Stem cells in cosmetology and medicine
 The use of stem cells in cosmetology and medicine - one of the most controversial trends of our time. Many of the fair sex treat it with caution. But if you are, nevertheless, dare to try these cells in action, what can expect?

Talk about stem cells is best to start with dividing them into two types:

- Stem cells of plants are used as ingredients in cosmetics;

- Stem cells are used in the treatment and rejuvenation.

Let's talk about what are useful and those and others!

Cells are growth areas

This name received the stem cells extracted from the buds and shoots of plants. We all know that the flora updated and restored as soon as possible, and that is the impetus to search for it "the elixir of youth." Special phytoextracts plants are beneficial to the human - skin cells are restored, hormonal disorders persist, slowing down the natural aging process. There is all this because that plant stem cells - a powerful antioxidant. They do not become part of the body, as is the case with human stem cells, but to protect us from the adverse effects of the environment.

The stem cells of vegetable origin include creams, serums, circuit means for age and other's Skin Care.

 Stem cells in cosmetology and medicine

How do phytoextracts?

Cosmetic products, of which laid phytoextracts plants affect human stem cells, located in the deep layers of the epidermis.

Unfortunately, every year the number of stem cells in the human body decreases. For comparison, in the embryonic period one stem cell accounts for ten thousand others in his twenties - already a hundred thousand other "fighters" and to achieve the milestone of thirty - three hundred thousand cells. But it is not only a sad fact. In addition, the stem cells "fall off", they can hibernate! But there is good news! - Promote human cells, returning them to active life is possible by means phytoextracts!

Therefore, if you notice on your face the first age-related changes - wrinkles, creases, changes in skin turgor, the appearance of age spots, loss of elasticity of the oval and other "trouble", it's time to pay attention to cosmetics with plant stem cells. Not only does it slow down the process of skin aging, but also give it a great "feel" - dryness and tightness go away and stay in the heat and cold will become more comfortable.

 Stem cells in cosmetology and medicine

Stem cells

The use in medical practice human mesenchymal stem cells - a stumbling block of many disputes physicists and poets. Christianity and other religions do not support this innovation. But in February 2011, Russia had issued a permit for the use of donor stem cells in the treatment of atrophic lesions, venous ulcers, wound defects, as well as age-related changes of the skin. What is so remarkable these cells?

During the special procedures of stem cells can turn into any organ or tissue of the human body. It gives us great opportunities for rejuvenation and treatment!

Administering to a portion of these cells leads to a slowing of the aging process that prevents most of the "diseases of old age", moreover, it recovers the damaged or worn fabric.

The most popular rejuvenation and treatment through stem cell is considered to revitalization. Calibration is done based on the patient's own cells, harvested from its adipose tissue. The isolated cells "multiply" laboratory method to the required number. After the resulting material is carefully purified and administered to the patient intravenously.

High-quality stem cell treatment minimizes the possibility of rejection and the occurrence of allergic reactions. Therefore, an important step in preparation for the procedure is to choose a good clinic.

In order to enhance the effect of biorevitalisation experts recommend to combine it with other treatments - mesotherapy. This - subcutaneous injection of stem cells in the body that require correction. The spectrum efficiency is high enough - rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté and other areas of the body. Precedes mesotherapy control medical examination and specimen collection.

The effect of treatments on stem cells will not be immediate, as the rejuvenation of the body is carried out according to a strict plan - the settlement of the endocrine system, kidneys, liver and other organs. And already they work properly provide you with health and give an attractive appearance.

Be healthy and beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova