How to keep youth and live a long, long time!
 Golden dream of humanity - to find the elixir of long life, and not just to increase the duration of life, but to extend its productive part of it, that is as long as possible to preserve the health, mental clarity and attractive appearance.

The creation of "elixir of youth" for centuries engaged alchemists, magicians, and in our time struggling with this problem, scientists of many directions - gerontologists, biologists, biochemists, geneticists. Alas, so far, in spite of all efforts, and even seems to be quite promising discoveries (the gene responsible for the aging process has revealed that free radicals damage cells detect), to achieve tangible progress on this issue failed. It does not set up yet, and is unlikely to be created as soon as the notorious "pill of old age." But aging and can be different!

If we are aging - a natural part of our lives, and to cancel it, we can not let it be "correct aging" - that is, with maximum preservation of as much as possible of all the qualities that are inherent in youth - intellectual, sensory, physical, sexual activity, slender body, firm, taut skin without wrinkles and so on. The task is not simple, exciting, and move in that direction is never too late, but the earlier start, the more impressive the results you can achieve ...

And common sense and scientific recommendations suggest that three main things affect our health and life expectancy, and the appearance - it is:
- Eating habits,
- physical activity,
- Psychological characteristics.
Well, if physical activity is clear, and with the approval of the "movement is life", perhaps no one would argue not, here's diet, leading to a long and active life, and thinking that it helps - take a closer look.

Power Factor
It would seem that there is a complex, summarize the experience of the existing active centenarians and create a kind of "perfect menu". After all, there are some lucky people in almost every country - such as Caucasian centenarians; or Japan, where the average life expectancy of more than 80 years, and the number of people who marked the centenary of close to 40 thousand; Finally, there is the legendary tribe of Hunza, where almost every representative of his live 120 years or even more. While a hundred years Hunza playing outdoor games and actively work, 40-year-old women they look like a girl of 60 years, keep the harmony and elegance of the figures, and in 65 years still have children.

 How to keep youth and live a long, long time!
 But it turns out, is not so simple, total diet does not work for everyone, because of the geographical location, climate, food tradition, even a set of digestive enzymes from different races and different nationalities, and the quality of products are different everywhere ...

But, nevertheless, there are still a kind of hit-parades of products bearing the obvious benefits to the body, contributes to longevity and preserve youth. Although the range of products in such lists do not remain unchanged, but usually they contain: apples, green tea, carrots, olive oil, seafood, garlic, strawberries, spinach, sweet peppers. It can also include: dairy products, strawberries, grapes, pumpkins, nuts, cranberries, bananas ... the list goes on and on, but it absolutely does not bring us closer to answering the question of how diet influences longevity.

 How to keep youth and live a long, long time!
 Let us remember again about the people living in the Himalayas, in the valley of Hunza! Their menu is quite modest - vegetables, cereals, fresh fruit, with no compote or jam, they are not prepared .  The only fruit that is harvested in the winter - dried apricots (fruit of wild apricot with a stone), the dried fruits are almost the only food in the months of "the hungry spring" when the end of winter ending stocks of grain .  Such "post" on the apricots lasts 2-3 months .  Understandably, apricots very useful, it comprises a pit, dried in vivo the fruit is left on the tree as long as they do not completely lose water .  In this case, they retain all the valuable and useful, given that the apricots Mother Nature: vitamins, minerals, sugars, organic acids, etc. . d .  But is this a sufficient food for a healthy and fulfilling life for a few months? To Hunza, apparently, yes! Week of forced starvation do not disturb and do not disturb, Hunza not limit career and life there flows as intense as in other more hearty periods .

In summer grown spinach, carrots, lettuce, peas, cabbage, pumpkin. Part of the vegetables consumed raw, and some - in the stew. Cooking oil extracted from apricot pits. Bread scones made from different combinations of cereals (barley, millet, wheat, buckwheat), and in threshing corn bran are not released, and used together with the flour. Cattle in the highlands, where there is little arable land and few pastures, to keep quite difficult, so dairy products and meat - rare guests on the table.

But many other useful products there in their diet. As you can see, in the diet of the Hunza no olive oil (but replace it with apricot) or oil-rich fish and seafood in general no, no dairy products, and in general their diet can be called even poor. Maybe, more important for a long and healthy life is not a set of products that you eat, and the one that you do not eat.   The power of the people is completely absent white flour and sugar, there is a little bit of salt, very rare sweetness and alcohol, do not use the Hunza canned food, confectionery, sugary soft drinks, and of course, no trans fats, preservatives, colorings, flavorings and other chemicals.

 How to keep youth and live a long, long time!
 Compared to the power of Hunza grocery basket longevity of the Japanese islands can be considered rich - algae, fish, soy sauce, rice, bread (a little), dried fruit, ice cream and pastries, little red lean meat and white meat, poultry, and a lot of vegetables and herbs . Its features and has a diet Caucasian mountaineers - a lot of greenery, sheep milk and yogurt, spices, a little meat (mostly lamb), dry grape wine.

The conclusion can be made as follows: if there is something in common in the diet of centenarians in different countries and nationalities, this moderation in food, in a sense, the limitations on the number of diet foods, low calorie foods in the diet and the prevalence of herbs and fruits.

But not only nutrition are important for a healthy and long life.

Factor Psychology
The emotional and psychological state of the person, the image of his life and attitude to it, of course, also affect life expectancy, and to how happy and healthy it is. Then again, traced some of the common traits of centenarians, no matter where they lived, in the Pamir Mountains, the valley of the River Hunza, on the island of Okinawa and in the Greek village - quiet optimism, easy humor, discretion, hospitality, warmth, absence of envy and condemnation. All these very simple basics of consciousness are already key to longevity, well, you can add more hard work and curiosity.

An interesting study of American psychologists conducted a psychological experiment called «Longevity Project». In 1921, Dr. Lewis Terman of psychology selected for observation and a half thousand children under the age of 10 years, made their psychological portraits, which are then supplemented periodically. The aim of the experiment was to study the effect of the emotional state of the individual for the duration of his life. Terman did not live to complete his experiment (died in 1956), but it continued and brought to the end of his disciples. The findings were somewhat surprising - so it turned out that neither religion nor marriage nor the absence of strong stress, no light, burdensome work do not affect life expectancy. More importantly, how are you serious and conscientious man.

 How to keep youth and live a long, long time!
 This is probably due to the fact that it is the people in good faith commit more healthy action and less risky operations. Among them are less smokers, reckless, they do not abuse alcohol, and generally because of the nature enter into more favorable for the life of social relationships. But rampant optimists joker live on less people with such traits is often underestimated health risk, do not pay attention to the symptoms of diseases, is easier to acquire bad habits.

True, the "catastrophic thinking" when the consequences of any failure literally poison the life, does not contribute to longevity. Maybe someone sensible moderate life seem boring, but it is only at first glance. To live a fun and enthusiasm, it is not necessary to indulge in all sorts of risky activities, ignoring the arguments of reason and do not ignore the warning signals of the body. However, the choice is yours, though, and not all power over us, but to some extent the possibility to adjust their fate have virtually everyone!

Responsible attitude to life, your health, your body, movement and physical activity, rational approach to nutrition - that's what is not possible without health, beauty, the extension of youth and longevity.
Author: Olga Travleeva