If you are over ...
 Once considered a middle-aged woman thirty-five, this is even possible to read classic novels. In the 50s of the past century, women have experienced approaching the age of forty.

Later, thanks to the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" became a common phrase that in 40 years, life has just begun. Now it is possible to hear and respect to the people fifty years.

The doctors, beauticians, designers say that a woman should not wave a hand over any 60 or 70 or 80 years. And some do, and even get married in 85 years or more. For example, in Spain, 85-year-old Duchess of Alba, which is considered the most noble woman, married 60-year-old lover.

One can never cease to care about their appearance, on the contrary, the older a woman is, the more carefully it must be a trace . It is necessary to maintain physical and mental youth, to enjoy every day and the remission of destiny to live fully their years. And stick to simple recommendations:

 If you are over ...
   - Of course, with age in all the wrinkles, but that is no reason for panic. In order to smooth or reduce them, there are creams, moreover, it is better not to use the most expensive, because science has already proven - cheap and expensive creams have approximately equal efficiency.

- One - two times a week to do moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating mask courses for 15-21 masks. Then take a break and pick up other masks.

- The older the woman, the land of her skin and the harmful use of lotions that contain alcohol.

- Clean the skin is best cosmetic milk or olive oil.

- Tan also harm the skin of a mature woman more than a young girl.

- With age, of course, one should not completely abandon the make-up, but should use decorative cosmetics, observing measure. A thick layer of make-up does not mask the wrinkles, but add from 5 to 10 years. Excess blush turns a woman into a grotesque doll. Therefore, experts say that the makeup must be close to the natural color of the face.

- If you use powder, then layer it should be similar to the pollen, and match the color of the face.

- Lipstick also should not be too bright, for example, purple or orange. Women ... the most suitable for a light lipstick.

- Eyelashes and eyebrows, experts recommend not to paint in black and brown.

 If you are over ...
 - Choose to face hairstyle is best able to pro, and then the selected image can be maintained independently.

- Some barbers and stylists believe that the older a woman is, the shorter should be her hair. But it seems to me that a mature lady can keep long hair and hairstyles of them. The main thing is that the hair was clean, well maintained and well laid.

- Paint a gray hair or not, every woman decides herself. For some, it appears in 25 years ... Some experts say that hair graying do many noble persons, both thoroughbred and softer.

- However, all agree that one should avoid black, which is considerably older. But reddish and light brown hair tones rejuvenate the face.

 If you are over ...
 - The older a woman is, the lighter should be her clothes. Black, blue, brown, dark green color accentuate skin aging. Instead, light blue, pink, white, light gray, beige noticeably young, do face gently. For gray hair are not suitable violet, raspberry, orange color.

- If you have to wear anywhere dark clothes, for example, black or dark blue dress, you should decorate it with air or silk scarf, wear a string of pearls or some bright necklace.

- Do not give up sports, swimming, active walking, advise, gerontologists even in old age do not less than 5-6 exercises per day.

And probably right when they said that the woman looks on as far as it feels. Therefore, let us always young and beautiful.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva