Theories of aging as a key to eternal youth
 To be forever young - the natural desire of a woman. Search "Makrupolosa means" - is not only a great theme to create a movie, but the central problem of scientific research scientists and gerontologists. Science puts forward many theories of aging, understanding the tenets of which you can make your own anti-age-lifestyle.

The scientific world is focused on four mechanisms of aging. It is obvious that they work simultaneously and mutually permeation. Extend or "fix" the youth on a particular mark will be possible only when science will learn to act on all the mechanisms odnovremenno.Faktory aging in question - is:

- Genetic processes;
- Aging at the cellular level;
- The activity of the hormonal system;
- Adverse environmental effects.

Promising theories to explain the "operating principles" of these mechanisms of aging in the world a few. Prospective they are called, as they provide actionable recommendations to prolong active life. Consider some of them!

Hormone (developmental) theory

Developer - Russian biochemist and gerontologist, Vladimir Dil'man. The author of the theory cited scientific evidence that with age, the activity and the amount of hormones in the human body changing. "Responsibility" for the change has been recognized by the hypothalamus area of ​​the brain. It is sensitive to hormones, so it may intensify or reduce their production. With the accumulation of years of hypothalamic sensitivity decreases, and then the glands begin disorders. Signals to the production of sex hormones, growth and other sleep decreases, but provoking hypertension, internal inflammation, obesity, etc. - Increase. The reason for this - a bad sensitivity of the hypothalamus, it "appears" that the hormone is not enough, and he "commands" to produce more of them.

Recipe for youth.   The discovery of this theory made a major breakthrough in the science of rejuvenation. Many people are able to maintain health and "push" retirement on the back burner. This became possible after the introduction of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Choosing the right dosage of HRT is able to normalize the functioning of blood vessels, correct manifestations of menopause in women, improve nerve and muscle tone, and more. Use of hormone replacement therapy favorably affects the condition of hair and skin, and even intelligence. Find right dose of hormones can endocrinologist after conducting the necessary research. To do this, he would need a quantitative analysis of hormones that your body produces in the age of 25-30 years and during the emergence of disturbing your age changes. By comparing the data, the doctor will tell you how the hormone should "add" and a "turn down".

 Theories of aging as a key to eternal youth

The theory of free radicals

Almost simultaneously, this theory was born to an American scientist Denham Harman and Soviet physical chemist Nicholas Emmanuel. The active form of oxygen - the free radicals in excess contained in the polluted air of large cities or occur during stressful shocks and other situations tend to oxidize (damage) any living structures. The result of their work is the occurrence of multiple failures in the systems of the body to cope with whom he can not. One of the obvious results of activity of free radicals - the loss of skin elasticity.

Recipe for youth.   Nature was originally founded powerful program of opposition to free radicals. The task of man - to support it. To do this, you must provide the body with normal levels of antioxidants, ie substances which oppose the activity of free radicals. Antioxidants are produced by the body and can be obtained from the outside of power. For the most part, they contain in vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds, nuts and zeleni.Esli you seek vigor and youth - make these products are the foundation of your diet.

The theory of programmed cell death

Another theory, based on the adverse effects of free radicals. Its developer - Academy of Sciences of the USSR Vladimir Skulachev. The author focused on the processes taking place in the mitochondria (the source of "power" of the cell). Normally, each cell must go through a measured her life cycle and then "samorazobratsya" on the part, which then uses the adjacent elementary system. Free radicals can interfere with the passage of the natural cycle of the cell, the mitochondria destroying much earlier period. As a result, instead of the active living cells in the body is formed "cellular garbage".

Recipe for youth.   Fill the diet with antioxidants. Note lipoic acid contained in beef, liver, eggs, spinach, cabbage and dairy products. In order to supply nutrients mitochondria were more active need to move.

 Theories of aging as a key to eternal youth

The theory of socio-psychological razobschestvleniya

Developers - J. scientists. Rosen and Boris Nyugarten. The theory is based on the view that the older a person is, the less he has to communicate and actively participate in society. For example, retirement often changes the role of the individual in society - the person loses the usual contacts and spheres of influence. If replace lost are not new interests (hobbies, classes), the body can "feel" yourself unnecessary and, as a result, begin to grow old quickly.

Recipe for youth.   Do not drop out of life! Let your body emotional and physical stress, build plans for the future and implement them.

Research scientists eloquent testimony to the fact that the youth of the soul and the body are in direct proportion to his way of life and thinking. Take care of yourself and your health to be forever young!
Author: Natalia Bartukova