Let wrinkles wait!
 Skin aging affects every woman. However, improper care exacerbates the problem, making the aging early. We begin to fight wrinkles! There are a few ideas on how to prevent early decay.

Even after 20 years, you can get a noticeable wrinkles, and the reason is the wrong skin care and bad habits. Leave your mark on the skin and external influences such as UV rays, chemicals, environmental pollution.

Our skin - the largest organ and we must do everything possible so that he as much as possible to feel good. Wrinkles on our face appear for different reasons. Some wrinkles slowly and gradually, their cause - the lack or absence of the skin collagen and elastin. And, for example, mimic wrinkles appear quickly, they are influenced by the work of the facial muscles. Therefore, a prescription wrinkle small, need a comprehensive work on the skin.

We ask our advice for the prevention of wrinkles:

 Let wrinkles wait!
   - Egyptian queen slept only on silk cushions. And not only because expensive overseas cloth gave them a sense of chosenness. Silk helps the skin and hair throughout the night to remain flat, smoothing wrinkles, not exacerbating them. Therefore, from a young age to accustom themselves pillowcase of silk or satin. And then you will wake up with a radiant and the expanded skin!

- Cardio exercises such as walking, are useful not only for heart health and maintaining a good figure, but also bring great benefit to the skin. Cardio-load can help prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, because these exercises cause intensive pumping blood, which provides oxygen saturation of all cells. In addition, cardiovascular stress can help reduce stress and reduce tension face, all this can not but affect positively on the skin and its youth.

- Hydrated skin is less prone to wrinkles. Therefore, to avoid dehydration. And not only in the wetting agents, the entire body should be well hydrated. Drink enough water during the day, this will help avoid dehydration.

 Let wrinkles wait!
 - Drink white and green tea, as well as using cosmetics containing these ingredients. These teas stimulate the production of collagen and has an antioxidant effect. No wonder the white and green tea is used for medicinal purposes since ancient times.

- Watch your facial expressions. "It's not you smile? "- He wrote in a comment one reader to hear such advice. No, I reassure all. Smile possible and even necessary. But knit his brow, nose, long time to sit in suspense in front of a computer screen - this should be abandoned. You'll see how his forehead is smoother! Remember, what is the basis effect of Botox! So why waste money on it if you can not just make a face. It is equally important to wear sunglasses, because many of our faces occur when we schurimsya to open sunlight.

- Do not forget about the simple and natural products for the skin. Yes, we have about household masks and scrubs. Selected for you by those who have an anti-aging effect. All of them should be applied to clean skin (after washing with a mild detergent). It recommended after 25 years.

• Carrot Mask - an excellent option for those who are struggling with dark spots. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is included in the majority of anti-aging cosmetics. Rub the grated carrots, massaged apply on areas with age spots, leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

 Let wrinkles wait!
 • Honey and almonds - a mask for oily skin. Honey - a wonderful healing, moisturizing and antiseptic ingredient. Almonds - a storehouse of vitamins for the skin. Crush the almonds in powder (available at a coffee grinder) and add the honey, a thick paste. Apply to the skin, it is an excellent natural scrub. After that, the skin will be smooth and soft. The recipe is useful even for sensitive skin.

• Chocolate helps delay the aging process. Cocoa contains powerful antioxidants and various fatty acids. Mix cocoa powder with honey, yogurt and oatmeal (it can be done by grinding oatmeal). Lactic acid in yogurt acts as a gentle chemical peels, and oatmeal - a great scrub. Apply a thick mask for a few minutes and rinse.

 Let wrinkles wait!
 • When you need a refreshing mask, the suit grapefruit. It also tightens the pores. Mix a small amount of grapefruit juice (fresh) and a few spoonfuls of sour cream. The mask is suitable for combination skin. If you use it 2-3 times a week, the results are excellent.
Author: Olga Larsen