Do not get old!
 We all know that old age is not a joy ... I guess there is no one who wanted to grow old. People are struggling to stay as long as possible the young, beautiful, healthy.

Especially women. They fall under the surgeon's knife, agree to unsafe procedures, taking all sorts of often untested additives.

Despite the fact that many minds struggled with the invention, the elixir of youth, he was not invented yet. However, there certain rules and advice, taking advantage of each of us can stay young for a long time :

- For example, despite the fact that we are all yearning for the sun, they should not be abused. Useful only morning and evening tan. If roasting in the sun for hours, turning to chocolate, you can not only prematurely wear out your skin, but also earn a very unpleasant disease.

- The debate about what cosmetics best, being a long time. Many argue for expensive imported cosmetics, someone says that we should not use anything other than olive oil and baby cream. But the fact that it is not necessary to buy cheap cosmetics on the stalls and street sales - that's for sure. When you purchase should carefully study the composition of cosmetic products. And feel free to use what is tested for centuries - no one hurt grandmother means masks from natural products. However, with one "but" - if you are not allergic to this product.

 Do not get old!
   - The use of makeup in the summer should be minimized. Choosing shades of shadow, lipstick, to give priority to the fact that as close as possible to the natural color. Old woman dark hair, eyebrows, dark lipstick.

- And, of course, it is necessary to remove make-up at night. That's just the olive oil to remove it best. At least, we know that Sophia Loren, which looks great in his seventy-plus years, his life came this way.

- It is also important to pick up a proper bed, not too soft, the pillow is not too high. Go to bed and wake up, experts advise in the same time on weekdays and weekends. Cover should be at least an hour - half an hour before midnight, as it is known since ancient times that beauty comes in the night.

- And yet our aging contributes to our intemperance in eating. Not long ago, the Soviet people have languished from a lack of sausages. Sweet semis then also almost was not, did not have drinks with dyes, chips and many other things. Doctors say that it is the absence of all this helped our grandmothers and mothers to preserve the health and figure.

- Remember the dilemma - Life or purse? Well, then, abundant shopping and take the purse and life ... not literally, but part of it. Today, a couple of hours, as much tomorrow. And now calculate how many hours of life may take at least a year harmful products. Of course, we can not close the stores, but if you want longer grow old, you should avoid them. The most important thing you can buy in small shops, where there are so many temptations. And of sausages, cakes, cola should forget, if you want to be beautiful and healthy. Especially in the summer the money saved can be spent on useful local fruits and vegetables.

 Do not get old!
 - By the way, the strict diet is also not extend the life and preserve the beauty, rather they destroy it, because the body loses a lot of vitamins and minerals it needs. Skin, hair, eyes glaze over, bones, nails, teeth become fragile. Deteriorating posture, spoils the nervous system and, consequently, the nature of women. A woman stops to enjoy life, to smile, to be attractive. By the way, if you constantly frown, the muscles of the face droop. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you just need to eat more healthy foods and walking, especially in the summer make it happen is not difficult.

- The fact that smoking, alcohol, sitting and lying in front of the TV more than the old one, probably, everyone knows. But the optimism, love for life, for others do younger.

- Extends the life and youth life goal, it may be a favorite work or hobbies, anything, but there was interest in life.

- And if possible - clean water and clean air. For the latter is chosen over the weekend out of town and go on holiday to the sea or the mountains.

In general, if you want all we can to prolong their youth for a few years or even more than a decade.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva