Look younger without plastic. Part 2
 Women of Scandinavia know that the youth depends on water. Therefore, they wash with cold spring water and drinking for at least liters per day. Thus, they help the skin to regulate the water balance.

Keep skin hydrated   - That's one of the principles of health and youth. Therefore it is recommended to avoid alcohol, tobacco products as well as foods high in caffeine.

Experts advise to use a moisturizing mask at least once a week. In addition, this technique allows you to evenly distribute the equalizer. Use a moisturizer with SPF15, so you can protect your skin from the negative effects of UV rays. For dry and sensitive types of suitable creams with alpha and beta acids as well as vitamin C.

A very important principle - Use jelly to remove eye make-up.   It allows you to carefully take care of the sensitive skin of the eye. Also, cosmetologists are advised to use moisturizing night creams for centuries.

If you drink enough fluids, thereby providing the freshness and health of your skin. Be careful to water, which is using for drinking on its quality depends not only on the health of the skin, but also the functioning of the whole organism.

Some points that experts advise, to look younger:

- Make a good styling so that hair framed a beautiful face.

- Pay attention to your surrounding clear eyes.

- Bleach your teeth. The yellow color, the older you look. Therefore it is necessary to use special whitening toothpaste.

- Update your wardrobe - add white things, they miraculously transform you!