Cosmetics age
 Amber wine with age becomes only better, savory and delicious, which is not, alas, on our skin. As you get older it loses its natural natural colors, taking on the burden of the past tense. But to remedy the situation in your power! "Correct" cosmetics - to help!

Each age limit a woman's life puts in front of her beauty-defined tasks. Only attention to the needs of the body, the solution of urgent problems of the skin and the completion of missing elements may prolong youth, to preserve the health and beauty.

Age 25+

A typical picture of the girl's face 25 years - barely noticeable wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. As a rule, this is due to over-active facial expressions and prolonged sun exposure, starts the process of photoaging. Closer to 30 years for "portrait" added new touches - dull complexion (notwithstanding eight hours of sleep), and dark circles under the eyes.

Youth Code:   Beauticians unanimous with whatever problems you have not experienced, do not even look at a potent anti-aging cosmetics. Up to 35 years old skin in it simply does not need. And here is something without which it is difficult to manage - a quality moisturizing and worthy of protection from external influences.

Pick the facial skin moisturizer containing plant extracts, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Acting in combination, they provide the skin with adequate nutrition, at the same time protecting the cells from free radicals.

In 25 years on your shelf in the bathroom should be a place for a night cream. Well, if it will contain components such as selenium, coenzyme Q10 and plant extracts of Centella asiatica, and Mulberry, as they are all powerful antioxidants.

The ideal solution - day and night cream from a cosmetics line, such products tend to complement each other.

Once a week is sure to clean the skin with a special tool or a mild fruit acid scrub. It is necessary to maintain normal system operate correctly microcirculation and tone nerves that affect how well the skin will be provided with the necessary materials.

 Cosmetics age

Age 35+

The woman is experiencing a new round of natural maturation. Wrinkles become deeper, border nasolabial triangle visible to the naked eye, the skin loses its youthful smoothness and uniformity. Sunbathing also not going to her advantage - there are pigmentation disorders.

Youth Code:   Turn back the clock is impossible, every year the activity of the cells slows down, and the metabolic processes slow down. Your task - to stop the natural aging mechanism, citing the cells to absolute returns. Lab leading cosmetic brands have taken care of your skin, releasing new tools with unique ingredients.

One of the favorites beauticians - a substance EGF, which is interpreted as epidermal growth factor. Not so long ago it was used only in medicine against wounds, burns, cuts, for a speedy recovery after plastic surgery. Now the EGF has found its niche in cosmetology. All because it has a powerful protective and regenerating effect, deeply moisturizes the skin.

Do not ignore us and has already become familiar with cosmetics peptides. Firstly, it is excellent stimulates cell activity, and secondly every day this cosmetic improvement. Today's tools include a set of peptides, each component which performs its function. For example, geksopeptid increases cell adhesion and protein tetrapeptide prevents damage of the molecules of sugar, eliminates toxins.

Another component, which should tell apart - a derivative of vitamin A retinol. This cosmetic unit operates in several directions. It makes the skin more supple and elastic, slowing the mechanisms of aging and smoothes existing wrinkles, evens out the complexion.

The use of cosmetics with the listed substances will translate arrows biological clock back a few years, returning the skin fresh, rested appearance.

 Cosmetics age

Age 45+

The cell skeleton weakens the skin, resulting in an oval face is drawn towards the Earth's gravity. The skin becomes rough, stay in the sun without protective factors can lead not extending pigment spots. Closer to menopause dryness and dehydration of the skin reaches its climax. But to improve the situation is quite real!

Youth Code:   For skin turgor and "young" face oval are responsible connective tissue cells - fibroblasts, reducing their age and leads to all these "troubles." To activate the synthesis of fibroblasts may be using a special "yeast extract", developed by scientists.

These are the ingredients of cosmetic products such as the biolipidy and extracts cowpea and flaxseed. Proceeding into the deeper layers of the skin, these substances give it a powerful boost of energy, helping to recover and updated. Complementing this effect means with natural components - bioeksfoliantami, apricot and Centella asiatica.

Pigmentation disorders - a problem that can also fight. In severe cases, help salon treatments - such as chemical peels, and at home will be an effective means with fruit acids and modern whitening products.

Among the last well-proven serum with an extract of white orchids. Acting on a genetic level, they restore optimal mechanism of melanin production and prevent the emergence of new pigment "blots". In addition, products with orchid maiden restore skin brightness and healthy glow.

Good makeup works wonders! And all because our skin appreciates the care of her, bringing good dividends in the form of the extension of youth and health. Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova