Returns whether the young collagen?
 Collagen - a panacea for wrinkles and sagging skin, almost constant element of creams, masks, gels, shampoos and even dye eyelashes have started adding collagen. What is it and what is due to its popularity?

Collagen - is not opening today, he was interested scientists and physicians over 40 years ago - in the middle of the twentieth century. It was then that scientists have linked the aging process and reduce the synthesis of collagen in the body. The result of this process are not only the wrinkles on the face, and loss of skin elasticity. Worsens the condition of hair, nails, muscles, aching joints, reduced elasticity of blood vessels, cellulite is formed. But first of all still suffers skin and a skeleton which is collagen. Collagen - the most abundant protein of the human body. It is 25 to 33% of the total protein and, consequently, about 6% of body weight, and consists solely of chains of amino acids joined in a bizarre spiral.

Collagen, collagen - discord!

The high animal collagen Who learned how to select, using cattle hides, and which is likely, and is part of a relatively inexpensive cosmetics. He does not have the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and replace damaged collagen fibers aging skin. However, the collagen and brings quite notable advantage: the film which it forms on the skin surface, holds water and allows the air. It is this property with collagen preparations moisturize, soften and tighten the skin.

Hydrolyzed collagen.   With the help of substances - amplifiers (enhaserov from Eng. Word enhance - enhance, amplify) this type of collagen penetrates through the protective layer of the skin and is included in the metabolic reactions of the body, nourishing and moisturizing the skin from the inside. That's what the producers say, when mentioned in the annotations "nourishes" products with collagen.

In the late 90s there was another new class of cosmetics - collagen gels   of native (natural) triple-helical collagen. In the 90s of the last century Polish scientists of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdansk, working on inventions, far from the cosmetics, the extract obtained from fish skin collagen, the structure of which is very similar to human collagen.

Collagen fish,   more confident replacing collagen from cattle of cosmetology and medicine. And most importantly, according to the manufacturers, they managed to create collagen, which has transdermal properties, which means it penetrates the skin! The difficulties encountered with the preservation of fish collagen with increasing storage temperatures, have been overcome with time. For collagen, particularly fish - a product of unstable enough presence of a small amount of acidic substance that causes such as bacterial growth or a slight rise in temperature of the protein, and after twenty minutes it begins the expansion of the particles.

 Returns whether the young collagen?
 Collagen is produced by the new method, the mystery that manufacturers strictly cherish retains its multifaceted structure of amino acids similar to the human (triple helix). This means that the way is now open for the return of the skin protein deficiency which leads to aging. Clinical tests conducted in 2001-2002 at the same time in different countries, have confirmed the indisputable achievement of the invention, but with a warning that the drug shows collagen biological activity and a positive performance in the temperature range 5-23 C.

And in early 2007, we have found a new method of preserving the triple helix amino acid at 5-28 ° C. Most likely, this collagen is part of expensive anti-aging cosmetics with collagen, but there's still the conscience of the company - the manufacturer of cosmetics.

Collagen plant?   And here, it should be noted that collagen - a protein animal   origin, and if the fish we can still counted among the world of fauna, and allow the use of the term "collagen", the vegetable protein called "collagen" - is incorrect. But once vegetable collagen exists by definition in the advertised cosmetics likely include vegetable proteins whose structure may include kollagenopodobnye fragments. That way, they do not deny the positive hydrating effect on the skin.

I'm not afraid of injection ...

To deliver the desired collagen in the skin layers can be guaranteed by a injection   It's hard to find a beauty salon, does not offer such services .  Collagen injections are used to replace the collagen of the skin, which the patient loses with age or to help restore it .  Injectable collagen is used mainly of animal origin and how it is absorbed by the skin moot .  Many experts believe that the body perceives this as a foreign body collagen and displays it within a year .  Therefore, every 6-12 months, additional injections to maintain appearance .  But nevertheless, in collagen injection occurs mechanical folds and wrinkles filling the entered the gel and the skin surface is leveled .  In addition, it is believed that the introduced outside collagen stimulates the immune system, and in the place of the intervention begin to synthesize their own collagen fibers, which fill wrinkles or folds .  So a positive result is still there, and the procedure is popular .  Over the past two decades, collagen injections were performed two million people around the world .

Well, if you are afraid of injections, and do not trust the cosmetics, it can improve skin condition tablets . On the market there are a myriad of collagen-containing products. Generally they include complexes of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Manufacturers based on collagen supplements claim that their products can improve the quality of skin and nails, as well as the health of the joints. True or not, it is difficult to judge, and which component miracle pill has a positive effect, also difficult to determine. But the fact that vitamin C stimulates the body's own collagen connections and allows you to restore the balance of amino acids, which is broken with age, proved exactly. Vitamins A and E are as stimulators of collagen. So, eating high-grade, including in its menu a large number of fruits and vegetables, you are of great benefit to the skin.

But what about the creams and masks with collagen? How effective are they?

It seems to me that the use of collagen as a structure-forming component of cosmetic products, is justified. It plays a role successfully matrix, which are connected by incorporation into a gel cream remaining components whose effect is thus enhanced. Collagen is non-toxic, is not carcinogenic, has a good regenerating, moisturizing effect, high biocompatibility, as well as a number of other useful features.

No wonder that for the past decades collagen continues to be one of the most popular ingredients in the composition of rejuvenating and moisturizing cosmetics. But expect miracles from its use, yet it does not follow that the more buying agent with collagen, we often do not even know what collagen is introduced to the producers!
Author: Olga Travleeva