Life without wrinkles - fiction or ...?
 We all aspire to, as long as possible to be beautiful, attractive and charming. But in order to meet the ideal, with every passing year have to pay more attention to skin care face and neck.
The main indicator of youthful skin - no wrinkles. And with this №1 enemy we fight with all available methods throughout life, starting with the first, barely noticeable, "crow's feet".

Today, there are many cosmetic products (creams, mask-lifting, capsules, gel), to help us in this battle, many salons techniques from Botox injections, collagen and vitamin gel under the skin to Thermage, etc. Do not stay on the sidelines and are proven methods for centuries to combat aging of the skin, massage and mask.

Strategy and Tactics

To successfully fight wrinkles is not superfluous to imagine why there are wrinkles, because age, though the main but not the only reason for their occurrence. The formation of wrinkles due to moisture loss and lack of elasticity as a result of lack of protein molecules of collagen and elastin.   Young skin has such excellent quality as regeneration, ie the recovery of damage. Slowing down the process of regeneration is due to age-related changes in the skin cells. They begin to share more rarely, lose the ability to retain moisture and synthesize necessary substances. By the same sad consequences resulting unbalanced diet and a variety of diets, because of which in the body there is a lack of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In skin cells negative impact stress and unhealthy lifestyle - lack of sleep, lack of fresh air and physical activity, bad habits.

The struggle with bad habits

We are watching the facial expressions! Constantly repeating the reduction of facial muscles when we smile, frown or schurimsya make wrinkles deeper and more pronounced. As a result of permanent reductions and tensions can occur rupture of collagen fibers, which in turn will lead to the formation of wrinkles. These wrinkles are called - dynamic. To defer their period of education is necessary, starting from a young age, to control the movement of his facial muscles - not to grimace, not to wrinkle his brow, not squints. It is also important to see to it that during sleep the head is in the right position. You can not sleep on the pillows too high in a posture where the head bowed on his chest: this situation leads to the development of wrinkles in the chin and neck.

Smoking - the main enemy of the skin. As smoking leads to the formation of wrinkles? Smoking causes narrowing of blood vessels in the deeper layers of the skin. This reduces blood flow to your skin, depleting the oxygen content and vitamin A. Smoking breaks down collagen and elastin fibers that give skin its firmness and elasticity. As a result, the skin sags and causes premature wrinkles.

Special cosmetics

Moisturize! Once the main causes of wrinkles - moisture loss, it is natural to assume, and the main weapon against them - hydration. Already at the first sign of smiling "crow's feet" around the eyes, for the care of the delicate skin, try moisturizing serum SuperAqua by GUERLAIN . Its formula is specifically designed for efficient and gentle moisturizing sensitive skin age. Active components, its member relieve signs of fatigue and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

 Life without wrinkles - fiction or ...?
 An excellent tool in the fight with the first wrinkles may become the latest development of the company Caudalie   - Serum Pulpe Vitaminee   Today it is considered by many experts to be one of the most powerful drugs for correction of superficial wrinkles .  According to the manufacturer, the effect begins immediately after application, - the skin is smoothed easy on the eyes! Explain this content in the serum of a complex of amino acids and an extract of NMF mysterious Moorer Fluviatilis plants, growing in French Guiana, and has unique healing properties .  Yes, and other components as the selection, - polyphenols, grape seed, hyaluronic acid (the main humidifier), fern (tightens the skin), extracts of ginseng, echinacea, royal jelly and ginger, all on vitamin fruit juice with light notes of carrot and oil iris .  For those who do not like "chemistry" in cosmetics, we note that the serum does not contain in its composition, parabens, dyes, mineral oils, animal ingredients .  Incidentally, besides serum Caudalie   releases Pulpe Vitaminée Cream first wrinkles and Pulpe Vitaminée emulsion of the first wrinkles.

The proceeds from the offering of wrinkles and other leading manufacturers of cosmetics, for example, Liftactiv PRO Rich Cream from Vichy .

 Life without wrinkles - fiction or ...?
 Well-known anti-aging cream on Yves Rocher   recently renewed and is called "regenerating cream anti-age great generosity." This cream fights wrinkles, regenerates and nourishes the skin perfectly.

 Life without wrinkles - fiction or ...?
 Unfortunately, with age wrinkles are formed not only on the face and neck, but also in other parts of the body. But already the beach season begins! Try restoring serum for the body of the CLARINS , Its action is directed specifically against the wrinkles on the body.

Original remedy for wrinkles appeared in America - cream with "paralyzing" effect of snake venom ... Cosmetologists say that this miracle cream acts as a poison Brazilian viper and "freezing" the facial muscles effectively smooths wrinkles. The cream is called «Defy Time» . Unlike Botox it does not require injection efficiency but it does not yield. The basis of the cream is a synthetic poison - Synake, who previously had been used in beauty parlors USA.

Diet of wrinkles

Creams, masks, special preparations for the care - all well and good, but if the human body does not get his desired composition of vitamins and minerals, no cosmetic products and procedures will not bring the desired effect.

Vitamins C, E, A - very good antioxidants, well, and in addition, they are required to produce collagen in the skin.

10 products that prolong the youthfulness of the skin, according to scientists: prunes, raisins, currants, blackberries, garlic, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, spinach, Brussels sprouts.
Here you can add citrus fruits, sea kale, potatoes, sea fish - thanks to it, the skin becomes elastic and smooth. It is very important for the skin as well as bones, calcium, which many in the milk and milk products.

But the inhabitants of Hollywood looking for new and innovative ways to look young and attractive. Rage - edible cosmetics antiage: exotic dessert for a long youth. These desserts are a concentrate of various vitamins and minerals, as well as an extract of the berries acai - natural beauty secret, to get more of the occupants of the Amazon forest.

Popular and special beauty   Yogurt with different tastes - from oatmeal raisin chocolate to caramel. According to the producers and fans, including many stars, these yogurts are struggling with many of the signs of aging, including removing wrinkles.

Home remedies

 Life without wrinkles - fiction or ...?
 No significant effect in the fight against wrinkles can be achieved through massage and exercises that can be performed at home. The exercises are very simple: look up the maximum - 3 seconds down - 3 seconds, up and down. So - 15 times. Similarly, left-right, and diagonally circular rotation of the eyes (rotation without delay). Very good results gives a massage with essential oils, and even just with almond oil or wheat. Essential oils: frankincense, mimosa, tuberose, jasmine, rose, 7-8 drops per 30 ml of base oil. Gently apply the oil on the eyelids and do light Tapping movements alternating index and middle finger around the eyes, then the weak vibrating pushes two fingers, then shower and fingerpicking in the end - light stroking. Around the eye all the movements you need to make it easy on the massage lines: from the inner corner of the eye to the temple, and from the temple on the lower eyelid (zone against wrinkles under the eyes) to the nose.

Not bad also, learn and apply consistently Japanese massage that uses acupressure points the person responsible for skin turgor, or Taoist massage technique with his energy to the skin.

Well moisturize and refresh the skin homemade mask And wrinkles become less visible. For example, Mask from the mesh of wrinkles around the eyes:   crumb of white bread to soak in milk and apply on eyes for 10-15 minutes

Cabin methods

Today, a range of means to combat aging is very wide (aesthetic surgery, hardware cosmetology, contour, peels, etc.). And this range is increasingly expanding, improving and becoming more secure. Since relatively recently, researchers in Germany have found that a great alternative to plastic surgery can be a special therapy based on the use of LEDs.

LEDs have a positive effect on the elastin - the protein responsible for skin elasticity. During the 9 weeks experts changes the molecular structure of elastin by LEDs. After the experiment, the volunteers wrinkles significantly reduced, the skin become more supple and taut. The combination of salon leaving home between the treatment courses using good cosmetics line, picked up a specialist, it is able to create the effect - "minus 5 years." And getting rid of bad habits and balanced nutrition into your asset write down at least another 5 years without a wrinkle.

Alas, aging is directly related to the aging of the organism as a whole and it is a clear reflection, and to date, none of the methods can not turn back time and make skin forever young. But even prolong youth and adulthood have the beautifully manicured skin without wrinkles, we may well ... if you really want!
Author: Olga Travleeva