rights was the German philosopher Feuerbach formulated truth, the now commonplace - "Man is what he eats» (Der Mensch ist, was er isst). Without healthy food is hard to imagine not only the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, but also healthy joints, elastic elastic skin, productive work of the brain and a good mood.

So, what encourages us antieydzh-medicine in the sense of the daily diet.

 Anti-aging for the fairer sex!
 The products of our youth ...
"Plate youth" does not imply a hard and rigorous approach to the composition of the daily diet, but it is important to respect the principles of: a large part of the food should be grains, vegetables and fruits, smaller part remains in legumes, fish, meat and dairy products. Fats are also needed in the diet, both plant and animals, but the proportion of the plate is relatively small.

The basic principle of supply antieydzh - avoid large portions and distribute the daily ration for 5-6 receptions, this approach has many advantages over the traditional three meals a day - accelerates metabolism, reduces the load on the gastrointestinal tract, the body throughout the day is in good shape, you are full of strength and energy.

As for the choice of specific products, it also depends on the age and location of residence, and the time of year, although there is, of course, and general recommendations that should be followed if possible. So, on the menu including cereals, prefer whole grain bread or eat cereal with bran, pasta from durum wheat, brown rice, not polished. Because protein products inferior beef and pork white meat chicken, turkey, the diet must be present sea fish, preferably fatty varieties.

 Anti-aging for the fairer sex!
 Include in the menu foods beneficial effect on memory and mental performance. This wheat germ, cocoa, chocolate (cocoa content of at least 70%), green tea, fresh fruit, grapes (especially dark), walnuts, almonds, soybeans, mushrooms, green vegetables, sweet pepper. It is useful seaweed, lentils, white beans, peas, beans, liver, eggs, red wine in therapeutic doses.

By "anti-aging" food also include apricots, apples, blueberries, currants, raspberries, broccoli, tomatoes, pomegranates, oranges, peaches.

Coffee, in reasonable quantities - also a very useful product, its use stimulates the brain and helps in digestion, metabolism.

Do not forget about the spices, often their role in maintaining health and youth underestimated. However, such plants as ginger, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, not only improves the taste of food, they contain many useful amino acids, trace elements and essential oils affecting mostly beneficial for many important functions. For example, ginger   - Not only that it contains more than a dozen anti-virus components, prevents the penetration of infection in the body, he is also extremely effective in the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Back in the last century, scientists have paid attention on the fact that in some provinces of India and other Eastern countries, the population is almost no diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. It turned out - this phenomenon is associated with the traditional eating significant amounts of ginger in these areas. Besides chondroprotective properties, ginger has many other useful properties, including, activate the metabolism in the brain, improves and intensifies the memory, facilitating storage. So if you want to get your joints are healthy, sharp eyes, quick mind and excellent memory - a switch on the menu Salad youth : Grated carrots, seasoned with ginger, cumin and sour cream.

Tips for diet

 Anti-aging for the fairer sex!
If you are young and your body is still growing and formed you in the diet, in addition to vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities, it is necessary and proteins as the main building material, and fats, both plant and animal, such as butter and fatty dairy products , cottage cheese, hard cheeses, etc. Fats are not only a source of energy, but also very important for the generation of biologically active substances, bile acids and several other sex hormones. No fat can not be timely renewal of cells - especially brain cells and nerve tissue. Oh, and do not forget, only fatty foods are digested fat-soluble vitamins - A, E, D, K vitamins and fats are essential to a well-grown hair, and skin was healthy, beautiful and smooth.

If you reach the age of maturity (about 35-40 years), which can be considered the beginning of the "second youth", the diet is based on the principle of "everything is possible, but a little" .  Your body does not grow, but it is, nevertheless, in need of constant renewal, maintenance and achieved protection against fading, so the food must be adequate and balanced .  And the main thing is not to overeat, as to get rid of excess weight will be harder .  The most appropriate materials for the beauty of your skin and figure are calcium and vitamins, and to maintain the vitality and resistance to stress - zinc, magnesium and vitamin C .  Low-fat dairy products, sesame seeds, spinach, collard greens and salads, garlic, canned sardines (500 mg of calcium per 100 grams), provide your body with the necessary amount of calcium .  To improve the emotional background will help bananas, strawberries, chocolate - they contain substances that can reduce stress and focus . 

 Anti-aging for the fairer sex!
Well, when the time comes "Third Youth", after about 55 years - the motto becomes moderation in all things ... and no diets, diet pills and other things. Weight is kept under control with the help of low-calorie food, vitamins and minerals continues to draw from fruits, vegetables and herbs, especially lean on apples and peppers, do not refuse to seafood, chicken, egg whites, beans. You should not completely reject the butter, is a useful product if you eat it in moderation, it supports operational rods and cones eye, allowing slow age-related decline of view.

And, of course, we are working on himself, his state of mind. Simple things such as relaxation, meditation, sea baths, relaxing massage and regular exercise will help you stay in shape for a long time and continue to enjoy life at any age.
Author: Olga Travleeva