Good news: there is an alternative to Botox
 As you know, Botox is an incredibly popular and very effective. Still, the high price and the number of contraindications can not consider it a universal anti-age means. Need alternative. Botox relaxes the muscles, and thus to replace him, it is necessary to look for ways of natural relaxation. And these ways are found!

Botox - it is such an injection that paralyzes facial muscles, relaxing as much as possible it is thus removed wrinkles that are already there and prevent those that may be. But unfortunately, not everyone shows such a procedure. In addition, the fear of "bump" on the incompetent doctor stops many of us do it.

Well, thank you for the Botox that has shown us: the relaxation of muscles, the less wrinkles. So, we have one task - to learn how best to relax the facial muscles. Here is a list of exercises and procedures that can help us to relax is not worse than the notorious "injection of youth."

Alternative to Botox number 1. Face Yoga

What is the secret exercises
Our faces almost constantly tense, but if we learn to consciously relax your muscles and try to avoid constant stress - that it will be a real alternative to Botox. At the front of a class and are based yoga.

Naturally, you can not only do the exercises for the face. The benefits of yoga exercises only an anti-age effect is not exhausted, although it attracts people to these.
Yoga - is a set of correct breathing, tensing and relaxing the muscles, stretching them, as well as relaxation, visualization and a special philosophy. So, it would be unfair to claim that only the facial exercises will be successful, it is necessary to engage in the complex. And it is better to start in the group with a specialist who will show how to perform life-saving exercise.

In addition, Botox injections, and all kinds of collagen and other fillers - a short-term treatments and yoga classes can give long-term effect on the rest of his life. Many who have been doing this on a regular basis, say that has never looked so young and beautiful. And yet, it is never too late to experience this miracle every transformation! Tempting? Then everything in order.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the yoga for the face are so popular. After all, who do so (and it is, as a rule, both men and women) say that they are not only noticeable fade existing wrinkles on the face, but also the emergence of new stops that we need! There are even some who, after these sessions stopped his constant trips to the Botox master, because they saw the result is much greater than the effect of Botox.

Basic facial yoga exercises
On the lessons of yoga, people face a lot of laughs, and often produces unusual vibrating sound that can effectively relax the usually very clenched jaw muscles.

Another finding of yoga can be called that, in the complex include exercises for the muscles around the eyes, which are usually very difficult to use. For this purpose, some of the traditional movements of Indian dance.

And here is the basic facial exercises of yoga. These exercises are well known to many, but in a nutshell repeat. Make them intensively, so that felt great after a sharp stress relaxation.
  • Lion Face.   Open mouth wide, stick out your tongue as much as you can, keep this position up to 60 seconds.

  • Smiling Fish.   Fill out the cheeks with air, hold your breath and exhale so that the lips vibrate (as if to say "p-p-p '). You notice how the lips are relaxed?

  • Sponges Marilyn Monroe.   Flirty fold sponge, pulling them and adding them to the volume, make a vigorous kiss (remember «Happy birthday, mister president»), the forehead without strain!

  • Rinse mouth.   Fill out the cheeks with air and try to like "rinse" the mouth by moving air from one cheek to the other, until enough breathing. This increases blood flow and after exercise, you will notice how relaxed your muscles.

 Good news: there is an alternative to Botox

Here are some exercises just to relax

1. Remove the tension in the jaw
Our constant tension in the jaw, and often leads to wrinkles. Therefore, exercise is very useful for prevention. In order to release the jaw, it is necessary, first of all, to "liberate" the language that is also constantly tense. To do this, do a slow breath through your nose, and exhale as if throwing the jaw in surprise. This language should be relaxed as much as possible as you exhale, you do not have to feel. Then relax and jaw muscles.

2. Smoothing forehead
Take any of the variations of the lotus posture you prefer. Place the index finger on the outer edges of your eyebrows. Then slowly and gently pull the eyebrows from each other hand, closing the lids at this time. Consultants facial yoga exercise is also called "natural Botox".

3. Yoga for the eyes
  • Those who are familiar with the methods Norbekova, this exercise was not surprised. It turns out that these actions are not only able to improve vision, but also to get rid of premature wrinkles. Making it even possible to work without taking your hands off the keyboard, only 10 seconds. Sitting at the computer or at work, tear off the eyes and look out the window, look for the most distant point. Then, glancing at something closer, then closer, and finally look only on the window frame.

  • Exercise "socket" can relieve the tension from the muscles around the eyes. Two fingers (index and middle) of each hand, first push under the eyebrows, then slowly moved along the eyebrows from the nose. As if you plug stuck into the skin. Do the same, and under the eyes. This continuously records when the skin is relaxed, do not hurt yourself. Pushing slightly on the skin, and then, removing his fingers, you should feel like muscle tension leaves the eye area.

4. Yoga mouth
This exercise not only release from facial wrinkles, but also can increase blood circulation, relieve from anxiety and stress, and of course, helps muscle relaxation. Squeeze your teeth and mouth open at the same time as widely as you can. The jaw while free, are only lips. Feel the muscles after exercise rested and relaxed.

5. relaxes the muscles of the cheeks
Two fingers try to grab pieces of the cheeks. The intensity and did not hurt, do not pull the skin, but only a little pinching. The muscles instantly relaxed, you will feel it.

6. relax the forehead and bridge of the nose
Intensively presses his fingers to his forehead and nose, and then moving to the edges of the forehead and nose wings. You would like to straighten out the skin and wrinkles, and you can feel just relaxing these muscles. Remember this state, do not strain immediately after the relaxation, try as much as possible to fix it, eventually bringing up the habit - always keep the muscles of the forehead and nose relaxed.

7. Toning and relaxing breath
Close the right nostril with your finger and inhale through the left nostril. Do it slowly at the expense of "one-two-three-four." After immediately close the left nostril, and open the right and exhale through the right nostril open. Exhale comes at the expense of "one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight." Then repeat. It relaxes the muscles, resulting in a tone after exercise.

Alternative to Botox number 2. Meditation

 Good news: there is an alternative to Botox
 Possession of techniques of meditation is not only able to positively affect our brains, but it certainly helps to achieve complete muscle relaxation. Once we have the task - to learn how to effectively relax the pass meditation impossible.

If you practice yoga, the meditation is part of a complex of these exercises, so it is quite logical as an alternative to Botox to begin to deal not only with special exercises for facial muscles, but also to combine it with meditation.

The easiest way to start a complete relaxation exercises and meditation with the help of special drive where there are detailed instructions and professional tailored specifically music. Start with a special series of drives «Meditation for beginners». Just trust this practice, doing daily "off" in the first 15 minutes, then increase the time to an hour.

Alternative to Botox number 3. Aromatherapy

 Good news: there is an alternative to Botox
 The benefits of aromatherapy says a lot. And it is impossible to list all its advantages. And one of them is the ability to influence the relaxation of our muscles, including facial. In this sense, it is very effective lavender. No wonder it is recommended to use during childbirth, this fragrance greatly facilitates the process because it facilitates the full relaxation of muscles. But remember that aromatherapy - it is also a very individual thing. If you have any intolerance to the oil, causing relaxation, it is not necessary to use them. From this it will only get worse. Find your agent to help you.

Try to combine all of these techniques together. And then the result will be more significant. Include elements of aromatherapy facial yoga classes, and when you meditate. This will help to relax and to fix this situation.

And another tip.   Whenever you achieve muscle relaxation - memorize this state. The longer you manage to stay in this state, the better. Ultimately, the objective should be to develop the habit of being with permanent relaxation of the muscles of the face. And then, no wrinkles, we are not afraid, and facial expressions will be quite natural.
Author: Julia Gnedina